how it all started

**true story of how I became a Slave to women

When I was younger say around 20-21 I used to have a wank buddy. We meet through our friends and slowly became best friends. One day after many met ups we was walking down the street and I had notice that his hand was down his pants playing with himself. He had noticed me looking and whipped it out for me to see properly!!. Fully erect he was 3-3.5inches max *I nicknamed him SMURF* so I pulled my cock out for him to see mine, my cock is 7inches fully erect and I could tell that my cock really excited him! From that point on we would met up every other day and wank each other off until we emptied our balls into each others hands. I had always been the dominate one between us! I would ring him up to tell him to come round when he arrived he would knock on my door and I would open it and without saying anything he would get my cock out straight away and start to jack me off the whole time just starring at it like he was hypnotised! Once I had come I would deliberately take my time with getting his cock out even tho it was rock hard when he arrived!! WHEN I decided to jack him off I wouldn't look or pretend I was enjoying it But the truth was I was in beacon!!! I knew he had the same interest in sex as I do when he started to asked question like "I wonder what it would be like if a woman took all control from me during sex" in my sex d***k state I said I will dominate him but he said he wasnt ready for anal sex with a man even tho we were best friends at this stage.

Many months had past and my smurf said that there was a house party going on with loads of women! So we both made our way to the party. A huge house, 5floor tall with many bed rooms. Once the drinks were flowing and everyone started to flirt with each other and went for "a smoke" that took 30mins and messed up their hair I had met another friend there who was very popular with the ladies. For some reason watching all these women give all their attention to this guy and none to me made my cock the hardest its ever been with a funny feeling in my stomach!.

At around 1am I notice this guy go into a room with a woman by this point I've got my cock out and masturbating like a champ thankfully everyone was to drink to notice me Jacky off rite in the middle of the room. After a few minutes i slowly and silently enter to room to be greeted with loud moans and grunts. As walked on my hands and knees to the chair in the corner that wasn't lit I saw this guys rock hard cock thrusting into the woman pussy! With every thrust the headboard would smash against the wall. I pull my cock back out to to continue masturbating over this man destroying this woman when SUDDENLY the woman turned her head in my direction and saw me sitting in the chair wanking!! But she didn't scream, shout or let the guy know I was there! Because she could tell I was a sissy and this was as close as I was going to get to being a man! The guy continued to thrust his hard cock into her pussy for another 15-20mins the whole time the woman didn't break eye contact with me with a look of dominance on her face with a cheeky smile knowing that I was getting off on watching her getting fucked hard! I guess it was my first cuckold experience with strangers. I could tell she was getting close to orgasm from the thought of another 'man' watching. I was desprit for her to tell me I was a dog and was worthless!!!!! the guy started to grunt louder and louder he was close to orgasm the whole time she was biting her bottom lip still looking deep into my eyes! The guy quickly pulled his throbbing cock out just in time to cum all over her back..she just smile at me and with a tiny hand movement to tell me to leave I got back on my hands and knees and left.

I quickly ran down the stairs to get smurf and leave!! We got on an empty bus with only 2-3people on. I told him what had happened but he didn't believe me?! I was so turned on I just whipped his cock out and started to jack him off!! Halfway through I looked at him and his face was bright red??!! I looked up and saw a another woman sitting across and two rows down watching me jack him off. I got that funny feeling in my stomach again!! Knowing that a woman was looking at me jacking my buddies lil cock!

She smiled and quietly said "keep going it excites me"... My cock shot up like a rocket and without any thought I replied " yes miss"..she just looked at me winked and said "good boy".
Once I had finished with smurf he got my cock out had started to wank me off.

The woman cleared her throat and whispered to smurf " you better do something special for him! He gave you a special handjob"..smurf just simply said "OK"..and to my shock he bent down and started to suck on my hard cock!!!
The woman was please to see smurf making me happy!! She came closer to sit nextto us the whole time smurf is still sucking my cock! She quietly said to smurf " don't stop sucking till I say so!! Even when he comes in your month don't stop!!!" Smurf tried to say something but I was pushing on the back of his head so hard making my cock hit the back of his throat he couldn't say anything! As I was about to come the woman grabbed the back of my neck and said "well done my pet"

That was The best night of my live!!!! Hopefully I can better it one day

83% (6/1)
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2 months ago
nice story
7 months ago
great story
I bet he gets lots of atention from the women:)