It's Friday evening. I'm sitting on my sofa (peach, fabric) watching the start of some movie (rom-com, boring) cradling a bucket of ice-cream (chocolate, half melted), expecting a quiet night. I've already showered off the grime of work and slipped into comfortable pajamas (baby pink, a sheep motif sown onto the shorts). My phone rings. It's Sarah, a friend. I answer.
Shes going out tonight, just her, and wondered if I wanted to go along. Apparently, theirs a killer new club opened up on the outskirts of town. I should really go, she said. Whats the alternative? A trashy movie and a few extra hours in the gym? Yeah, sure I respond. Sounds like fun.
I'm waiting outside when her taxi shows up, snug black t shirt with horizontal slits across the front that leave just enough to the imagination, black stonewashed tight jeans that hug my firm ass, strapy six inch steel spiked heels. I'm out to steal some hearts tonight. The black cab door swings open and I pause just a second to check out Sarah. I'm not the only one dressed to score I think as my eyes absorb her long, chocolate colored legs extending from her short skirt, the smooth ebony flesh of her flat stomach, her pretty face surrounded in fashionably straight dark hair. She was straight, however, until d***k that is. Much to my personal amusement. I'd been sworn to secrecy on more than one morning after.
The taxi wound it's way through the streets and we chatted excitedly, exchanging gossip, compliments, giggling like girls. It came to a stop on the far side of town, on the edge of the warehouse district. We piled out, gathering looks from the clubbers that hadn't made it in the door yet. Sarah led me to the entrance, ahead of the queue, where she flashed a smile at the bouncer who then simply unhitched the rope and opened the door for us. Already I could feel the thump thump thump passing through me, washing away any hesitation.
Through a set of inner doors the music pounded into me, lights flashing all around. Almost the entire club was a writhing mass of bodies. Dancing, drinking, laughter everywhere, flashes of faces for only the briefest of moments before murky twilight reclaimed them. It wasn't hard to become part of all that and I spun from dance partner to dance partner, allowing them only the ghost of a touch before moving on. Men and women passed by in a blur, forgotten in moments. I felt the music pour into me, let the lights dazzle me and all my inhibitions fell away, discarded like clothes on a strangers bedroom floor.
I was so taken by the mood of the room I didn't notice the effect it was having on me. Every touch sent a warm tingle through me, every brush of an arm, grabbed handful and outright grope sent an electric heat to wash over my skin. Giddy, I stumbled backward into waiting arms. Strong and muscular, they wrapped around me, held me tight, made me feel safe in this storm of sensation. Then the hands began to stroke. Not the strong hands that held me, new hands, new hands that roamed. New hands that pawed at my top, tugging the fabric up and off and my bra quickly followed. I couldn't refuse, the heat on my bare flesh had erupted into a fire between my legs. My eyes were closed, I couldn't have seen who the hands belonged to, or even told how many there where, stroking my arms, stomach, grabbing my breasts and pulling them this way and that, finger pinching and tweaking and flicking my nipples into hard nubs of pleasure.
A moan escaped my throat and was swallowed by the room as a mouth enclosed a nipple and sucked, teeth painfully gripping and tugging and even the pain was erotic. I felt a tugging on my jeans even as someone was giving me a hickey on my hip. Suddenly the jeans where gone, pooling around my ankles and there where instantly lips and fingers and tongues all over me. My thighs where pulled apart and a mouth encircled my clit and began to suck gently. Fireworks exploded behind my eyes at each little flick of tongue on my nub and in seconds I was cumming, bucking against the one giving me so much pleasure and pleading for more.
As my orgasm subsided the arms around me withdrew and I pitched forward into yet more bodies, a mass of flesh that held me standing, bent double, my ass in the air on display for everyone to see. More rough hands spanked me, sending ripples of pleasure through me. Someone gripped my hips from behind and a shiver passed along my spine as the head of a thick, hard cock slowly pressed into my aching, wanting pussy. A flare of pain shot through my scalp as someone grabbed a fistful of hair and yanked back, exposing my mouth to a second throbbing member, suddenly stretching my throat. Being bounced between the two men, it was all I could do to gasp through my nose until I felt the one in my mouth twitch and spray hot seed into me, forcing me to swallow every drop. Moments later cock was drilled deep into my cunt and he bathed my womb in cum.
The rest of the night passed by in a blur and I must have passed out at some point. I woke to find myself in my bed, in desperate need of a shower. I went back to the club Saturday night. This time Sarah never leaves my side. We bring each other to intense orgasms in between pleasuring the crowd with our bodies. I take a mouthful of cum and pass it on to her in a hard passionate kiss, barely caring that some has dribbled from our lips to our naked bodies.
Sunday I wake up in her embrace. We shower together. We each take a second shower to get clean. The club is still open. I wonder briefly about how safe all this is, but such a thought stands no chance against that incredible, delirious thumping beat.
I'm answering calls at my desk on Monday. I can't sit still. My body aches all over, a dull throb that keeps me aroused all day. In my mind I'm still in the dark, strobing lights, music so loud I can't hear myself think even if I could form a coherent thought between fuckings.

Someone tells me it's Friday evening. I'm tied to a bed (black plastic sheets), blindfolded, having ice rubbed over my naked flesh. I haven't left the club since Tuesday. Sarah and I share a room at the back of the club. I don't know why I'd leave. This place is just amazing. Hey, you should come along!
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