The hot maid pt.2- The best night of my life

Hello readers I am sidhorny with my second and last story in the series, 'The Hot Maid'. This part of the story took place 3 years after the first part. In the 3 years that had passed a lot had changed, I started my own business and bought a new bungalow for myself I had hired Mansi as a full time maid(for cleaning and other reasons)and my business was flourishing. I had also started doing some exercises and taking some pills  to increase my penis size with great success and I had gained three inches to my penis length.  I also had  beautiful girlfriend named Neelam who was tall,slim and extremely beautiful and also had large size 38D breasts. She was still a virgin and she was about to move in with me. I had made a special arrangement for her first time having sex. It was a Friday night. She came over with a suitcase full of her clothes and stuff she could not live without. As this was a special occasion I had opened a bottle of wine. After a few drinks we ordered food from a nearby restaurant. After dinner we went into the room. Once inside we started kissing passionately. While kissing my hand automatically went to her breasts. She was wearing a hot pink T-shirt which was tight fitting and looked absolutely hot on her. I grabbed her Tee and pulled it off her. Underneath it she was wearing a red bra which was hardly necessary as she had very firm breasts. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra showing off the awesome breasts she had. I took her nipples in between my fingers and started twirling them and they instantly became erect then I took her right breast in my hand and started sucking on her nipple and I repeated the same process with her left breast. She had started moaning loudly I started repeating the above process taking in a little bit of her flesh too. This highly pleasured her I continued with this and Neelam was shouting,"Yeah this is it right there Sid ! Yeah I'm about to cum ! Yeah right there yeah ! Oh no ! I am cumming." And with this she had an orgasm. Next I grabbed my jean's zip and pulled it down and from inside my underwear took out my 12 inch long and three inch thick penis. Seeing the size of my penis Neelam said," Wow Sid you have such a big and thick penis". I said,"I want you to play with it and give me a tittyfuck ". And saying this I grabbed my dick and put it in between her awesome breasts. She grabbed her breasts and started moving it up and down jerking my penis in between those huge breasts of her. When my penis would poke out of her breasts she would lick it with her tongue. She continued doing this for 10 minutes and after that she took my cock in her hand and started jerking it wildly this was pleasuring to me but I was still a long time away from cumming. She then took my penis and started putting it in her mouth. She could take in only half of my 12 inch long cock. She kept on taking half of my dick in her mouth and started playing with my balls with her free hand and after a few minutes of this she took out my penis from her mouth,started jerking it madly and then held it and put it down her mouth,it reached near to her oesophagus, she started choking a little but got used to it. Then she began to bob her head up and down my large dick so that in a moment her mouth was near my mushroom shaped head and in another moment her chin was near my huge testicles. This was deeply pleasuring me and add to that her playing with my balls I was slowly getting on the verge of cumming my load in her mouth. I started moaning loudly as I came near my cumming point. But she was showing no sign of slowing down and had actually started bobbing her head up and down faster and faster. I was nearly on the verge of cumming when she stopped the process and started the tittyfuck once again, sucking on my cock as it soared through her huge breasts. In nearly 10 minutes time I came, drenching her with my thick cum. She took a handful of the cum from her breasts and licked it with relish. Then she said , " wow Sid that was pretty hot. Now will you  pleasure me? " I told her to lay on the bed and came near her mouth and started kissing her while my hands were busy playing with her God-Awesome breasts. Then I started reaching down with my hand and soon my hand reached the hem of her skirt I pulled it aside and put my hand to her panties which were very wet and her vagina was very hot too. I started going down on her kissing every exposed body part of hers on the way down when I reached her navel area I started kissing and licking it. Then finally I reached her skirt and I carefully took it off revealing her red panties which were looking as though they were soaked in water. I took off her panties showing me her virgin pussy which was looking as though it had been shaved this morning. I enjoyed the sweet smell of her pussy juices and took all of the pussy juices from her panties in my mouth savoring it's taste. Then I started licking her pussy which was so sensitive that on just touching it it had started swelling. I took out my tongue and inserted it deep into her pussy which was so tight it was a difficult task just to insert my tongue into her pussy. But once inside I quickly started my work licking every part of her pussy my tongue could reach she was moaning as my tongue explored her tight pussy. I continued the licking slowly starting to finger her pussy while licking it. She had started to moan even more loudly now as she was nearing her orgasm. I then started massaging her breasts with my right hand while my left hand was busy with the fingering. After 15 minutes ( which was a bit longer than I had expected) she squirted me with her pussy juice unleashed on my face. I collected all of it and drank it then I came near her mouth and kissed transferring half of her pussy juice into her mouth. I said ," wow Neelam that was hot too". She said it was the most intense orgasm she had ever had before this she used to finger her pussy to pleasure herself.  She then added that she had loved the way my cock had soaked her in sweet cum and she wanted the same cum inside her pussy I looked at her and said," Your wish is my command sweetheart " and I took my foot-long rod and kept it near her pussy lips ready to insert it into her pussy. We started kissing again and during that I pushed a little bit of my penis into her pussy welcomed by shouts of pain by Neelam, I quitened her with a kiss and told her that it would pain in the beginning but after my cock will be in your pussy it will feel very good. She nodded showing that she had understood and would not shout. And then I pushed the whole penis into her pussy welcomed by shouts of pain but now that I was inside her pussy I too was feeling the pain as her pussy was very tight. Then I started pounding her with all the strength I could muster. She had started moaning in response to the pounding. In 20 minutes she was positively shrieking and started cumming making her pussy tighter. I took out my penis from her pussy and told her that I was going to fuck her doggy style and she quickly got into position I came behind her grabbed her waist and first licked her pussy taking in all the remaining pussy juice. Then I positioned my penis near her pussy and said ," Neelam this is going to hurt a little.". And then I pushed in my penis with all the strength I could gather making Neelam shout at the top of her voice. I remained still till she stopped shouting then I started pounding her pussy again but she had adjusted to my penis and was enjoying herself and was shouting things like "yeah faster faster give it to me make me your dick-loving bitch". This greatly turned me on and I pounded her pussy harder and faster making her shout with pleasure. She came twice during this ordeal and was completely dried out. But I did not stop and kept pounding her and in 5 minutes time we both came together and feeling exhausted we fell on top of each other. 
The next day I woke up with Neelam wrapped in my arms we kissed each other had a bath and ate breakfast. After breakfast Neelam went to her office and I stayed at home to complete a presentation. I went into my room, sat on a chair and started working on my laptop. There was a knock on the door and in came Mansi in a red sari with a purple low cut blouse. She was looking absolutely hot and my cock gave a wild twitch in my loose shorts. She said she had come to sweep the floor and started sweeping the floor and in 10 minutes went out and told she would be back in 30 minutes to mop the floor, she winked at me and went away. In half an hour there was a knock on the door. I knew it was Mansi and told her to come in. She came in and I received the biggest shock of my life. Mansi was wearing just her blouse and a pair of shorts. Through her blouse I could make out that she was not wearing any bra and I could see her breasts clearly except just the nipples. I enquired her about her outfit and she told she wanted to be comfortable while working and had therefore worn these cloths. She then sat down on the ground and I noticed her shorts. She was having a camel-toe. Seeing this my penis gave a wild twitch. My eyes went upwards and I noticed those big breasts of her's rubbing together   My cock gave another wild twitch. She took a rag and dipped it in a bucket of water took it out and dried it by wringing it. But there was still a few drops of water on the rag. She took it near her blouse and wringed it above her blouse making the water pour into the blouse and travel till the nipples and then her nipples slowly came into view because of the wet blouse making my tool twitch uncontrollably. She came to the table I was working on closed my laptop and placed it near her nipple slightly rubbing it making her nipples erect. She asked me,"so how hard did you fuck Neelam Sid? I could hear her shouts till outside the house." I did not reply and kept doing my work. The ignorance got to her and she leaned on the table so I could see everything except her nipples. My cock gave another wild twitch which Mansi noticed and gave me a large smile and went about with her work. She came near the table to clean the floor. She told me take my legs on the chair and she started mopping the floor near my legs and suddenly I could see her whole breast nipples including and I could not control and my penis became erect so quick that it hit Mansi on the face as she was near my penis at that time. Mansi smiled naughtily and said," Oh Sid does seeing me excite you so much." I apologized to her but she grabbed my legs and put it on the ground making my penis point upwards. She came forward so that my penis was in between her blouse encased breasts and started to move her breasts up and down giving a massage to my penis with her big, hot breasts. She gripped my pants and slid it down to reveal my foot long cock. She exclaimed in surprise," holy shit Sid you got bigger " She grabbed my penis and started jerking it madly. She then put the penis in her mouth and put it right into it gagging a little but then started bobbing her mouth up and down covering my penis in her saliva. I grabbed her tits and started massaging them and took off her blouse and was glad to see her large tits and erect nipple. She took out my cock from her mouth and bought her lips closer to mine so as to kiss me. I kissed her in return and took of her shorts to reveal her pussy. I picked her up like a rag doll and put my penis in her pussy. She took the hint and started riding my pussy hard. She had started moaning an was playing with her nipples I brought her face forward and kissed her hard and started playing with her breasts to pleasure her more she was shouting at the top of her voice but I did not stop making her cum all over my cock. I picked her up my cock still embedded in her supported her against a wall and started fucking her again while sucking on her tits. I was pounding her so hard she was shouting like a mad person. I then took her to the bed put her on the bed and fucked her with every ounce of strength I could muster and she was shouting her lungs out and in a few more minutes she was cumming again. She then told me ," Sid the fucking was good but I don't want you to ejaculate until I tell you to." I accepted her condition and she grabbed my cock and started jerking it and then put it in between her breasts and started tittyfucking my penis sucking it's head when it appeared from in between her large jugs. It was pleasuring me deeply but I made up my mind and controlled my ejaculation. She leaned in front of me ready to be fucked in doggy style. I came behind her grabbed her ass and put my cock in her pussy in one swift motion making her scream. Then I started pounding her pussy making her moan loudly. I continuously pounded her pussy making her cum in twenty minutes but did not stop and fucked her for over an hour making her cum 4 times more. Then I took out my cock and put it in her mouth to give her a throat fuck while she played with her pussy. Then She went and leaned on the chair I came behind her and put my penis in her pussy fucking her hard and fast I was going so hard that the back of the chair broke in 15 minutes. Then Mansi said," I want you to cum all over me."I took out my cock from her pussy and started jerking it madly and in ten minutes I came covering her from head to toe in my cum. She then started rubbing her pussy I came near it and in a few more rubs she was squirting all over face I drank her pussy juice and she in turn drank my cum. She cleaned the room and went away with a promise to return. 
Neelam was alone in the house and feeling horny and I had gone for a conference and would be returning late but Neelam wanted to fuck somebody desperately and thought she would have lesbian sex with Mansi. From the time of college she had wanted to have sex with a girl and she had also found Mansi to be sexy and had masturbated thinking about her more than a few times. She liked her lucious breasts and wanted to suck them dry and she knew Mansi wanted to have sex with her as well. She could deduce this in the way Mansi used to look at her body. So in the evening she called Mansi in her trim and said,"hey Mansi " Mansi greeted her back and asked her why she had been called. Neelam replied,"Mansi I don't like to talk in circles so I will get straight to the point. I am horny and want to have sex with you." Hearing this Mansi came close to Neelam and planted a kiss on her lips and said," I too want to have sex with you Neelam"But before Neelam came forward to kiss her , Mansi stopped her and said," Neelam wait before we do this I want to clear things up. I have had sex with Sid." Neelam was not surprised and said I know you were like his second screw. Mansi said," no not that long ago, last saturday we had sex when you went to the office. " Neelam was surprised but smiled and said," well that explains the sticky white substance on the floor. Mansi it's okay I too am doing the same thing Sid did" And then they both started kissing passionately and playing with each others breasts. Neelam then took off Mansi's tee-shirt and took off her own tee-shirt and continued kissing Mansi and removed just the casing of Mansi's bra to reveal her large tits. She started sucking her nipples making them erect and making Mansi moan. She then pushed Mansi on the bed and removed her skirt while Mansi struggled with her track shorts. After stripping to their panties Neelam lay on top of Mansi kissing her passionately and removed her bra to reveal her large,firm size 40D breasts. She started sucking her breasts looking happy. She was licking.sucking and biting her nipples while Mansi's only response was moaning. After a few minutes Mansi started cumming making her panty wet with pussy juice. She then grabbed Neelam and lay her on the bed and started kissing every part of her while going down on her. She hungrily gazed at Neelam's bra and tore it off to reveal her size 38D breasts. She licked her breasts which became erect almost immediately. She went down and reached Neelam's panty. Very carefully she took it off and took out her tongue and started licking Neelam's pussy making Neelam moan with pleasure. Neelam grabbed Mansi's head and shoved it deeper into her pussy so that Mansi's tongue was in Neelam's tight pussy. Mansi started licking every part of Neelam's pussy and pleasured Neelam and Neelam started moaning more loudly as she was being pleasured. She was moaning more loudly as she was nearing an orgasm. In 10 minutes Neelam started squirting her juice in Mansi's mouth but Mansi did not stop licking and in another 20 seconds Neelam orgasmed again. She got up kissed Mansi and both of them got into 69 position and started eating each other out furiously. It was 10'o clock and nobody knew that I had come back. I went towards my room which was open and saw inside and was surprised with the sight that caught my eyes. Both the girls were fucking each other and were moaning loudly. The scene was enough to give me a hard on erection. None of the girls noticed me. I took off my clothes and went to the girls. I went near Mansi's ass. Neelam saw me and was surprised. I told her to remain quiet in sign language. Then I put my hands on Mansi's shapely butt and inserted my cock in her pussy in one go filling her pussy. She was surprised and turned back and saw me fucking her pussy while Neelam was eating it. All-in-all it was the hottest looking 369 ever consisting of two busty chicks and a huge cock. I started fucking Mansi so hard she was being jerked forward in every stroke. Neelam was also continuously eating Mansi out so Mansi started squirting her juices into Neelam's face in a matter of minutes but we did not stop making her cum 4 times in 10 minutes shouting her lungs out saying things like," yeah right bitches make me cum and Sid fuck me with your thing harder "Next both of the girls got up and I laid down on the bed. Neelam mounted my cock for a ride while Mansi put her pussy in my face to be eaten out. Then started the wildest ride of my lifetime Neelam started jumping up and down on my cock so fast the pressure was to painful while I started eating Mansi out furiously making her moan while Neelam shouted her head off. Neelam had started leaking like a faucet and was still riding my cock like a maniac. After 1 and a half hours of this both the girls were on the verge of passing out as they had cum several times. I had not even broken a sweat. I told them to have fun with my cock till they regained strength. They started sucking my cock like maniacs and took turns putting it in their mouths making it all wet as if it needed that. Then Neelam took my cock put it between her breast and started massaging my cock hoping to make me cum then Mansi whispered something in Neelam's ear and Neelam nodded showing her approval. Then I understood the girls plan they both started tittyfucking my dick using just one of their boobs. Neelam who was on my left was using her left breast while Mansi was using her right boob and they were moving their breasts in perfect synchronisation jerking my cock which was in the middle of both of them. This was turning me on but this could not make me cum. Then I asked if they had had all their fun to which they replied in the affirmative. I ordered Mansi to lie on the bed and Neelam to put her pussy in Mansi's face. Then when the fuck fest was about to begin a challenge was put to me by both the girls. They said in unison," Sid we want you to fuck us until sunrise without cumming" This was a tough challenge. Not because I had to pull an all nighter, No I had done that with Neelam as well as Mansi but both of them together would be  very tough to control. I thought a little and said yeah I can do it. Then began the fun. It  was midnight and 6 hours till sunrise. I began banging Mansi while she began eating Neelam out. I was banging Mansi so hard and fast I was afraid her brains would fall out of her head. She was eating Neelam out at a similar pace. Both the girls were screaming and shouting things like," Fuck you Sid fuck you and your big cock you can't get away with this we'll milk that cock of your's till the very last drop of cum. You think you can make us cum and get away with,fuck you Sid you are sadly mistaken. " They were cumming every few minutes and in an hour were totally dehydrated. They said ,"hey Sid it's time for cock fun again give us that cock you shit head" I sat down on the bed Neelam took my cock in her hand and started jerking it with two hands while Mansi started sucking my balls. After 20 minutes I picked Neelam  up and put my cock in her pussy and they both started revolting and shouted together," hey no fair". But I did not listen and started banging Neelam hard she was shouting more so now and then I dragged Mansi near me by her hand ,bent low and started eating her pussy out. Meanwhile Neelam was jumping up and down on my cock licking and sucking her nipples. I then picked her up and made her face her back to me up and started fucking her while standing up and Mansi came near her pussy and was sucking on my testicles while I fucked Neelam and in 10 minutes Neelam came and Mansi collected all her juice in her mouth and drank deeply. But I did not stop fucking her then I carried her to the bed and placed her to be fucked in the doggy style. I was just ramming my cock into her while she screamed for mercy. I took out my cock from her pussy and rammed it in her asshole in one powerful stroke making her scream her head off. Then I started banging her ass with all the strength I had meanwhile Neelam was eating Mansi out and Mansi too was screaming her head off and both of them came 15 minutes later but I did not stop and kept fucking Neelam's ass till 1 and a half hours making her cum atleast 6 times and then did the same to Mansi and then they started playing with my cock pleasuring me with blowjobs and tittyfucks. But I was losing control now as I had skipped 3 orgasms and had an hour and twenty minutes till sunrise which was worth another orgasm for me. Half an hour passed and there was just 40 minutes to sunrise. Then I lay on the bed and Mansi put my cock in her pussy I picked her up and put my cock in her ass with moans of pain from her  meanwhile Neelam kept her pussy on my face to be eaten. Then we started fucking I plowed into Mansi's ass without any mercy and ate Neelam's pussy in the same way. They were moaning very loudly as I was pleasuring them but they were controlling there urge to cum. I doubled the speed of the fucking and eating and both the girls began to shout and in 15 minutes they started cumming. After this Mansi and Neelam started kissing again and started fingering each others pussy while kneeling on their knees, I came behind Neelam and put my cock in her ass in a swift motion making her scream in pain. Meanwhile both the bitches were fisting each others pussy and I was fucking Neelam's asshole making her scream as her hole was expanded to it's maximum thickness. I continued fucking her till half an hour. By that time both the girls had achieved two more orgasms. Then I asked them to kneel on the floor in front of me and I stood before them precum dripping from my cock. Then I started jerking my cock at full speed and Neelam and Mansi were kneeling on the floor with their mouths open expectedly looking at my cock. After 15 minutes I started cumming throwing semen into their waiting mouths and then I covered them both from head to toe with the semen. My orgasm lasted for 5 minutes and I ejaculated a lot of cum because of the 6 missed orgasms. Then they started rubbing their pussies and in 10 minutes Mansi started squirting her juice in my mouth which I drank with relish and after 5 minutes Neelam started squirting her load in my mouth. I swallowed both their juices and we all fell in bed kissing each other
After a few months I married Neelam and we never changed Mansi as a maid. We still have a lot of fun together- Me, Neelam and Mansi that 'hot maid'. 
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Really a very hot story my penni become harder. Will u pls tell me the name of pills which u r dick too much long and thick