Fucking the office staff

Well it was finally time to return to work. My son was a year old and comfortable with the new nanny. I was torn between wanting to stay home with my boys and returning to work to be around adults.

Being back in the office, I quickly fell back into the groove. Hanging out with fellow workers, talking, teasing and flirting. I was kind of a flirt before I went on maturity leave and became a sexual a****l, now I was much worse. A few of my girlfriends even asked if everything was okay with me and my husband, Dave. Things are great was always my reply; and they were. I still gave plenty of time to him and he was pleased with my new found adventurous side. Anyway, I quickly became, from what I was later told, the office Cougar.

Being in sales meant that I had to take clients out and attend parties occasionally. Being the holiday season these parties become even more numerous. This particular night a few of my colleagues and I were at a client’s Christmas party. Now I have to say I have never been one who could hold her liquor and after four glasses of white wine I was feeling very good, and relied on my friend Tim to keep me from falling over in my high heels. He did not seem to mind and once when I stumbled into him, he propped me up by cupping my breast in his hand. I let out a low moan to let him know that I did not mind. He smiled and from then on most of my body was open to Tim. At one point we had wandered into a corner. I was talking to a few people from another firm, chit chatting about business when I noticed Tim sit down on the chair behind me. I playfully bumped my ass into his shoulder and returned to my conversation. In no time at all I felt Tim’s hand between my legs, rubbing my thigh. Each stroke brought his hand higher up my thigh; until in no time he had his finger wet from my juices and was fingering my pussy and clit. Having worn a garter with no panties made Tim’s job quite easy. My job of trying to carry on a coherent conversation with three other people was vastly more difficult. As I couldn’t exactly excuse myself and walk away, I was trapped smiling and trying to sound interested in office politics as I orgasmed no fewer than two times as Tim not only finger fucked my pussy but also had his way with my asshole. I shifted my widening stance to allow him access and was rewarded with another orgasm.

Finally, I could not take it any more. I told the group that I really needed to get Tim out of here, joking that it was past his bed time, since he was ten years younger than most of us. I told Tim to get our coats and I would meet him at the front. I was not sure where we would go but I needed to fuck him as soon as possible and felt even an alley would do. I was somewhat nervous when Tim walked up to me with my coat in his hand, being quickly followed by our boss Rich and the young intern, Greg who was only 20. Both of them had very large grins on their faces, indicating to me that Tim had let them in on our secret. Both these men were attractive in their own way. Rich was in his late fifties, overweight and balding but his confidence from being the boss made him sexy. Greg was the opposite. He had no power in the business but what he lacked there he made up for in looks. He was about 6 ft tall and his black skin rippled with muscles. I was fairly certain that his cock was quite large since I caught the outline of it in the jeans he wore during casual Fridays. These men took a side of me and placed their hands around my waist as we walked to the parking lot. Tim had walked ahead to get what I assumed was his Nissan Maxium. As we waited Rich whispered in my ear that Tim had told him of a surprise that I had for all of them. I playfully bumped my hip into his and replied maybe but that Tim’s car would be far too small to open this type of present. Rich said problem solved, and as he said the words up drove his stretch limo. I think we all smiled at that.

The limo stopped in front of us and the driver got out, opened the door and greeted Rich. Rich returned the greeting and spoke to the driver for a minute. As we waited Greg stood behind me and through our clothes, ground his cock into my back side. I pushed back a little as he brought his hands around and under my blouse. He squeezed my breast in a typical 20 year old fashion, a little too rough. However, with amazing quickness he unsnapped my bra. He also unzipped my skirt and pushed it to the ground. Having my coat on and being surrounded by all these men, I do not think that anyone else other than the driver saw my current state of dress. Rich got into the limo first followed quickly by me then Greg and finally Tim.

I sat next to Rich with Tim and Greg seated across from us. I had my coat wrapped around me because the outside air was cold but feeling how warm the limo was I decided that the coat would not be needed much longer. Rich did not really give me an option, pulling my coat off my shoulders and undoing my blouse. Once my blouse was off I sat there naked, except for my garters. I have to admit that it was very unnerving being in that state of dress with my boss, my colleague and an intern staring at me. Being d***k, I decided to take the initiative. I leaned over to Rich, said “Merry Christmas Boss” and took out his cock and started to suck him off. He was only about 5 inches but he was thick and I think his belly hid some of his penis. He let out a moan and placed his hand on my head grabbing a fistful of my shoulder length hair. I moved up and down his shaft, slurping a little because I’ve learned that can really turn a guy on. I got off the seat and onto my knees in front of him putting his balls in my mouth as I quickly stroked his cock. Rich’s heavy breathing was all I needed to let me know he was enjoying his blowjob.

Being on my knees positioned my naked ass directly in front of Tim, who wasted no time in reinserting his fingers into my pussy and ass and magically working them to get me dripping in my own juices. I took Rich’s cock out of my mouth just long enough to tell Tim to take his fingers out of my pussy and get his cock in there. Tim was only too happy to oblige. As I began to taste Rich’s pre-cum in my mouth, Tim rammed his cock into my pussy full hilt. The suddenness made me gasp and all three laughed, with Rich and Greg high-fiving Tim and Greg yelling, Eahh Boy! As Tim kept pounding away I could feel the cum building in Rich and felt his balls begin to contract. Give me all of it was all I could say before Rich began to shoot his load down my throat and onto my face. I swallowed most of it but left a little on my cheek and chin for dramatic effect. I looked up at Rich wiped my mouth and said, “I hope that wasn’t my entire Christmas bonus.” Rich through his heavy breathing said, “No way honey. I got more tonight and if you keep this up there’s going to be lots more in your paycheck.” The comment made me feel somewhat like a prostitute, which actually made me even hotter.

My pussy was on fire with Tim pounding away. I could hear Greg behind me yelling, “come on man let me get a piece of that. Mmmm that looks fine.” It made me feel good to know a young stud like Greg liked what he saw. I told Tim to let Greg in because I wanted to see his cock for myself. Tim pulled out and moved to the side in the cramped quarters. Greg smacked my ass and said, “Naw bitch you got to sit on this pole.” With Greg now in the seat I went back and up sliding his cock along the crack of my ass, working my way to the top. I was amazed at how far up I had to straighten my legs until my pussy lips felt his massive head. I rose a little higher and sat on his cock, reaching under and grabbing it between my legs. Not only was Greg’s cock long (at least 12 inches), it was also so thick that I could barely get my hand around it.

I let out my breath and slowly descended onto Greg’s massive cock. “Holy shit” was the response I got from Tim and Rich, who now had his phone out and was filming our adventure. “Yea baby. Ohh you tight,” was the comment from Greg. Soon I was completely on Greg’s cock and started my rhythmic ride up and down, like a pornographic merry-go-round. I had never felt so filled and came twice in rapid succession. With my eyes closed and head tilted back I did not notice Tim. He came over to us, stood up through the skylight and stuck his cock in my face. I quickly took it in my mouth sucking off my own juices.

I was in such bliss that I did not even hear my cell phone ring. It was my husband calling to tell me the boys were in bed and asking when I would be home. Rich had answered the phone and was talking to Dave as he watched me being fucked by his two employees. Having met Dave numerous times and being friendly with him the conversation stayed casual. Rich explained to Dave that the party was going later than expected and that he believed that I was thinking of staying with my friend Judy tonight. Not being sure Rich said that he would put me on in a second as soon as I finished swallowing something.

I took Tim out of my mouth and went onto all fours in order to reach Rich and the phone. Rich said, “Hold on Dave she’s cumming. Take care of yourself Dave and your wife she is fantastic.” As he finished his goodbyes he hooked the Bluetooth onto my ear and pressed the button. He then sat back and put one of my hands onto his cock which was fully erect again from his conversation. Greg had gotten up from his seat and reentered me from behind. So here I was getting fucked doggy-style from a 12 inch black cock, stroking off my boss and trying to have a normal conversation with my husband. A few times my husband asked if I was in pain as I sounded short of breath. I told him I had been dancing. I was finally able to end my call with my husband telling him I loved him and would see him tomorrow. As I hung up Rich pushed my mouth back onto his cock, forcing my nose into his fat belly, making it hard to breath. The sounds coming from my soaking wet pussy were unreal. It sounded like someone punching a tub full of lotion over and over. I was once again delirious and hardly noticed when Greg pulled out, shifted underneath me and reentered my drenched pussy from below. I should have wondered where Tim was but got my answer before I could. Positioned behind me Tim told Greg to take his cock out for a sec. He then inserted his cock in my pussy, got it nice and wet, pulled out and started his insertion into my ass. Having been trained by my neighbor in the art of anal sex my asshole was more willing to take Tim’s cock. It wasn’t until Greg reentered my pussy that I thought I would lose my mind. I had never been double- teamed in this way before and the feeling was unreal. I must have cum a half dozen times as Tim ****d my ass and I made out with Greg on the floor of the Limo, telling him how incredible his cock felt in my pussy. I continued to stroke Rich who was busy filming our fuck scene.

Eventually all three of these men said they were going to cum. Tim dismounted me as I rolled off Greg and onto the floor. Lying on my back I rubbed my tits and begged them to shoot their loads all over me. Sitting in the seats around me they all happily obliged. Tim came first shooting his load on my face and hair. He then told me to open my mouth and clean his cock which I quickly did, licking him from the tip of his cock down and under his balls. Greg came next. He wanted me to swallow it so I opened wide. As he was inserting his cock in my mouth, some cum shot loose, hitting my nose and eye. The rest went quickly down my throat. When he was done, Greg took his cock out and cleaned it off with my hair. Rich came last. He straddled my face, facing my tits. He told me to suck off his balls as he jerked off on my tits. I happily obliged and was rewarded with a warm load all over my tits, which I rubbed in for good measure.

The men all sat back in their seats, exhausted by our sexcapade. I stayed on the floor unable to stop moving and writhing. I think cumming so many times put my whole body into hyperdrive. After some silence I asked who was taking me home as I had no intention of going to Judy’s looking like this. Tim quickly volunteered, inviting Greg to stay over as well. That made me very excited. Rich unfortunately had to go home as his daughter’s winter concert was tomorrow and he needed to be there. So the limo drove us to Tim’s, while Rich continued to video tape me on the floor playing with my pussy and tits. At Tim’s the boys hopped out as I gave Rich a good night kiss and thanked him for a fantastic time. He said the pleasure was all his and that he predicted big things for me in the future. I smiled and grabbed his cock on last time. He then told me to put on the coat but nothing else to walk into Tim’s place. He wanted to film me walking away. I decided to do him one better. I gathered my clothes and then walked from the limo naked, except for the garter and the cum covering my body. I kissed the driver on the cheek and walked past the door man who stood wide mouthed. I then walked into the elevator and dropped to my knees so Rich could see me start to blow Tim again as the doors closed. As far as the night at Tim’s and what became of the video. We’ll have to save that for another time.

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1 month ago
"Fucking The Office Staff" - I would be willing to "bet the farm" this relatively new momma, parent and wife, would do anything short of murder to get A N Y swing dickin her ears, mouth, ass and pussy!! Her fucking the office "staff" is a double entre--fucking the staff as in office personnel, and fucking the staff as in the male pole-dick staff!! My money is that she will take all comers, and cum all takers. Talking to her celebate, sexless husband while being gangbanged and giving a blowjob shows she has no fears of taking the most kinky, elaborate careless risks, even walking naked from the limo in the street through the lobby of her coworkers apartment complex, carrying ALL her clothes and tailing two young, virile horny studs--one white and one black!! I would wish that she takes Greg's black 12-inch poledriver to the hilt, begs him to fill her cunt with a quart of his black baby-batter and leaves her with a river-like flowing cream-pie!! That WOULD be the ultimate risk factor for satisfying her pussy itches!
1 month ago
This was great. I couldn't wait until the end to cum. I love these shared/cheating gangbang wife stories. The part of her getting fucked while on the phone did it for me. :) Thanks for sharing
4 months ago
Wow!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!
10 months ago
Love it hot hot
10 months ago
Loved it. So fucking hot