Friday Afternoon Part 7

Part 7

Bobby awoke the next morning to a puzzling sense of unreality.

As consciousness came to him he knew something was different, but
wasn't immediately sure of what.

Then he began to sort through the events of the previous evening
and was thunderstruck at what he thought had happened. But he still
wasn't sure; it all seemed like a dream. In fact, it had kind of
happened in a dream - of sorts.

He remembered falling asl**p in the car as it sped home only to
awaken groggily to the sight of Mrs. Bishop's bare breast jutting
out from her open blouse not an inch from his eyes. The ensuing
events now tumbled into his memory ending with them getting out of
the car. By that time he was so exhausted he just dropped his
clothes on the floor of his bedroom, hit the bed, and fell into a
deep, dreamless sl**p.

As he now looked around the room this was verified by the pile of
clothes lying on the floor by the bed. Holy shit, he said to himself,
I don't believe this really happened. And mom saw the whole thing!

Summoning his courage he headed downstairs and saw his father out
front talking to Brad Bishop from next door. Hoping yet fearing
that his mother was in the kitchen he headed that way, intending
to get some breakfast.

And there she was, dressed to kill in a short skirt and beautiful
silk blouse with and apron on, cutting carrots with a big chef's
knife. As he walked by she didn't look up or say anything so he
said, "Hi, mom," but didn't hear any reply from her. Waiting a
couple of seconds he tried again with another, "Hi, mom. Good Morning."

"Don't 'hi' me you . . . you . . . you filthy, you perverted sex
maniac," she hissed, the venom in her voice sharper than the knife
she was wielding. Before he could utter a word she continued, "Do
you know what you did last night? Do you? Get out of my sight.
Right now!" she ordered in a tone of voice that would brook no argument.

Holy shit, Bobby said to himself as he quickly exited the kitchen
and climbed the stairs back to his bedroom. Once inside he shut
the door and sat on the bed. He felt horrible. This whole business
was a mess and he didn't know what to do. As he sat on his bed
feeling helpless he heard a slight knock on the door which then
opened and his mother stepped in.

She walked over and stood beside him as he looked up at her with
eyes beginning to well tears.

"I'm sorry, Bobby. Truly, I am. I didn't mean to snap at you like
that - honest. I'm not mad at you. It's just that I don't think
that what happened last night was right. It was horrible what
Caroline did to you. Will you forgive me for speaking to me that
way, huh? It wasn't your fault," she said softly, putting her hand
on the back of his head. Then she leaned down and placed her soft,
firm, full lips right on his and gave him a kiss like she'd never
given him before.

"Forgive me? Please?" she said again, pulling her head away, her
eyes pleading with his.

Bobby could feel his cock start to swell as he answered, "Sure,
mom, I'm sorry . . ." but he was interrupted by the loud voice of
his father from the foot of the stairs as he shouted, "Hey, what's
going on up there? Bobby, are you out of bed yet? Norma, it smells
like somethings burning in the kitchen."

"Oh hell," Norma said, turning and hurrying from the room leaving
Bobby alone once more.

Bobby didn't see his mother for the rest of the day. She had gone
shopping and didn't return home until late afternoon, just in time
to make dinner. And he had a date that night with Ariel.

During the church service the next morning, Norma surprised Bobby
right in the middle of the sermon by gently taking his hand in her
gloved one and holding it until they again had to stand to sing.
Bobby's mind was going in all directions. What did it mean, he
pondered, first that kiss yesterday and now she's holding my hand?
Maybe she just feels bad about what happened the past couple of
days and for being so mean to me yesterday morning. It could also
mean that she's changed her mind and maybe now we'll get to touch
each other, he hoped beyond all hope as he looked down and her full
legs beautifully encased in nylons.

Norma did indeed feel bad about the way she had treated her son in
the kitchen on Saturday morning and she knew the anger she was
feeling was misplaced; it should be directed at that bitch Caroline
for seducing her son in her presence. And with her husband right
there in the car with them, of all things, where she completely
shut off from interfering due to the risk of exposure. Well, she
was going to get back at Caroline for this. She didn't know how,
but she was going to do it.

Right after she had shouted at Bobby in the kitchen she felt so
guilty that she went upstairs to apologize to him. He seemed so
sad and forlorn, sitting there on the bed. It looked like he was
ready to cry. He was so young and so naive, but oh so sexy. She
couldn't help herself as she stroked his head and tried to reasure
him. And when he looked up at her with tears in his eyes she just
couldn't help herself. She leaned down meaning to just give him a
little peck on the cheek, but somehow her mouth was drawn to his
lips and she just laid one on him. Even though it was a closed
mouth kiss, just the feel of his beautiful Roman lips on hers almost
made her forget her resolve and she was on the verge of grabbing
right there. The only thing that saved her was Jake calling about
the stuff on the stove.

It was lucky her husband had intervened or else who knows what
might have happened. Heading downstairs she knew she had almost
crossed the line and if she remained in the house today she would
probably take the first opportunity to do so. Therefore, she decided
to head over to Charleston and do some shopping, have lunch and
take in a movie she had wanted to see. Being by herself would give
her time to sort the whole business out.

Norma didn't remember much about the movie as she drove home because
for most of the show her mind was occupied with formulating a plan
to get even with Caroline. And now she knew what she was going to
do. It might take a little time, but she knew her best friend and
the plan would eventually work.

Sure enough. Norma and Caroline usually at least talked to each
other on a daily basis, either by phone or across the fence. And
then there were those intermittent episodes when they were both in
the mood and they would find the time to be alone when they could
bet each other off. It was Monday while she was at work that she
got a call from Caroline, but refused to take it. Then Monday
evening the phone rang. Her husband answered it and she told him
that she wasn't available. Over the next couple of days Caroline
tried with increasing frequency to contact Norma. Norma avoided
it each time with some excuse or other.

When Jake announced on Wednesday morning that he would be heading
for the annual week-long convention is Las Vegas on Friday, Norma's
plans were finalized. In fact, she was almost ecstatic. First and
foremost, she would have a whole week alone with her son. She had
returned to her old resolve of not touching him or letting him
touch her. But to hell with the once a week rule she had set down.
They couldn't even find the opportunity to manage that! So she
planned to make up for lost time while Jake was away. If Bobby
wanted to get off a hundred times a day with her it would be OK!

She was disappointed to learn, however, that Bobby had a date on
Friday night which he couldn't break. Nor did she want him to.
There would be plenty of time later on. And that gave her the
evening to use to set her plan for Caroline in motion. As a matter
of fact, when the evening was done, so might her years long friendship
with her be over. Time would tell.

Jake was right on schedule and took the plane out at 12:52 for Las
Vegas. Good ridance and hello Bobby, my love! she said to herself
when Jake had called from 29,000 feet up on the new airplane
telephone to let her know he had gotten off alright. Heaven at last!

As Norma had predicted, Caroline knew Jake's plans because her
husband Brad and he were such good buddies. Immediately on the
heels of Jake's call from the plane the call came in from Caroline.
The office secretary was a little surprised following a week of
non-too-polite refusals that this time Norma would take the call.

"Hello?" Norma said politely.

"Hi, Norm. It's me, Caroline. Can you talk."

"Oh, hi, sweetie," Caroline virtually crooned. "Sure, I've got a
couple of minutes. What's up?"

"Well, I've had some time to think things over and I've been trying
to get hold of you all week."

"Yeah, I've been super busy, dear."

"Uh huh. Well, as I said. I've thought it all over and I really
need to apologize for what happened last Friday night. I don't know
what came over me all of a sudden, but it was like I was just
powerless once things got started. I'm really sorry, Norm. Can you
ever forgive me?"

"Nothing to worry about, honey. I understand."

"Do you really?? You mean you're not mad at me?"

The relief in Caroline's voice was just what Norma wanted to hear.
"Not anymore, I'm not. I was a little miffed for a while there.
But I understand what happened. The devil made you do it, huh?"
Norma said with just the slightest trace of sarcasm.

In her relief, it went completely over Caroline's head and she said
coyly, her voice dropping a bit, "I want to make it up to you,
love. Really, I do. I know Jake's gone and mayber Bobby's got a
date tonight? Brad's going bowling. Do you think we can get together
for a while."

"Sure, I don't see why not. And besides, it's been another dry week
and I'm ready for something."

"Yeah, I figured you might be," Caroline said enthusiastically.
"So am I. And to make up for my less than prudent behavior, I'm
ready and willing to do anything you want. You can do anything you
want to me or I'll do whatever you want to you. It'll be your night.
How does that sound?"

Norma cackled out loud as she said, "Right, slave. You're all mine,
huh?" fearing that maybe she had gone just a bit too far.

She needn't have worried, though. Caroline was so anxious to make
up with Norma that she unwittingly said, "Yesss. I'll be your love
slave for tonight." And then she added in her sexiest voice, "And
you'll love every minute of it, I guarantee."

More than you know, bitch, Norma thought to herself. She had the
slut right where she wanted her. This was going to work out better
than she had hoped. Not wanting to push her luck she cooed, "I
can't wait, love, but I've got to go, now, and finish up this
contract. Bobby'll be gone by seven, but I'll need some time to
get ready so why don't you come over to my place about eight?"

"You don't want to come over to my place like always," Caroline queried.

"No. With Jake gone, it'd be better if you came over to my house,"
Norma said, already envisioning what she had in mind for this
cradle-robbing whore.

"Ok, I'll be there at eight. See you then, lover. Bye." And she
hung up. Great, Norma said out loud to herself. It's all set.

Tiddying up her office, Norma bade the staff farewell for the
weekend and headed for Charleston. Once there she headed for the
nearest adult bookstore she could find. Inside, she browsed around
looking for just the right video, but not seeing one she went up
to the counter and flumoxed the help with her request. Yes, they
did have a few of that variety, but the keep them under the counter.
From these, Norma found what she was looking for, paid for it and
headed for the nearest hardware store where she picked up a number
of items. Then she started back to Southfield to preview her purchase
and make use of the hardware items.

When she got home she immediately started watching the video. She
was looking for just a short portion of it and wouldn't know what
she wanted till she saw it. And she wanted to get it done before
Bobby got home from basketball practice. As she settled down on
the den couch to view the tape she thought that this kind of stuff
wasn't really her bag, but some of the actors and actresses were
gorgeous and the sex mingled in among the other activities was
arousing. She considered masturbating while she watched but then
decided she wanted to hold off until she could cum with her son.
Besides, it was getting late and she still had some things to do.
Having finally found a section of tape she could use, she rewound
it to the spot she wanted and pulled it from the machine to hide
it in the bookshelf until that evening. Then she gathered up the
small bag from the harware store and headed for the basement. Twenty
minutes later found her in the kitchen, whistling to herself while
she began to make dinner for her and Bobby. Tonight was going to
something else again, she mused.

During the week, Bobby had plenty of time to think about what had
happened to him and came to the conclusion that he was indeed a
very lucky guy. For one, his mother, the most beautiful woman in
the world and who aroused him sexually no end, was allowing him to
use her to satisfy his sexual needs. He knew it wasn't acceptable
by so-called community standards, but he was to the point of not
caring. Additionally, it finally occured to him that he had been
fortunate to have the incident with Mrs. Bishop in the car on the
way home from the game. That was the first time ever in his life
that he had ever sucked a woman's breast - that he remembered, of
course - and the first time ever he had had another person make
him cum. That is, if you didn't count the few circle jerks with
his buddies before they discovered girls. His only regret was that
it hadn't been his mother that it had happened with. But he was
sure that that would eventually happen, sometime.

Every time he thought over the marvelous experience of being jacked
off by Mrs. Bishop while he sucked on her nipple he got horny and
this would drive him to masturbation. When he began playing with
himself he would envision back to how it felt to have that lovely
piece of fleshy gristle between his lips while her worried it with
his tongue. He did notice that Mrs. Bishop's nipple and areola were
nothing like his mother's; her areola appeared to be pink in color
and looked puffy and swollen as it stuck out from her large breast.
He wondered if it were possible to get the whole areola into his
mouth at once. And her nipple itself was short and stubby, not real
long and thick like his mother's.

Bobby considered also how different it had felt to have the soft
insistency of a woman's hand jacking his cock and wondered how
often Mrs. Bishop had done this in the past. She seemed to be a
real expert at it so she must have had a lot of practice. But when
it came right down to it as he thought about the experience his
mind would inevitably wander to what his mother's nipple would feel
like between his lips and how her hand would feel jacking him off.
God, if only . . .

So, each time he had a masturbation session he would start off
thinking about Mrs. Bishop but would cum with visions of doing
those things with his mother. And here it was Friday again, he
rejoiced, as he sat in English class reading Ibsen's "Doll House."
He wondered if any of Ibsen's characters did the things he and his
mother had done and suspected that just maybe the author wasn't
telling the whole truth.

Bobby considered skipping basketball practice, but it wasn't within
him. He went and couldn't wait for it to be over. When it was he
hurried home to find dinner already on the table and his mother
dressed to kill and in what seemed to be a jubilant mood. He rushed
up to her and started to give her a big kiss, but she ducked and
said, "Not yet, buster. Sit down and eat your dinner. Don't you
have to be out of here pretty soon?"

"Wow, you look great. Got a date tonight or something," he joked.

"Yeah, with your father finally gone for a while, I do."

"Who with, mom?" Bobby asked, all of sudden serious to the point
where Norma could hear some jealousy in his voice.

"With whom, dear, with whom. Don't they teach you proper grammar
in English class these days?"

"Yeah, OK, with whom, then?" he said impatiently.

"Guess! I think you know him."

Norma enjoyed watching the puzzled expression on his face as it
slowly came to him that she was referring to himself.

"Aw, mom, you know I have a date tonight," he moaned.

"Sure, but you'll be back later and unless I miss my guess, you
won't be too worn out, eh?"

"It'll be pretty late, though."

"Just tell the pretty young lady your mom said you have to be home
by eleven and you won't be lying," Norma smiled.

"OK. We'll see what happens."

"Tell me, Bobby," Norma said seriously, "have you managed to fuck
Ariel yet?"

"MOM!" Bobby almost shouted.

"Well, I guess not, huh. Have you at least got to feel her bare tit?"

"Come on, mom, you know she isn't like that," Bobby weedled.

"Not a slut like me, you mean?"

"Mom, for god's sake, you're not a slut."

"Oh yes I am. I'm being one right now talking like this and I'm
enjoying the hell out of it."

When Bobby couldn't come up with an answer to that she went on,
"Well, do tell. Have you gotten your hot hand inside her top yet
and managed to feel up her tits? Does she have sexy fucking nipples
like mine?"

She could see her son was flustered hearing her talk this way, but
she also knew that underneath the embarrassment his crotch was
probably starting to feel a little thick.

"How about a blow job? Or at least a hand job, eh? Have you gotten
her to jack you off yet?"

"Mom," Bobby began, exasperated, "she doesn't let me do those
things. Yeah, I tried to feel her up a couple of times, but she
wouldn't even let me put my hand on her tit. All we've ever done
is kiss, OK."

"Poor darling," Norma mocked. "You must be so frustrated with the
little tease. Do you get a hard-on thinking about her, huh?"

It was clear he had had enough when he answered, "I get a hard-on
thinking about you, mother. Wanna see it? Huh?"

"Not right now dear. Be a good boy and finish your dinner, now."

"You're not making it easy, you know."

"I know. I'm sorry. Just trying to lighten things up a little,"
Norma lied.

"More like trying to heat things up, I think." And she knew he knew
what she was up to. But it was all in fun and both of them smiled
just a little tensely.

"I'm off," Bobby said as soon as he finished dinner. "The show's
early tonight and I don't want to be late. See ya when I get home!"

"Bye, dear. Be a good boy, hear. And if you can't, at least save
some for your poor mother, OK?" They both laughed at this.

Norma felt wonderful. Bobby would be home late enough so she would
have plenty of time to deal with Caroline. Now all she had to do
was change her undergarments and put on the sexy see-through blouse
and high heels she knew would get Caroline worked up in no time.

Upstairs she changed into the outfit she kept hidden for special
occasions. It consisted of a fire engine red long line bra with
half cups and garter straps. To go with that she put on her special
sheer nylons and really high heels. Then the short black skirt that
barely covered her ass which she had purchased a while back, but
never had the guts to wear in public. On top she put on the shear,
see-through white silk blouse that fit her snuggly all over. As
she donned it she could feel the coolness of the fabric and to her
delight it made her nipples, bare above the bra cups, pucker from
the chill. Then she carefully brushed her long hair and left it
loose. To top everything off she used just a hint of perfume and
applied deep red lipstick in a thick layer to her full wide lips.
And finally, the black velvet choker went around her neck.

As she stood viewing herself in the full length mirror she felt
she had never looked more stunning and sexy. If this doesn't get
that lesbian bitch hot, nothing will, she smiled to herself. She
was actually getting turned on looking at herself.

Downstairs in the den she turned off all the lights and lit candles
and then retrieved the bottle of champagne from the fridge. We'll
start upstairs, but I'll have her down her in a flash - right in
my little web where I want her! And then the fun will start.

Meanwhile Bobby had picked up Ariel and they had walked to the
local theater, but as soon as they got there she began complaining
about menstrual cramps. They were really bad and she wanted to go
back home a go to bed. She apologized profusely to Bobby, who at
the same time was not about to argue with her; he couldn't wait to
get home to his mother and this was his way out. Hot damn!

He dropped her back home with solicitations for a restful night
and then walked quickly toward his own home. He decided to even
take a couple of shortcuts which would bring him up the dark alley
in back of his house. He normally avoided going this way because
it was pitch black back there and there were a couple of dogs he
wasn't too sure of, but tonight he was in a hurry and would risk it.

Just as he got behind his house he spied Mrs. Bishop come out her
back door and go through the gate in the fence into their yard. He
hadn't seen her all week and knew that his mother was avoiding her
so he wondered what was up now. Something made him hesitate there
in the dark and he stood and watched Caroline go in the back door
of their house.

Sensing something, but not knowing what, he decided to very, very
quietly enter the house. Maybe he could find out what was going
on. Mom was mad at her for last Friday night and he was curious
how this was going to fall out. Ever so gently he opened the back
door into the kitchen. Luckily, the lights had been turned off as
soon as Caroline had gone in so he didn't have to worry too much
about being spotted.

He didn't make a sound as he moved through the door and closed it
behind him. He could hear voices in the living room as he moved to
a spot between the kitchen door and the refrigerator. There was
just enough space for him the conceal himself and he could no make
out their voices plainly.

The first thing he heard was his mom saying how much nicer it would
be for them if they went downstairs to the den. He almost panicked
as he saw them enter the hallway toward them, his mother in the
lead, but managed to remain stock still. They then turned to the
door leading down to the basement and proceded downstairs without
saying a word.

This was even better! Bobby thought to himself. He could get
downstairs and to a sort of closet from which he could hear and
see without being seen - that is, unless somebody came looking for
a mop or something. He waited just a second or so and then moved
on tip-toe towards the stairs. It was no problem going down because
the stairs, like the basement den, was heavily carpeted and muffled
noise really well. The only dangerous part was the short space
where he would have to cross from the bottom of the stairs to the
open closet and that was going to be risky, but he would be hidden
by the stair paneling to that point. So he would just listen until
he thought the time was right and then make his move.

As he reached the bottom of the stairs, their voice became plainly
audible again and he heard Mrs. Bishop say, "God, Caroline, you're
absolutely gorgeous tonight. Did you get all dressed up for little
ole me?"

"Of course, dear. Who else would I go to this trouble for?" To
Bobby's ears there was the slightest sound of insincerity in her
voice, like the tone she used with him during dinner except it
lacked the obvious humor. Then he heard a gentle rustling of what
sounded like cloth and his mother saying, "Be careful, darling. I
don't want to muss my lipstick just yet."

SAY WHAT?! Bobby's mind shouted at him. What the devil was going
on. Now he was really afraid to move, but was really curious what
was happening. There was silence again and then he heard the sound
of liquid pouring and the clink of bottle on glass.

"Here's to us, Caroline," Norma said.

"And here's to tonight," Bobby heard Mrs. Bishop reply. For some
reason his heart was now going a mile a minute, but he wasn't sure why.

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1 year ago
The suspense is getting to be worse--or is it better??--than an Alfred Hitchcok thriller!!! Norma, Bobby's mother, seems to be weaving some evil webs; careful or she just might end up in the web herself.

If I were Bobby I would be ready to tell MY mother, either shit or get off the fucking pot!! Make up your fricking mind--it's either me or "hit the highway"--I'm through with the bullshit!
2 years ago
I cannot wait to read more it is so hot and exciting