Be my pet

Lying in bed wearing that black, silk night dress you're having that dream again. The one where that tall stranger is tending to your every need, worshipping every inch of your body with his gentle touch and sending shivers down your spine as his warm breath whispers sweet nothings onto your soft neck. You've had this dream a thousand times but every time your hand creeps between your legs and you wake up with damp sheets. The stranger in your dreams treats you like a goddess as he holds you in a safe embrace. But that's just a dream. You're a fucking slut and I know that better than anyone.
When I see that you're lying next to me trying to pleasure yourself my palm strikes your ass, causing your legs to close suddenly and crush your hand a little. The instant of short,sharp pain ends the dream and kills the kind, caring stranger to bring you back into the real world where only I'm waiting for you. And you know that I want to use your body. You try to fall back asl**p again, retreating into pillow in search of the dream but I'm not having it.
Slap. Harder this time.
My hand leaves your cheeks and you hear me get out of bed and take a few heavy foot steps away and for a moment entertain the thought that maybe you've got away with it tonight. That is until you hear the faint clink of an all too familiar chain. Your eyes shoot open suddenly but your body tenses as you're paralysed with fear. You open your mouth to scream protests but I leap back to the bed, my knees catching you in the stomach and knocking the air out of your lungs as my hand lunges down to cover your mouth. In my other hand I dangle a leather dog collar attached to a metal chain in front of your face, relishing the look in your eyes before forcing it around your neck and yanking it tight. My grip is tight on the chain, so you know you're not going to escape from here on.
I get off the bed quickly and tug on the chain, dragging you from the sheets by the neck and onto the floor. You start to clamber to your feet but I spank your ass again and order you onto your hands and knees. You try your best to keep up with me as I walk you out the door and towards the stairs but my pace is quicker so I'm half dragging you all the way, the leather digging deep into your throat. I command you to go down the stairs before me so that I can watch your ass shake in front of my eyes. Your cheeks peek out under your short night dress and I can see that even after two strikes they're starting to turn red, but I want a deeper shade so I slap you again, almost causing you to fall down the flight of stairs.

Downstairs I half drag you into the kitchen, the wooden floor feeling freezing cold on your hands and knees. I tie your chain to the table and leave for the sink. Your hand rubs your neck and tries to loosen the collar to let you breath with more ease but I'm back in a moment and I slap your face with your own hand. I place a steel bowl in front of you full of neat vodka and I tell you to drink. You lap it up with your tongue, the undiluted alcohol burning your mouth and making you want to puke. Even though you feel yourself getting d***k you can still feel my harsh palm when it makes contact with your ass once more, this time squeezing your flesh after making contact and lifting up your night dress so I can see your perfect ass and cunt. Walking around the front I kick the bowl away, splashing your face and eyes with vodka and lift your chin up in my hand so you can look at my face.
I only sl**p in my trunks but they're quickly gone and my massive cock is soon staring you in the face with it's soliatry eye. "Doggy want a bone?" I grin and f***e myself between your lips. One hand rests on the back of your head to stop you coming up for air as your tongue works it's way up and down and wraps round my shaft, teasing my foreskin aside and sending tingles through my body. My other hand pulls at the chain and tightens the collar around your neck. I pull my cock out of your mouth, a thin line of precum linking the end of my helmet to your lips, and I tell you to bark for me. You bark, you growl, you whimper. All like an obidient little pet and I stroke your hair. You nuzzle your face against my hand and dick, the a****l inside you winning against your human side."There's a good girl."
As I fuck your face again, my balls slapping your chin hard with each thrust, you start to purr and the vibrations sent up my length drive me wild. I reach a hand round and slap your ass again and again, sensing from the intensity of your deep throat skills how much you enjoy each blow. I pull out of your throat again, my precum juices oozing down your chin and onto the kitchen floor for you to lap up with your tongue.
I go circle your body, inspecting it and whipping you in various places with the end of the metal chain. Your tits, your legs, your back. The rattle of the chain as it flies towards you is echoed by your own little gasp of tortured pleasure after each strike. I rip off your night dress to see all the red marks decorating your pale skin and start to run my tongue up across your naked flesh. Although this is nothing like the stranger in your dreams, the collar pressing in on your neck constantly reminding you that you're nothing more than my toy.
At last I can keep out of you for no longer and I grab you by the hips firmly with both hands as I rub my cock up against the lips of your pussy. I can feel how wet you are, how much you want me - need me - inside of you. You continue to purr as you look back over your shoulder at me, loose strands of hair partically covering your eternally sexy eyes. I know you wish you could see me slide into your cunt but believe me you're going to feel it.
With one more tug at your collar in case you've forgotten who you belong to, I penetrate your slit with such f***e that you let out a yelp. I slide deep into you, feeling the walls of your cunt mould around my cock to grant it reluctant passage, and you mix moans and gasps with growls and barks. My cock feels so large inside you, stretching your lips wide so that your pussy juices flow down your thighs to make them sticky. My rhythm gains pace and intensity, and the sensation causes your heart to beat uncontrollably as you begin to pant. Faster and deeper I fuck you, louder and louder you pant. My hand raises the chain and expertly brings it down against the cheek of your ass in the hardest strike yet. I can feel the impact ripple through your body and onto my cock while it's inside of you. Your eyes flinch in pain but there's a smile on your face as they release screams and yelps. Faster I fuck your cunt as I continue to whip your ass until you feel a mind blowing orgasm building up inside of you.
We cum at the same time, I pull at your collar as I lean back to keep my cock as deep inside you as I can to feel your every juice cover me. I pant with you, having embraced the wild a****l inside of me too but I'm the predator and you're the pet...

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2 years ago
hot stuff
3 years ago
not bad for starters..
3 years ago
i will i was your pet!!!
3 years ago
very good i like it
3 years ago
So did I - very much indeed. Thank you, sibrew.

3 years ago
I enjoyed this