Running a train on my friends slutty mom.

I was tipsy. I had just turned 20 and 2 days later it was my buddy's birthday. To celebrate his mom went and spent $400 on booze and we had a party. My friend was a lightweight and passed out early. After that the party got rowdy. His mom came downstairs and did shots with us and played beer pong. I was playing against her and she was talking shit saying I couldn't make the last cup. I asked her what I would get if I got it in the cup and she winked at me and licked her finger. My cock got hard. I made the shot and won beer pong. She told me to come upstairs to get more vodka for the party. I followed her to their pantry and she grabbed me and undid my belt and unzipped my pants. She whipped out my cock and started to lick the tip then the shaft Man her mouth was good. Then she took the whole thing in her mouth. Oh my god it was good. The thought of getting head from my friends mom while he was passed out and 10 other people could catch us turned me on. I got to the point I was ready to cum and she swallowed my load. It was the first time that happened and it was hot. We zipped up and went back down to everyone in the basement. Music was playing and everyone was having a good time. One of the girls I knew from high school was getting fingered on the futon from my friends cousin. My friends mom told her to take it upstairs and she did. The guy who was fingering and another dude followed. After two hours of talking and drinking most of the guests were passed out or getting there. All that was left was me, my friends mom, my friend Mac and my friend Chris. We were playing never have I ever. Chris said " never have I ever had a 3 some" Mac drank. My friends mom laughed and said " you poor thing" an snickered. My friends mom's turn was next. "Never have I ever cheated on my spouse". We weren't married so we didn't drink but she drank her whole cup. Chris got up to go to the bathroom and Mac got a phone call. Just me and my friends mom again. This time she was really horny. She pulled me over and started kissing me. And I was feeling up her tits. They were amazing. Huge nipples and all natural. I can remember being little and staring at them. I start to take off her shirt and bra and suck on her tits. She undoes my pants again and my hard dick is out. I undo her pants too and pull down her zebra print thong. Her clit was pierced. It was hot. I started to go down on her and we were 69ing when Chris came back Into the room. At first he was like woah sorry. And went to leave when my fiends mom called him over to where we were. She undid his pants and told him to relax. At this point I was super horny and she told my her pussy was ready for my cock. I spit on my cock and slid it in. Oh my god it was amazing. For a woman in her 40s it was surprisingly tight. I started slow at fort and built up speed. All the while Chris was getting his cock sucked. I pumped and pumped her and Chris said he wanted her pussy too. My friends mom said I had to cum first then it would be his turn. Finally I came inside that sweet pussy and Chris and I switched spots. He slid his cock into our friends mom and I got head again. She said his cock was small and couldn't feel it and she bent down more so I was laying I. My back as she sucked me off and he fucked her and I felt her tits and she sucked me off. 2 more times I came in her mouth. Each time she swallowed my load. I wasn't used to that as most girls in Utah don't do that at that age. Chris was finally close to cumming and our friends mom told him to pull out. He did an shot on the floor. She asked me if I was ready to fuck her again as Mac walked back into the room. Without hesitation he walks over and knelt down and stuck his tounge in our friends moms pussy. She let out a moan. I asked him how my cum taste and he told me to shut up and laughed. Then our friends mom said she wanted my cock. Me and Mac switched spots. She undid his pants and started sucking. I slid my cock in her pussy again. Then after about 10 minutes we switched positions. She sat on my cock and Chris and Mac stood In front of her an she sucked them off. I came inside that sweet pussy and she moaned and screamed loud. One of the other girls from the party came down and she got told my my friends mom to suck Chris's cock because it was "the perfect size for a baby slut" and Mac and I switched spots he fucked her pussy and I fucked her face. I looked over and the girl was going to town on Chris's cock and her pants were down an she was dripping wet. I snickered and made a comment telling Chris to hit that. My friends mom then said something I thought was crazy. She told me to fuck her ass while Mac fucked her pussy and she said she's been dying to get dp'd who was I to say no to this. I spit on my cock again and pushed the tip in her ass. I thought it was going to be tough but her ass was surprisingly loose I slid in and started fucking her ass and Mac was fucking her pussy. I'll never forget how amazing her as felt. I was close to cumming so she told me to slow down. At that exact moment her son, the birthday boy came downstairs and was awake. He stared at the girl getting fucked my Chris them realized his mom was getting dp'd he screamed what the fuck and tried to get us to stop. His mom told him to shut up she wanted real cock and his dad Wasn't man enough. She made him sit there and watch what a real man can do Mac and I both shot our loads almost at the same time. I've never heard a woman moan so loud. She was in pure heaven. We pulled out and we kissed both of us. By this point Chris and his girl were done fucking and he was sitting on the floor rubbing one out after watching the sex show. Our friends mom put on her clothes and her son started yelling at her she slapped him and told him to shut the fuck up. The next week his dad, who was away on business for the party moved out. And he filed for divorce. My fiends mom and I continued to fuck for 3 years until she moved to California. I've never had a woman that amazing and I crave that pussy all the time.
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Loved the story.
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Oh Hell Yeah!
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Wow-I really enjoyed the story.
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Great Mom!
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Freaking awesome
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Hot story
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good no spaceing