This is a cross between real life and fantasy. A deep, dark desire which may never be fulfilled but I can't help a part of me wanting it anyway. I hope you enjoy.


I was a usual guy. Or I had thought so anyway. I mean, I had worn some of the female members of my house' panties and swimsuits on occasion as a young boy but I always thought that was normal. I mean, apart from the silky smoothness of lace and satin massaging and teasing the penis, y-fronts are exactly the same really... just with less frills. It didn't last long though, I mean, how can a boy in a strict and straight Christian f****y explore his sexuality in any way other than what is considered normal?

The urges subsided and I went about my teenage years perfectly normally. I became interested in girls like everyone else, got a girlfriend and lost my virginity at 16 like everyone else and did all the usual things and thought nothing of my sexuality until a fateful night when my girlfriend was out and I was left to do the laundry... you can probably see where this is headed... I rediscovered the thrill and delight of worn, stained, soft and sexy panties. The thrill of knowing these pieces of material had caressed a vagina for many hours, absorbing and soaking up the scents and juices seeping out of it just waiting to be adored and appreciated as it should be.

It was a thong, a pretty purple thong with pink string. I will never forget it, the smells, the colours, the staines and the wonderful, delicious taste of her juices all there on the tiny piece of cotton. I eagerly licked and sucked the gusset, savouring the tastes and cleaning off all the moisture she had left behind for the day. The sweat from her pussy, the amazing and mind-blowing smells and tastes left behind from her gorgeous ass... everything that makes a woman desirable can be found in her underwear it seems.

When I had my fill of her juices I had to try it on. I gently placed each leg through the openings and slid it up my legs slowly, enjoying the feeling of the material brush against up my legs until I felt the string sliding in between my ass cheeks.

I paused. I was torn between going on and stopping. Being normal was so much easier than being anything else. People don't understand. I didn't want to be different. Yet on the other hand, the overwhelming urge to pull the thong up tight, let it ride up to my virgin asshole and enjoy the feeling of something other than toilet paper caressing my hole. The desire to wear something desirable...

I succumbed. I pulled them all the way up and an explosion occurred in my mind. It wasn't the feeling of doing something naughty... it was the worrying feeling of comfortable. For the first time in my life, I felt attractive, I felt right...

I lingered for what seemed like a lifetime before I realised how abnormal I was and I pulled them off quickly and finished the laundry. Everything seemed to return to normal and I figured I was OK, just experimenting and playing and that was it. Eventually though, our sex life began to diminish. I stopped having orgasms and she stopped wanting to fuck so we drifted apart and eventually we finished our relationship.

I have been single since.

For ages I was utterly depressed. My life was headed nowhere, I had no job, no girl, no friends, and while all of these are true still, I have rediscovered those urges which haunted me as a boy and reappeared when I was exposed to and left alone with panties.

I was surfing the internet one day, looking for and masturbating to the usual porn, when I suddenly stumbled across a shemale website. I had never seen one before, but she took my breath away. Beautiful red hair, pale white skin with vivid red lipstick her face was angelic and her body was likewise. She was thin, not skinny, and did not posses any of the features which one would say should feature on a man. No broad shoulders, no trace of hair on her divine body, a sexy and curvy ass, a slight cleavage with small, perfectly sculpted breasts... were it not for the bulge in her amazingly sexy panties you would never know the difference in a million years... my breath was taken and I froze, gazing at and lusting over the picture which became embedded in my mind. She turned me with one photo.

I delved deeper into the world of shemales and I found that I started to lust over them, not just the pictures with them only in panties, but their whole bodies, including their unique "clits". I imagined myself dating her, the woman from the picture. Taking her to a fancy restaurant with her in a stunning evening dress, leaving little to the imagination. I would be dressed like a guy... except for the sexy lingerie she had picked out for me...

I imagined heading home with her, our bodies held close on the subway, our hands rubbing and caressing each other... my hands cupping her tight ass as our tounges darted around in each others mouths, kissing passionately, not caring who saw, what they knew, guessed or thought about it. I thought of running my hands up her thighs and feeling the result get bigger and bigger until it was evident she was more than she appeared....

To be continued....
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9 months ago
great start..
2 years ago
please continue. like how you describe your feelings.
2 years ago
Keep it up!
2 years ago
Some start there!
2 years ago
already a greeat startbhope you write the next chapteer soon
2 years ago
you bet shes mor4e lots more and know how to use it great start hope you write the next chapter soon