Andrew's true story

As long as I can remember I enjoyed playing with my cock. This
continued until I was eleven and then things really changed. I
am the youngest of three c***dren I have a b*****r who is seven
years older and a s****r (the oldest) who is eight years older.
My parents divorced when I was nine and I never saw my father
after that. My mother had to go to work so this gave us a lot
of free time at home by ourselves. My b*****r and s****r were
both in high school and were involved with sports and clubs
after school. Usually when I got home from school I was by
myself for at least two hours everyday during the week. Most of
the time I would come home and play with myself. Sometimes I
would get lucky and find where my b*****r kept his playboy
magazines. If I got hold of one of those I would nearly ware
the skin right off my little pecker. I would wake up every
morning with a boner, sometimes it would go away and sometimes I
would have to play with it, I was late for school more than once
because of this. Everybody else in the house left earlier than
me so I also had a little time in the morning.

Then when I was about ten something strange happened to me when
I was playing with myself, all this stuff came out of the end
of it, I didn't know what it was but I knew it wasn't piss and
boy did it ever feel good. My cock was so sensitive that I
could not touch it for an hour. My boner never went away and
after I was able to touch it again I made more stuff come out.
It felt so good I continued to play with myself until no more
stuff would come out. I would use my sheets to clean up the
mess. Between the times my mother would wash the sheets they
would get rock hard in some areas. At first my mother asked me
what did I spill on the sheets? I would just say some pop or
something, after a while she just quit asking. It got to the
point where I thought she knew that I was playing with myself
because she almost walked in on me a few times but one time in
particular my b*****r had taken all his playboy's back and found
a new hiding place I was f***ed to use the sears catalog. I
would open it up to the page with girls my age in their training
bras and panties, lean the catalog against the wall by my bed
and proceed to drain my boner dry. One day my mom came home
early, I barley had time to put my pants on let alone put the
catalog back, at that time my bedroom was on the first floor
right across from my moms. She came in to say hell-o and
noticed the open catalog on my bed she went closer to it to have
a look and then said dinner will be ready in a hour and she left
the room. My mom was always good about not embarrassing me
that's the one thing I have always loved about her.

When I went into 7th grade my b*****r went away to collage, my
s****r was already going to college but she chose a city college
so that she could stay at home, she also had a part time job so
I still had a lot of time to myself and my hobby. The good news
about this was I got the big bedroom upstairs down the hallway
from my s****r. Now I was away from everybody and I could drain
my constantly reoccurring boner any time I wanted to. I started
to graduate from the sears catalog to my mom and s****rs panty
drawers. I would sneak into my mothers bed room and get her
softness, silkiest pair of panties and take them back to my
room. I would rub my cock with them until I came. Then I would
panic to wash them and have them dry before she got back.
Sometimes I would be so horny that I couldn't wait to go
upstairs and I would just strip and get myself off when I was
lying in her bed. I really never thought about her when I was
playing, I usually thought about the girls in my class at
school. But her panties did feel good and I would imagine that
the little girls at school had the same kind.

One Saturday Morning my mother came upstairs to my room she
woke me and told me breakfast would be ready soon and proceeded
to gather up all my clothes so she could do the wash. As usual
my little pecker was rock hard. When she was leaving my room
she said hurry up and come downstairs. I started to play with
my boner in order to make it go down, the next thing I knew my
s****r was yelling to get down stairs. I got out of bed and
went to get dressed however my mom had taken all my pants to get
washed. I couldn't go down stairs in my underwear because my
s****r and mom would surly spot my boner. So I found my jock
strap from pee-wee football and put it on under my under pants.
Now I was sure my boner wouldn't be seen. I went down to
breakfast, my s****r was already eating because she needed to go
to work. On Saturday's she worked all day so she could have
Sunday off to study. I was kneeing in my chair leaning forward
eating my food when my s****r got up to go to work. What I
didn't know was that the top of my jock strap started sticking
out above my underwear by my ass. When my s****r saw it she
reached out and snapped it and yelled what's this! My face
turned beet red and then my mother calmly asked me what it was.
Then my s****r continued to tease me and I finally yelled out
that it was my jock strap. My mother said why are you wearing
your jock strap? Before I could answer my s****r started
teasing me again, at this point we were in a full blown fight
yelling at each other. My mother told me to go to her bedroom
and shut the door and then she told my s****r to shut up. I
went to her bedroom and waited. I could here my s****r and
mother talking and my mother was scolding her for embarrassing
me. My s****r then left for work.

I was sitting on my mothers bed when she came in. She closed
the door behind her and with a very concerned look on her face
she said that we had to talk. She asked me again why I was
wearing a jock strap, I told her I had a problem and that I
needed to wear it. She explained that it wasn't good to do that
because a boy's testicles were made to hang away from the body
in order to work properly and that I could possibly hurt myself
by wearing the jock strap all the time. At that point she sat
down next to me gently placing her hands on my shoulders and
told me to lay on my back. I did what she said and then she
placed her hands on my underwear waste band and I froze up and
said what are you doing? She said she was going to get that
jock strap off me before it did any damage. I cover my crouch
area with my hands and said that if she did that she would see
my problem. She said what problem and I replied that my thing
sticks up all the time and that I couldn't control when it would
happen. She gave a little laugh and a loving smile and said you
mean that's your problem is that you get boners? Yes mom I said
and she smiled again and said that it was nothing to be
embarrassed about at that point I relaxed and she started to
remove my underwear and jock strap. As soon as she was past my
balls my boner sprang up and out. I tried to turn o my side but
she won't let me. She took my undies all the way off. There I
was completely naked in front on my mom with a boner. She
talked to me in a very soft voice and told me that all boy's on
their way to manhood went though this. Then to my surprise the
truth came out. She told me that she knew that I was playing
with myself a lot by the looks of my sheets and that I needed to
slow down. Mom I said but it feels so good I don't know if I
can. She gave another loving laugh and smile and said with two
women in the house it wouldn't be hard at all. With that she
gently placed her hand on my boner and began to rub it. She
said now doesn't that feel better than when you do it yourself.
It certainly did and she knew it. I was getting really close to
letting it go. She must of sensed it because right when I was
ready to explode she placed her lips over the head of it. When
I felt her tongue hit it that was it I had the biggest Explosion
I ever had in her mouth. She didn't seem to mind and completely
sucked and drained every drop I had. At that point I nearly
passed out. After she was done she said now isn't that better
then playing with it myself. No answer was needed. She Knew
and so did I. When I realized what had happened she gave me a
little kiss and told me from now on when it got hard that I was
to bring it to her so she could take care of it. I was only to
play with it in an emergency when she wasn't around. After that
I began to she my mother in a whole new light sure I had seen
her naked 100's of times when she was changing clothes or taking
a bath, but now I started to think about how pretty her tits and
nipples were. Once in a while I was able to get a good look at
her pussy but up to today I hadn't given much thought.

Chapter 2

That afternoon went by as usual. My s****r came home at about
six and we all had dinner. We had both forgotten about our
fight this morning. After dinner my s****r got ready for her
date, she had to take a shower and change. I didn't get to see
my s****r naked very often, but once in a while I would get a
little glimpse. She did walk around a lot in her bra and
panties but that's just like wearing a bathing suit. It was
fall and starting to get dark out earlier so I just started
watching some TV in my bedroom. My s****r left on her date
around 8:00 so I knew I wouldn't see her again because it was a
rare occasion if she got back before 2 AM. After my s****r left
I went downstairs to get a pop, my mom was in the den watching
TV and asked me if I would rub her back. This wasn't unusual
because since my b*****r left for college I became the number
one back rubber for my mom and s****r. I told her I would as
long as she changed the channel to the program I was already
watching upstairs. At that point she said okay but to go
upstairs and shut my TV and the lights off. When I came back
downstairs my mother was in her bedroom I asked if she was ready
and she said she was getting changed. She came back into the
den and shut the curtains. She was wearing her robe like she
always did. She would always wear her bra and panties under it.
She would then put in on backwards like a hospital grown and
have me unhook her bra and rub her back. This time see came
over from the curtains and ask if I was ready. I said sure at
which point she remove her robe right in front of me revealing
herself totally naked. To say the least my little pecker sprang
up to the occasion. She then proceed to lay on her stomach on
the couch and told me to start a her shoulders. When I would
rub her back I would usually knee with my legs apart and gently
sit on her covered butt. I started rubbing her back but she was
not use to my jeans on her bare butt and told me to take them
off. I got up and started to take of my jeans at which point my
mother got up to help. She told me to raise my arms above my
head and removed my shirt. Then she got down on her knees in
front of me and started to take off my pants. As soon as she
got my pants down she could tell I had another boner. She said
honey why didn't you tell me. Then she removed my underwear and
pushed me down on the couch. She started playing with my cock
telling me that I needed to tell her so she could take care of
it. I told her I was embarrassed, she assured me that I didn't
need to be with her. Then she placed her mouth on it again,
this time taking the entire thing in her mouth. By the time her
lips reached my little patch of pubic hair I was a goner. I
came instantly and she again sucked it until it was good and
dry. After that she took her mouth off it and told me how good
it was and how much she liked to do it. She told me that when a
women really loves a man she should always be willing to drink
his juice and when a man loves a women he would taste her juices
also. At this point she took my hand and lead me to her
bedroom. I told her I was ready to rub her back and she didn't
respond she just laid down but this time she was on her back. I
said mom how am I going to rub your back like that, she said
that I wasn't going to rub her back and took my hand and placed
it on her tit. I grab it real hard and squeezed she yelled and
said wait a minute. She explained to me that a man always
needed to be gentle with a women and that now that I was the man
of the house that I needed to learn the right way to treat a
women. So told me never to do anything to a women that she
didn't want and when a girl said no it meant no. Because of
this upbringing I was 18 before I finally fucked someone outside
of the f****y and 19 before I got my first blow job from a non
f****y member. Don't get me wrong I still fooled around with a
lot of girls my age I just didn't take it any farther then they
wanted. Beside I had my mom. That night my mom taught me how
to rub a women to make her happy. She started by showing how to
rub her tits, kiss the nipples and use my tongue on them. As I
did this my mom nipples got hard and she started to breath
heavily. She held my mouth on her nipples for a least an hour.
She really taught me how to caress and fondle tits. She taught
me so well that if I could get under a girls bra in high school
I could always get her to open her pants and let me get my
finger wet. Then she took my hand and placed it in between her
legs. After that she introduced me to her pussy. It felt so
warm and soft, the more I rubbed it the wetter it got. Mom
taught me where her clit was and how I could drive a girl into
heaven by playing with it the right way. She taught me well
because within a short period of time she started to moan loudly
and shake, then her pussy got real wet. She told me I just made
her come and that it felt just as good for a women as it did
when I came. We laid side by side for hours rubbing each other
and I made her come three more times. We talked about sex and
she explained that it was very important to make my partner
happy too! We were laying in bed together when we heard my
s****r come home. Mom told me to go to my bed and then gave me
another blow job, this time I lasted a little longer and enjoyed
the feeling of my mothers mouth. Then I quietly went to my

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1 year ago
A very enlightened mother. Hope she is still being well and truly satisfied.
1 year ago
awesome tell about the 1st time with your sister
1 year ago
More please :)
1 year ago
Hope there is going to be more involving the sister
1 year ago
Is there more?
1 year ago
AH, the joy of being taught by an older woman.