Friday Afternoon Part 10

Part 10

Norma and Bobby walked drousily, side by side, up the stairs and
entered his bedroom. With a big sigh of exhaustion, Bobby plopped
himself down on the bed on his back. Norma looked lovingly down at
him and said, "Hang on for a few minutes, lover, while I go freshen
things up, OK?"

He seemed so cute and innocent, lying there in only his shirt,
Norma thought as she stared down at his prick, now shrunken to a
fraction of its erect size.

"Sure, mom," Bobby mumbled, eyes closed and arms akimbo on the bed.

Norma left the bedroom and freshened herself up in the her own bathroom,
applying a fresh layer of lipstick and adding a touch of perfume.
She was by no means finished for the night and even though Bobby
was her son, she wanted to be as sexy for him as she could.

When Norma returned to his bedroom she could tell immediately that
he had fallen into a deep sl**p. Although she felt disappointed,
she understood; it had been a long day and the new experience he'd
had with the extended kissing session and subsequent anally induced
orgasm he had brought himself to had probably just tired him to
exhaustion. Feeling somewhat frustrated, but accepting that he
needed his rest, Norma laid down softly next to him without touching
and drifted off herself.

When next she opened her eyes, she was surprised to find that dawn
was breaking and the room was no longer dark at all. Then she
remembered where she was and looked over at Bobby, still fast asl**p
on his back with only his shirt on; it looked like he hadn't changed
position all night long. As her eyes drifted down she right away
took in the sight of his penis which was now rock hard, the head
extending all the way up past his navel. Must be one of those early
morning piss hard-ons, she thought. God, was he big. Norma thought
that never in her life had she seen such a large cock as her son's.
She rolled slowly to her left side and supported her head on her
hand as she stared down at his magnificent shaft. All the while
she looked at it she could feel her insides start to churn from
the residue of the previous evening's unfulfilled arousal brought
on by teaching her son how to kiss and lick her face and then
watching him finger fuck his own asshole to an astounding orgasm.
And even though Caroline had been f***ed to french her cunt to
orgasm earlier in the evening, she hadn't cum while she had been
with Bobby and was now falling victim to that arousal.

As she continued staring at his cock she even reached out her hand
at one point to grasp his hard-on, thinking she would awaken him
in the most pleasant manner he had ever experienced. Every once
in a while his prick would twitch involuntarily and as she looked
up at his eyes she could discern movement behind the lids telling
her he must be dreaming of something - hopefully something sexy.
But then she took her hand back, remembering her resolve to not
let the situation develop to that point with all its possible pitfalls.

A couple of minutes passed and Bobby began to stir. First he
stretched and then settled again and reached a hand down and slowly
began to stroke himself. As his breathing quickened he came slowly
awake and finally opened his eyes partially only to be shocked by
the sight of his mother lying beside him, still fully dressed from
the previous evening and watching him rub his hard-on. Out of some
sense of propriety he quickly jerked his hand away, but Norma said,
"It's OK love, you can keep frigging yourself if you want. It's a
lovely sight - you know I love watching you do it. But don't cum
yet, OK?"

Bobby gave his mother his sweet sexy smile as he said, "Sure, mom.
I won't cum, but I want you to kiss me with those sexy fucking lips
of yours."

Norma quickly leaned over and placed her lips against those of her
son and moaned as she ever so slightly moved her mouth on his.
"Were you having a pleasant dream just now?"

Pulling away slightly Bobby said, "Dream? Hmmm, no, I don't think
so. But I sure do remember last night real well. God, that was great."

"You liked that, huh." It was a statement and not a question.

"You bet I did. I never had any idea my ass was so sensitive. Did
you like watching me do that?"

"Uh huh," Norma chortled still watching her half-awake son play
with himself languidly.

"Would you like me to do it again for you. I will, you know, if
you want."

"Do you think you're up to it so soon in the morning?"

"I'm always up to it when it comes to you. You know that, mom."

Ah, youth, Norma thought, always ready for action. And then an idea
began to form in Norma's mind and she said, "I know, darling. But
I have an even better idea."

"What's that?" Bobby queried.

"Well . . . I'm not going to tell you just yet. I'm going to let
it be a surprise. But first - now don't get mad - I want you to
get up, take a shower, and go make breakfast while I run an errand.
I'll be gone for about an hour and when I get back you'll get a
surprise I think you'll really like, OK?"

"Yeah - sure, mom. If you say so," Bobby said, sounding disappointed.

"Trust me, dear. I know you're really going to love it."

"OK, mom," he said, slowly sitting up on the opposite edge of the
bed. Norma got up as well and without saying another word left the
room and headed down the stairs. As Bobby entered the bathroom he
heard the front door close and shortly thereafter his mother's car
pulling away.

It was actually just a little over an hour when Norma returned from
a quick trip to Charleston and came through the front door carrying
a plain brown paper shopping bag. Taking off her jacket she headed
for the kitchen to find Bobby sitting at the breakfast bar in his
undershorts and tee shirt. He looked fresh and ready to go and
sounded really eager as he asked, "What's the surprise, mom? Is it
in the bag there?"

"Uh huh," was all Norma answered as she poured herself a cup of
coffee and sat down on the stool next to him.

"Can I see what it is," he said, staring down at his mother's sexy,
crossed sexily right in front of him, the skirt she still had on
from last night riding high on her full thighs. The sight was enough
to get his cock to begin thickening. Then she noticed his gaze rise
to her chest as he stared at her breasts supported by the red half
bra, the huge nipples plainly visible through the transparent
material of her blouse.

"Sure. Go ahead," Norma said and Bobby reached for the bag, opening
it and putting his hand in. He withdrew a long, soft yet firm rubber
double dildo. He looked at it in a puzzled way and asked, "What's
this for. I don't . . . " but he never got the rest out as he
realized from closer examination what it was.

"Oh - I see. You want me to use this on myself - up my ass - instead
of my finger. Is that it?"

Norma answered silently with a lust filled smile.

"But what about the other end? What's it for?"

"Guess." Norma said amused as she watched her son ponder the
possibilities. When he at last seemed to have the riddle solved
he blurted out, "Wow! Holy shit. You mean . . . "

"That's right, Bobby. It's just what your imagination is telling
you. Think you'll like it? Huh?"

"Hell yes!" he exclaimed, "let's go."

"Not so quick, my love. Before we get down to business there's
something else we have to do first. Something we haven't done in
years, but I think you'll like it as well."

"What's that?"

"Come on upstairs and I'll show you."

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getting worse now
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Say WHAT?? This fucking story is turning into a shit-fucking anal orgy; everything's starting to infer and insinuate shit-fucking or self-abuse!!