My parents split up when I was about 8, and when I was 12 my mom moved me and my s****r from down south to the midwest. My dad wasn't too awful upset about it, he had just gotten remarried and had focused most of his attention, and I'm sure his energy, into my new stepmother. Thus started my yearly visits back "home" in the summer.

Every year, I would spend a month or two at my dad's house. He worked most of the time I was there so I spent most of my time watching Monty Python or reading in his big tree-shaded backyard. When I was 15, I was given the ok to take walking trips to the college campus and surrounding shops about a mile from his house. I started going to a coffeeshop just off campus that was also a used bookstore. That's where I discovered Jack Kerouac and Amy.

Of all the coincidences, I was browsing the books when I ran into a cute redhead about my age that seemed familiar. I literally mean I ran into her. Most of my friends lived a county away since my dad had moved since I was little, so tho I recognized her, I had trouble placing her. She broke the awkward silence by introducing herself.

"You live down the street from me, your dad's the cop, right?"

(This had been and would continue to be the bane of my existence. Not only was my dad a cop, he was a Sargeant in the detective division and knew EVERYBODY. I couldn't get away with dick!)

"Yea....I'm Brad. Nice to meet you."

She smiled a huge smile,"I was hoping to meet you. I had seen you around and most of the people in the neighborhood are at retirement age. I was hoping to make a friend for the summer."

I was in shock. I have a thing for redheads, always have. I even like freckles. And here was this gorgeous teenage, well to me, goddess telling me she had been wanting to meet me. Thankfully, she took over the conversation and we ended up having alot in common. She had the greenest eyes, milky skin, and what were probably a full b cup rack. I found myself saying anything to keep her from leaving. It turned out I didn't need to. She was 16, had a car, and offered me a ride home.

For just about every day for two months, she drove me around to do different things. Mostly it was lunch, or bookshops. We would hang out til our parents got home and say our goodbyes for the evening. I tried my best to be a gentleman, I might only be here for a month or two, but I'd be back next year. Didn't want to piss her off and have it waiting for me next June. But inevitably I put my foot in my mouth and said some stupid sexual innuendo. She turned bright red and sent me home.

Two days went by, and I was leaving to go back to mom's at the end of the week. She finally showed up, saying,"If you're not the asshole you acted like the other day, I'd like to make you lunch before you leave Friday. Just call me before you come over."

You can imagine how early I woke up the next morning. I was going to take this one chance to let her know I thought she was amazingly sexy. I was going to lay my virgin heart (and any other body parts she wanted to see) on the line before I left. Little did I know, she had the same plan. I called at 10:30 and at 11:45 I was walking down the street.

I knocked on her door and she answered it naked. My mouth hit the floor and my cock was rock hard. I had imagined her body at least 50 times that summer while in the shower or late at night. Reality was much better. She had perfect sized boobs for her frame, milky and freckled like the rest of her, with pale areola that had to be at least 3 inches across. My eyes wandered down her flat stomach to her soft red bush.

"Hi, I'm lunch."

She pulled me inside and we immediately started kissing, deep kisses, our tongues exploring the others mouths. I cupped her ass and it was just as firm as I had imagined. I started kissing her neck and she rolled her head back and moaned. There was a table in the entryway and I picked her up and sat those perfect cheeks on it. Amy leaned back and stuck her chest out, I could take a hint. I nibbled, sucked, licked and tweaked those nipples like I had seen in my stepdad's porn. I could smell her getting wet, it was like nothing I had ever smelled before, and it drove me crazy.

It was my turn to surprise her. With her on the table, I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her soft pubes. She gasped and dug her nails into my shoulders. It was Thanksgiving and I was a man who had never had real food. I knew I wouldn't last long once I finally got my cock in those perfect lips, so I wanted to make sure that she wouldn't forget me. I did my best to imitate Ron Jeremy eating pussy, and she responded with a rush of fresh liquid. She drew bl**d on my shoulders as her body convulsed.

I stood up and carried her to her bedroom. I laid her on the bed and she asked to 69. I laid on my back and she straddled my face. I licked her for all I was worth as I felt her hot breath on my cockhead. I saw her tight asshole and figured I might as well take it all. I began tonguing her ass and she began to growl around my dick. After too short a time, she sat up right and reached for a condom. She opened it and rolled it down my shaft. To this day, Amy is the only woman who has ever put a condom on for me.

She climbed off my face and I saw a three pack of condoms that she had just opened. She grinned with her flushed cheeks and said,"It took me two days to get the nerve to buy them. I came over last night on my way home from the grocery store."

At this point, I felt I had to tell her I was a virgin.

"I know", she smiled,"I'm not, but it was only once and it was over a year ago, so it's kinda like the first time for both of us."

I was still on my back and she straddled my hips with hers. It seemed like an eternity watching her lower those perfect lips onto my cock. Finally, her lips parted and I saw, for the first time ever, my head disappear into heaven.

"I want to be on top since I've only done it once and you're bigger than the other guy. I want to make sure you don't hurt me."

I didn't care, she could do anything to me and I would have asked for more. Her mouth found mine and she started rocking her hips on me. I cupped her ass and helped guide her rhythm. She broke our kiss,"Touch my ass again. I loved when you licked it."

My finger found her ass and it was slick from the saliva still. I pushed just a little and she groaned when my finger tip slipped in. We rocked liek that for what seemed like an age before finally my balls started to tighten. I knew that feeling, but it was about to be brand new again. I wrapped my arms around Amy and held her close to me as my cock straightened and started spurting.

She gasped,"I can feel it! I can feel it cumming!" Immediately, her own body started convulsing and I felt her juices run down my balls. I'm pretty sure we both screamed. It must have only been 2 or 3 minutes, but it felt like i had died and been reborn 4 thousand times. She collapsed onto my chest and we laid there for awhile. Being 15 and hormonal as hell, my cock never went limp. She climbed off and I slipped the condom off. In a surprise move (again!), Amy licked the leftover cum off and immediately reached for another condom.

We had to make a run to the grocery store at about 2:30 for more condoms. We spent the entire afternoon exploring sex, including anal. I had two days left before I left and we spent them making love. We put our bodies on every surface in her house, including her parents bed.

I went to say goodbye to Amy just before we left for the airport. The last thing she ever said to me is still in my head to this day.

"I think I love you. I guess I'll know next summer."

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1 month ago
well what happened next, tell me your still seeing her
4 years ago
excellent part 2 the next summer?? or x-mas
4 years ago
very hottttttttttt,got me hard......thanks
4 years ago
nice loved it