The hot maid pt.1- The seduction

This is sidhorny with my second story. This a true story of the time I was 18 years old. I am a muscular man of about 6'1" height with 4-pack abs and a 9-inch penis. At that time my mom used to be busy as she used to be taking care of the business and had hired a maid to take care of all the housework. She was a woman named Mansi of around 20 years of age. She was tall,slim,beautiful and had awesome size 40D breasts. These breasts turned me on very much and I wanted to bang her senseless. I had a foolproof plan to seduce her and bang her senseless. I chose a Saturday for this purpose as I had a holiday from college an my mother had to go to a conference for the whole day and would be back only at night. That day I got up late when my mother had left for the conference and was only wearing my underwear and tank top. Suddenly the bell rang and I went to check who had come and was delighted to see that  Mansi had come to work. I opened the door and greeted Mansi. She was evidently surprised to see me in my underwear as she gasped an audible gasp. Then realizing her mistake she went away to start her work. Everyday before work she used to bathe in my house as she used to come very early from someone else's house and then started work. Today when she was bathing I was watching T.V and when suddenly I got hungry and went to the kitchen which was directly opposite the bathroom in which Mansi bathed. When I was taking back my sandwich to the room the bathroom door opened and out came Mansi wrapped in a towel. When she saw me she was so overcome by surprise that her grip on the towel loosened and it fell to the floor showing her hot body in full glory. My eyes automatically went to her breasts which were so huge I kept staring at them for about 5 seconds and my penis enlarged forming a large tent in my underwear which Mansi noticed and went away running from there absolutely embarrassed about this and I went into my room and threw away my underwear and started masturbating like a mad man and did not notice Mansi standing in the doorway. When I noticed she had run away to another room blushing. I thought this was a good chance to fuck her raw. I wore my underwear and went behind her without her noticing crept into the room behind her. She was wearing a red jacket with black track pants an was looking absolutely hot. I crept behind her and  grabbed her breasts from behind she let out an audible gasp but did not pull away. This encouraged me to go ahead but when I was lowering the zip of her jacket she said,"This is not right Sid. " I touched her face gently and turned her face towards me and gave her a passionate kiss. I guess the kiss was satisfactory as she was kissing me back with good usage of her tongue and I started playing with her breasts once again and this time when I reached for the zipper she did not resist and I unzipped her jacket underneath which she was wearing just a bra. I took the bra in my hand and tore it off to reveal her awesome breasts I immediately took her breasts in my hands and started massaging them savagely. My cock was starting to get erect and was poking Mansi's ass. Her hand reached my underwear and she started playing with my cock through the underwear. I diverted my attention to her nipples and started twisting and twirling her nipples which instantly became hard and she started moaning and her hand reached for my cock as she felt my cock she was surprised to feel my 9-inch long and 3-inch thick cock. She turned towards me and started kissing me while her hand played with my cock through my underwear. She was kissing every part of my body and when she reached my penis, she slid off my underwear and was delighted to see my large and thick penis. She took my penis in her hand and started jerking it off and started the blow-job. She took the penis and put it in her mouth but stopped after only half of it was in her mouth and she started bobbing her head up and down each time taking half of my cock in her mouth. Then suddenly she took my penis and put it in her mouth and after reaching 6-inches she started choking but did not stop and finally my whole cock was in her moist mouth. She was using her tongue and licking the tip of my penis and bobbing her head up and down my penis. This deeply pleasured me but I did not give in. The she took off my penis from her mouth and took my penis and sandwiched it in between her awesome breasts which felt so soft and hot. She started the titty-fucking process. As the penis used to poke it's head out of her tits she would lick it's tip and plant a kiss on it. This was deeply pleasuring me and I started moaning loudly and was about to cum when she stopped the tittyfuck and started jerking my cock and in a matter of minutes I had the most amazing orgasm ever as I was sending my cum thread after thread into her waiting mouth. My penis felt as if a 2 liter bottle had been emptied out of it. She had savoured all of my cum and was smacking her lips in relish. I picked her up from the floor and placed a kiss on her mouth and pushed her onto the bed and started playing with her breasts. I took her right breast in my hand and started licking the nipple and then did the same with the left breast. Then I went down on her kissing her on every exposed body part. Then I grabbed her track pants and removed them to reveal her panties. One look at them and I knew she wanted this a much as I wanted it as her panties were totally wet. I slid off the panties to reveal her beautiful vagina. It had been recently shaved and appeared to be very tight I brought my face near it and savoured it's sweet smell and placed my tongue on her pussy lips and started licking her pussy. As expected the pussy was very tight and sensitive and after a few licks with my tongue it had swollen to twice it's normal size and I had not even inserted my tongue into it. Both my hands were busy with Mansi's breasts. Then I placed my tongue on the entrance of her pussy lips and then pushed it into her waiting pussy. A shudder went up Mansi's body as my tongue entered her tight pussy. I immediately got down to business and started eating her out. I took off my right hand from her breast and brought it down and inserted the three middle fingers into her vagina,she let out a gasp and started moaning loudly I then started to finger fuck her inserting three fingers of my right hand. She was moaning more loudly now and I found her her G-spot and started licking it hard she was shouting now and then with a scream she let out all her pussy juice in my mouth which I drank. Then I went up to kiss her and she told that she wanted the cock in her pussy. I directed my cock towards her pussy. I kept my cock near the lips of her pussy but did not insert it she was begging me to put my cock into her pussy and then I prised open her lips and put my cock down to the hilt in her pussy she let out a scream as my thick cock expanded her pussy. She was definitely not a virgin but was not used to a cock this big and thick as she was screaming at the top of her voice as I banged her with whatever I had and within 5 minutes she had her orgasm but I was not through yet I kept on thrashing in her pussy and she was cumming after every passing minute throwing out pussy juices by the liter. After banging her for 20 minutes I came flooding her pussy with my love juice. I took out my penis from inside her pussy which was still erect. I put my penis near her mouth and she started licking off all of hers and mine love juices with relish. I lay down on my back and told her to ride me. She started mounting my penis in her pussy but I refused and told her to mount my cock in her ass at which she looked terrified and surprised but did not refuse. She mounted my cock keeping it near her ass-crack and mounted my penis taking putting it only a couple of inches reluctantly moaning with pain. I was getting impatient and thrashed in my rest of my cock with so much f***e she let out a scream of pain as my cock expanded her asshole as wide as it had never been. After a few minutes when she got adjusted to the girth she started riding my cock moaning loudly while doing so and after a few minutes she let out a loud scream and started cumming. I got up and grabbed her by her body and laid her on the bed and started pounding her asshole with everything I had and sucking her tits and she was screaming and cumming every few minutes and after 20 minutes of fucking I came one final time in her asshole and we both fell in bed together exhausted from our experience with many more to come.  
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