Fucking The Two Hottest Indian TV Stars-Pt.1

NOTE:-This story is a work of fiction.The two actresses in this story are real but the events are the sole imagination of the writer.

I was sitting in my plush office drinking scotch,listening to the music of my favourite singer Kishore Kumar and going over photos of some actresses to choose for the two new TV shows of which shooting started the next week.I was the producer of both these new shows.Let me tell you a little something about myself I am a tall,handsome and muscular man of 32 and I am in perfect shape complete with 6-pack abs.

I was perusing over the photo of a particularly hot lady when my office intercom rang.I picked it up and my secretary told me that two actresses were asking to meet me.I told him to tell them to wait.He replied that they were not ready to wait for another minute and were to be entertained immediately.I asked the name of the two ladies and my secretary told me the ladies were Shweta Tiwari and Raginni Khanna.Hearing these names my penis made a wild twitch as they were the hottest TV actresses of India.I told my secretary to send them in.

After a minute or so there was a knock on my door.I told the person to enter and in came Shweta Tiwari wearing a tight T-Shirt through which her large breasts were evident and behind her came Ragini Khanna wearing a rather sluttier version of Shweta's outfit.She wore a tight fitting low cut T-Shirt through which I could see the valley of her huge breasts and a very sexy pair of shorts.Seeing her made my penis twitch even more violently.They seated themselves at a sofa near the entrance and I sat at a single sofa opposite them. I inquired why they had come here.Shweta got straight to the point and said that they both wanted the lead roles in the two upcoming shows I was producing. I said that it was not possible as there was tough competition between all the actresses and it was a very hard choice. Suddenly Ragini came forward and put her hand near my penis on my thigh and said they were ready to do anything for the roles. She bent so low I could see into the valley of her huge breats.My penis gave another wild twitch.This was noticed by both the ladies but they ignored it .Finally I said why don't we go inside to which both of them gave surprised expressions.Seeing their surprised looks I got up went to a curtain which ingeniously covered a door I opened the door to reveal a magnificient room with a LED TV,Fridge and a king size bed.

After we went in I quickly closed the door and sat on the bed and asked the ladies what all would they do get the roles.As the words left my mouth both the ladies got up and took off their tops.Shweta was wearing a black bra which hardly covered her huge breasts and Ragini was wearing a red bra.Seeing them both in their bras made me loose control and my penis was standing in attention.Ragini lifted me to my legs and unbuckled my belt and removed my pant to reveal my penis straining under my tight underwear meanwhile Shweta undid the buttons of my shirt to reveal my muscular figure.Suddenly Ragini came towards me and started kissing me on the lips while Shweta was playing with my huge penis through the underwear.Sudddenly Shweta yanked off my underwear to reveal my 12 inch long 2 inch thick cock.Both the girls gasped at the size of my erect cock and both of them came near my erect cock and started sucking it off each one off them were sucking half the width of my cock from top to bottom and suddenly they broke off and started kissing each other and then Shweta broke off their kiss and came up to kiss me.She kissed me passionately and my hands reached the hook of her bra and I unhooked it to reveal her size 38D breasts.I got busy with her breasts as I was massaging her massive breasts with my left hand.I spotted Ragini and reached for her bra with my right hand and tore it off and was surprised to see her size DD breasts.I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards myself and started sucking on her nipples while massaging both the breats of Shweta with my hands and both of theirs nipples became erect and I stopped the procedure and both of them went down on me and started giving me a blowjob.They started taking my massive organ into their mouths chance by chance but they were choking after taking only half of my junk into their mouths.Then Ragini did the unthinkable and started taking my penis into her mouth inch by inch.She started gagging when 6 inches of it were in her mouth but she did not stop there she went more and more until all of my penis was in her mouth and her chin was near my huge testicles and then she started bobbing her head up and down while Shweta was licking my giant testicles and suddenly I started nearing my climax.Both of them sensed this and stopped doing what they wer doing and both of them started jerking my cock madly and in 5 minutes I had the most intense orgasm of my life as I was throwing string after string of my semen into their waiting mouths.Then I lay on the bed while they took off the rest of their clothing showing me their perfectly shaved pussy which I wanted to fuck badly.I was already erect after my orgasm.Ragini put her pussy lips naer the head of my huge cock and Shweta put her pussy on my face so I could eat her pussy out.Then Ragini put my cock into her tight pussy and she was shouting very loudly as my thick cock entered her tight pussy expandind her pussy lips she was afraid so inserted only half of my cock into her pussy and I pushed the rest of my cock into her pussy with loud shouts from her.She then began riding my cock with shouts as my penis went in and came out of her pussy meanwhile I was eating Shweta's pussy furiously with my tounge flickin in and out of her tight pussy.I reached above and started playing with her huge breasts and she in turn played with Ragini's breasts and after 20 mins both of the girls came together but I did not stop there I continued the pace and the were now cumming after every minute.In ten minutes when the girls were totally dry after cumming 9-10 times I came once more and this orgasm was more intense than the one before.After this we shifted positions Shweta was lying on the bed while I was near her pussy ready to insert my huge cock into her tight pussy while Ragini's pussy was near her mouth ready to be eaten.Then we started. I started pounding my cock into Shweta's pussy welcomed by loud sreams from her then Ragini quitened her by offering her pussy to Shweta to be eaten.Shweta started eating Ragini's pussy furiously as Ragini was moaning very loudly and I continued pounding Shweta's pussy fast and within ten minutes both of them were cumming but we did not stop there I was pounding Shweta's puusy continuously while she ate Ragini's pussy they came several times in the next ten minutes after which I came into Shweta's pussy.We all were very tired and we dressed up quickly and came into my cabin where I told them they had successfully bagged their roles respectively.
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Loved The way you described fucking these two ladies