Laundry day

So tonight I was doing laundry at my apartment complex and one of the random people in my building was in the laundry room with me. I was taking my shit out of the dryer and she was like "nice shorts" I said thanks and she said "I love a guy in boxer briefs" I laughed and continued to fold my clothes. She then complemented my sideburns hand told me I was sexy. I said thanks again. She flashed me while we were in there and I told her she had amazing tits. She told me her husband liked them too I figured that was the end of it. As I was getting ready to leave she threw a piece of paper with her phone number on it in my laundry basket. When I got back to my apt I texted her and she told me to come over for a beer. I got there and she answered the door in a dress with no panties and her pussy hanging out. She was in her 40s but still has it going on. I walked in and sat on her couch and she handed me a beer. We had some small talk an she told me she wanted to suck my cock and I told her I didn't want to piss off her husband. She said they were open. He came out of their bedroom am greeted me and told me his wife was a horny slut. I laughed and said she was hot and he told me If I wanted I could have fun with her. I thought he was joking. She had gone to grab him a beer and came back naked and sat on my lap. Her husband told me to go for it an I started to suck her nipples and fondle her tits. I slapped them and pinched her nipples and got horny and hard. She pulled down my sweatpants and started to lick the head of my cock and I felt weird because her husband was watching but he kept saying it was cool. She literally sucked me off for an hour and a half an I shot multiple times. I went to pee and came back
And her husband was fucking her. So I sat down for more head and fucked her face and came again. Her husband told me if I want to fuck her I could but only if he could film me. It kind of freaked me out so I said I was good and left. I just got home. It was fucking hot

Flash forward about a month, I see her drive by me as I getting groceries out of my SUV, and she stops to tell me she she needs a good fuck and I should come over. I agree and went over to her house, her husband was gone so I didn't have to worry about him wanting to film me. I strip and climb onto her bed and start with those amazing tits. Motor boating and sucking her nipples. She's moaning and begging for more so I move down to her pussy. I ate her out for at least an hour before I shoved my cock in there. She let out a big moan and I started pumping into her deeper and deeper. Then we switched positions and I fucked her from behind. Her pussy was incredible. I can't believe her husband doesn't value it more. As I'm fucking her I'm slapping her ass and she's moaning my name. I'm about to cum and so we stop so she can eat it, then we start again and she wants to ride me. She was on my dick and I was playing with her titties the whole time. I was in heaven I shot my load again, this time in her pussy. As I was leaving she told me she owes me a blowjob and will see me later. Can't wait for that.

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