Friday Afternoon Part 5

Part 5

Following the dramatic events of Saturday morning both Bobby and his
mother had been so exhausted that they slept until late afternoon. Norma
was the first up and made them a beautiful dinner in the middle of which
Jake, father and husband, unexpectedly showed up. It seems that
everything had been settled and he was back home again. That put a crimp
on mother and son's plans for the rest of the weekend. Actually from
that point on for some time.

There didn't seem to be a spare moment when they were both home
together that something didn't get in the way of their getting
together again. From time to time they would give each other long
knowing soulful looks, but that was all that passed between them.
For his part, Bobby was so hyper that he had to masturbate three
and four times a day just to keep the tension down and to allow
him to think of other things besides his mother. Each time he did
it he replayed the events from that Saturday morning when his mother
had put on a masturbation display he still found difficult to
believe happened. Now matter how often he jacked off, the moment
he began fantasizing about his mother bent over in front of him
with clothespins on her long nipples, that huge cucumber stuck up
her cunt while she frantically finger fucked her own asshole he came
almost immediately.

As a result of that incident, Norma had a constant reminder for
days afterward because her nipples were extremely sore from having
been clamped with the clothespins. No matter what kind of clothes
she wore she was always subconsciously aware of the tenderness in
her breasts. When the acute soreness began to fade, however, she
sought to re-intensify the feeling by wearing rough materials
without a bra, which she didn't really need, so that it would rub
her nipples. Like her son Bobby, she too masturbated frequently,
more than she was used to in the past. And she also fantasized
about their second time together. Her vision of the incident
differed, however, in that she concentrated on the sight of her
son sitting on the very edge of the bed, hands tied behind his back
with his enormous hard penis jerking untouched in the air as it
shot spurt after spurt of thick jism, some of it landing on her.
She had never before seen a man cum without some sort of tactile
stimulation and knowing that she alone had aroused her son to such
a point was something she would never forget.

Norma was entranced with her son's penis. To her it was the iconized
focal point of all her lust and passion. It baffled her that given her
sexual experience she should have become so obsessed with just this one
organ, but she was and she just accepted the fact and gave in to it. The
only regret she had was that she had forbade any physical contact
between her and her son; they had both agreed to it and she was
determined to hold to it for the sake of both of them.

She knew her son was in agony, but she couldn't help him without
putting their situation in jeapordy. She felt the same pangs of
frustration herself, she was sure. They would just both have to wait
until opportunity presented itself and not get foolhardy. He was young
and restless and probably innocently unaware of the tragedy which could
befall them at any turn so she took it upon herself to be strong and
control the situation.

Two weeks had passed without incident or opportunity until, on
Friday afternoon Norma got home from work and got a phone call from
the office pleading with her to drive the twenty miles to Charleston
and pick up some badly needed documents at their branch office
there. Jake, her husband, was already home and just lounging around
- god, she could kill the bastard - and Bobby was downstairs in
the den watching television. He had probably hoped, as she had,
that they would be able to use this time to be together.

She reluctantly agreed, therefore, to make the trip and was set to
go out the door when the idea occured to her. She turned and went
upstairs to the den. Walking in she said, "Hi, sport. Wanna take
a ride?"

"Hi, mom. Where to?"

"Oh, I just have to run over to Charleston and pick up some papers for
work. Won't take long. Just thought you might like to ride along."

Bobby considered this for a couple of seconds and then said, "Sure. Why
not." Grabbing his jacket he headed upstairs behind his mother. As they
climbed the steep stairs Bobby's eyes were right level with his mother's
legs just a couple of feet in front of him. Just then he would have
given anything to be able to reach out and feel them up, to bury his
face in their fullness and kiss them and lick them with his tongue. It
gave him an almost instant hard-on which he surreptitiously had to
adjust as they reached the top of the stairs.

It was a pleasant late afternoon drive on the back roads to Charleston
and Norma enjoyed the ride through alternating farm fields and
woods. She was painfully aware, however, that Bobby was not looking
at the wonderful fall scenery; his eyes were glued to her legs as
she drove. The above the knee skirt she had worn that day had ridden
up on her thighs giving her son a pretty good eyeful. Watching the
constantly curving road, she couldn't look over at him long enough to
see whether he had a hard-on or not, but she was pretty sure that he
did. Neither wanted to bring up the topic which was foremost on
their minds, especially with the thought of another weekend at home
with Jake around and no way to get together.

About half way there a straight stretch of road came up and Norma now
took the chance to take a long look at her son. When she looked over her
suspicions were confirmed. He was looking straight down at her legs and
they had a glazed look about them. Then she dropped her eyes to his
crotch and saw that instead of just a hard-on he had his hand in his
pocket and was obviously playing with himself. She was so surprised that
she almost ran the car off the road, but managed to keep it straight.

"For god's sake, Bobby! If you have to do it, then go ahead and do it,
but don't try and hide it."

"Uh, do what, mom?" he asked, surprised as he looked up.

"You know damn well what," Norma said almost angrily. "Do you think I
was born yesterday?!"

"I'm sorry, mom," he answered contritely, "I really am. It's just that
I'm so turned on and I didn't think you would notice."

Her own frustration was coming out as anger toward her son and she knew
it and didn't like it. Attempting to smooth things over she said, "I
know. I'm sorry I snapped at you. I guess I'm just a little jealous
about what you're doing and can't do it myself. And I'm really pissed
off that it's been 2 weeks now and there's still no hope in sight. I'll
try to be more patient, OK?"

"Gee, mom, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to upset you, honest."

"No, no, it's OK - really. If you want to masturbate, why don't you
unzip your pants and take it out and do it." She picked up her purse and
handed it toward him saying, "Look in here. There's some kleenex. That
way, when you cum you won't make a mess of your clothes."

Without saying anything Bobby took the proferred purse and rummaged
around coming up with the tissues which he set on the seat with the
purse. Then he proceded to unzip his pants and reached his hand in and
with some difficulty finally managed to work his large erection through
his underwear and out his fly. Hesitating he asked, "Are you sure this
is OK, mom?"

"Of course it is, darling. I understand. But you'd better hurry or we'll
be to Charleston before you get a chance to cum."

Bobby hesitated and then said, "Maybe I ought to wait, then. If I wait,
will you let me do it on the way back?"

"Sure, if that's what you want. Maybe that's best anyway."

"OK, I'll wait then." And he pulled his pants over his cock and tucked
it back in as best he could.

"Have you been jacking off a lot, Bobby?" Norma asked, once again taking
her son by surprise with the frankness of her speech.

"Uh, yeah, I have, I guess," he answered in a low voice.

"More than once a day?"

"Yeah. Sometimes three and four times."

"Jesus, that's a lot isn't it?"

"I've gotta do it, mom, otherwise I go nuts cause I get so horny I can't
think of anything else and can't get anything done. Especially my

Just then they came to the city limits. As they entered the outskirts
of town, Norma spotted an old seedy motel and for one crazy moment
considered just renting a room for a couple of hours and throwing
caution to the wind. But the urge passed as quickly as it came and she
drove on finally arriving at the business. She went in and got the
papers and was back in the car in a jiffy and they were again headed
back home.

No sooner were they clear of the town than Norma said, "OK Bobby, if you
want to do it, go ahead."

Bobby reached into his pants again and had an easier time of getting his
cock out this time because he was now only half hard even though he
noticed that his mother had made sure that when she got in the car her
skirt was all the way up on her thighs to where he could make out the
swell of her pubis under her pantyhose.

"My legs don't turn you on anymore," Norma mock pouted when she noticed
his condition.

"No. It's not that. I was just thinking that I have to play a game
tonight and maybe I shouldn't do it. The coach said that sex was bad for
us 24 hours before a game."

Norma didn't know what to say to that, but she didn't want to let this
opportunity go to waste. Thinking fast she reached up with one hand and
opened her suitcoat wide. Then she began unbuttoning her blouse. When it
was open she then took the front clasp of her bra in her fingers and
pushed it together until it too was open. As she pulled each cup of the
bra to the side and exposed her breasts to her son's view the draft from
the half open car windows created a chill on her and her nipples became
instantly erect.

Bobby's eyes took this all in and his cock sprang to life again.

Norma glanced quickly over at him and seeing her actions had the desired
result she remarked, "That ought to help, huh?"

"Oh, god, mom," Bobby moaned as his hand went to his stiff cock and he
began to jack it.

"Does it feel good, Bobby? Does it, huh?" she asked in a sulty voice.
And before he could answer she went on, "I just love to watch you play
with yourself. I haven't had a chance to really tell you how much I
enjoyed our little session last time. Did you like it too?"

"I can't talk, mom. The sight of those hard nipples and your big
beautiful legs is . . . oh shit, here it comes . . . ohhhh . . . .
unghhhh . . ." and Bobby's cock once more let loose a torrent of semen
which flew all over the place. When the spasms passed he just flopped
back against the door and closed his eyes.

To Norma's disappointment she had missed most of the action but she was
aware of one thing. "Uh, dear, you forgot to use the kleenex."

"Oh hell, I'm sorry," he rejoined and roused himself out of his post
orgasmic lethargy. He picked up the kleenex and starting haphazardly
swiping and the tracks he'd left. When he got all he could see he then
cleaned himself off and was about to ditch the soaked tissue out the car
window when his mother said, "No, don't do that. That's littering. Here,
give it to me."

"But it's soaking wet, mom," Bobby protested.

"It's OK. Just give it to me."

He gently laid the cum soaked kleenex in his mother's outstretched hand.
To his amazement, she took the tissue and began to rub her full lips
with it, leaving a viscous outer coating of his come over her lipstick
after which she proceded to snake her tongue out and lick it off. She
then put the tissue once more to her mouth and began to suck on it and
said, "Hmmmmmm, you taste really good, darling." It may have been a
mistake she thought, but she just couldn't help herself.

Bobby continued to stare in disbelief at what his mother had done and it
had such a stunningly erotic effect on him that he began to get hard
again. But then he noticed his mother trying to get herself straightened
up as they were getting close to home so he tucked himself back in and
zipped his pants. Seeing Norma was having a hard time driving and
dressing he offered his help.

Norma said, "Sure, I'd appreciate it if you could get me buttoned up
- that is, without copping a feel. Think you can do that, sport?"

"I'll try," he said, as he moved closer to her.

"The bra clasps in the front, OK. That's it, just hook it together.
Good. Now just button my blouse."

Bobby was indeed tempted to try and touch his mother. He was so close to
her that he could smell her excitement mixed in with her perfume. He
could even feel her breath and the heat from her exposed skin on his
hands and face, but his senses told him it was best to abide by her

No sooner had he gotten her blouse buttoned than they turned the corner
leading down to their house.

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hard as a rock now, thanks
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Another little tease her, another little tease there. Of course, Rome wasn't built in a day either!!
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your stories are so sexual and mind boggling keep up the great work looking forwards to reading more
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This is soo cruel to the boy,let hime feel and fuck you.