Happy Bunny

I must confess I've been a tad naughty at work recently! The warm weather had me sooooooo horny and impatient for pleasure I was determined
to get relief. With this in mind I sneaked into the empty conference room, locked the door, turned down the venetian blinds as I peered out
of the glass walls facing on to the office where my colleagues were hard at work, dropped my handbag on a vacant chair and with a saucy little smirk on my face dipped into my belongings.

I felt a tingle in my groin as my fingers found the cool metal of my delightful silver bullet vibrator. The promise of pleasure I was about
to receive, the risky venue and the knowledge I was being a mischievous minx, was building my arousal from a slight dampness to a hot juicy wetness which worked in harmony with a low ache deep in my pubic mound. I needed relief and I wanted it with a hungry urgency!

I raised one black suede booted foot onto the plush boardroom chair and watched as the hem of my black pleated skirt slid slowly, tantalisingly down from my lifted knee, past the lacy top of my expensive silk stockings, to nestle in the fold of the scarlet satin G-string I had stepped into that morning - enticing me all the while and nurturing my eagerness with every second that passed. I took the lead of my red lacquered finger nails and
explored the wetness starting to darken the satin crotch. I knew I was ready by the amount of moisture which met the tips of my probing fingers, it made me gasp with delight. I rolled my eyes in desire, burrowed excitedly under the fabric of my saucy panties and sunk two voracious fingers deep into the folds of my soft, smooth, succulent shaven pussy with a sign of extreme bliss.

This is what I needed. This is what I wanted. My free hand gripped around the ridged base of my tempting toy whilst my thumb expertly applied the perfect amount of pressure to start up that gratifying hummmmmmmmm. Oh how the thrill resonated through my body as a drip of my sweet intimate nectar trickled down the leg that was keeping me upright, tickling as it forged a stuttering path to my stocking top where it glistened and seeped slowly into the lace. I yearned to cum and tentatively placed the vibrating bullet on to the tip of my engorged clit. The sensation was electrifying, sending shockwaves through my body which had me arching my back in response and tossing my head back in seventh heaven. My responding nipples, hard as steel, induced the most pleasurable pain as they pressed against the confines of my bra straining to be released and played with.

A groan of delight unexpectedly escaped from deep in my throat. I needed to be careful! What if someone should hear! I bit my lip. My pussy was so engorged I knew my climax was imminent. Teasing my sensitised clit I felt the build-up of tension around my fingers still tucked deep within my tight hole. The frequency of the waves of arousal increased rapidly and escalated with every breath until, in a state of utter distraction, I was rewarded with an internal explosion of energy shooting to the very ends of every toe and finger in a crescendo of sublime intensity which pulsated forcibly through my body before ebbing away leaving me satisfied and spent.

I didn't know what noises were emanating from me at that point and to be honest I was too far gone to care! As the intensive flow subsided I leaned against the conference room door and basked in the warmth that radiated throughout my satiated body.

Straightening my clothes, I replaced the bullet in my bag, fished out my compact, admired the rosy hue that flattered my cheeks, touched up
my make-up, relaxed into the biggest smile, winked at myself and headed back towards my desk a very happy bunny!

I also post experiences at my website www.violet-rouge.com, where I can also be contacted. Watch out for my next experience coming soon.

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1 year ago
mmmmmmmmm lovely story very erotic i like the style maybe you would like my work ;-)
2 years ago
So sexy, please write more.
3 years ago
i look at ur pussy and truly it deserves all the attention u give it.its sooo sweet nicely folded,love to be panties so all day long i;ll be close to ur holes.
3 years ago
Sexy story. Stylish. Well written. Tasty ,-)P
So, yes, please write more!
3 years ago
wow wish i worked at that office