Friday Afternoon part 3

Part 3
The Phone Call

Friday afternoon rolled around again: one week to the day following
the incident with his mother and Bobby was sitting home alone trying
to figure out how to approach her. He was dying for another encounter,
but fearful of pushing the issue because he didn't want to spoil
the possibility that it could happen again. His girlfriend, Ariel,
had just called and he had committed, at her insisting and against
his wishes, to a double date for the evening. That would mean that
they would probably go to a movie and then get something to eat
afterwards. Another couple along meant that he wouldn't even get
any time alone with Ariel, even if he wanted to be alone with her
- at the present time his focus was solely on his mother. Not a
chance of getting home before eleven oclock either. It wouldn't matter
anyway, he thought, because his father would be there. He wasn't
looking forward to another long weekend of being at home with his
mother while having his father always hanging around.

As he sat at his desk trying to do some homework the phone rang.
When he picked it up his heart skipped a beat. It was his
mother. She asked what his plans were for the evening and when he
told her, it sounded to him like he had just stuck a knife in a car
tire. Gosh, she really sounds disappointed. Maybe she's thinking
about me the way I'm thinking about her. She then dropped the big
bomb: dad's going to be out of town the whole weekend. Bobby
immediately suggested that he could call up Ariel and cancel his date,
but Norma told him not to. She said that it's important for him to
maintain contact with his friends and they sure didn't want any of
them thinking anything was wrong. He reluctantly agreed. She then
told him cryptically that they will have all weekend to be together
and the sound of her voice saying that makes Bobby lightheaded.

All through getting cleaned up for his date and the date itself, the
only thing he could think of was Norma. He couldn't wait to get home, no
matter how late it was. And when he finally did get home at 11:30, he
discovered a note from his mother saying that she had to stay overnight
and babysit for his aunt while she and her husband attended an out-of
town banquet, but that she would be home tomorrow. That was it, although
she did sign the note, "Love, your mother." That's the way she signed
all her notes to him, but now it took on special meaning. Well, he would
just have to be patient and wait so he headed upstairs to go to bed.

Once in his bedroom he turned on the bedstand lamp and got out of
his clothes. Reaching under the pillow for his pajamas where he
normally kept them he felt something strange. Lifting the
pillow he discovered what looked like a frilly black piece of cloth,
a single business envelope and a tube of K-Y jelly all wrapped up
in his pajamas. Picking up the cloth object by one corner he was
stunned to find that it looked like one of his mother's bras and he
couldn't figure out how it got there of all places. Just the look and
feel of it brought back the vision of his mother sitting on the edge of
the bathtub across from him, topless, while he masturbated. He pulled
the bra right up to his face and he can faintly smell his mother's
perfume on it. Suddenly he feels the tension in his groin at the thought
of his mother's beautiful breasts encased in the flimsy bra and he
considers the combination of the bra and the tube of lubricant. His
mother must have left it there when she came home earlier in the
evening. In his excitement he almost forgot about the envelope which he
not picked up. It wasn't sealed, but he still had trouble getting the
flap open and the contents out because his hands were trembling so

What was inside caused his cock to harden to maximum in an instant.
Wrapped in a sheet of note paper was another picture of his mother,
one he hadn't seen before, but obviously from the same series that
she had let him look at previously. This one was a sideways shot
of her as she sat on the edge of the bed with one foot on the floor
and one foot on the bed with her legs bent at the knee. The same
black dildo was protruding from her cunt, but this time both hands
were cupped under her breasts, holding them out, seeming to offer
them to him as she stared lustfully at him from the photo. Bobby
was once more amazed at the size of the areolae and nipples on his
mother's small breasts. In the dirty magazines all of the nipples
in the pictures were either tan or pink in color, but the color of
his mother's nipples was almost black matching her hair and adding
to her aura of uniqueness. And they were so long and thick. It made
his cock jump just to look at them.

He was so taken by the combination of the picture, the jelly, and
the bra that he almost disregarded the piece of stationery the
picture was wrapped in until out of the corner of his eye he noticed
it had writing on it. Reading it now caused him even further
excitement. It was from his mother and read:

Dearest Bobby,

I'm so sorry that we haven't had a chance to talk since
last Friday. It's my fault. I've wanted so badly to discuss
with you what happened. Please don't think I have been
avoiding you but I feel that this must be kept very discreet
as I'm sure you're aware. Since your father will be gone
for the entire weekend we will have plenty of time then.

I know you've probably been thinking about this a lot and
I haven't intentionally wished to make you suffer alone.
I'm sorry too that I wasn't able to be here tonight so I
hope the little surprise I've left you will keep you happy
until we can see each other tomorrow.

If my guess is right, you're probably thinking a lot about
the promise I made you. I've been thinking a lot about it
too. I fully intend to keep my word and go through with
it. Just please be patient - the time will come - soon.

About my little surprise. I know when you see what I left
it will be pretty evident what I intend for you to do. I
don't want you to suffer through the night thinking about
me. I'm going to be thinking about you too. But before you
do anything (you know what I mean) I want you to wait for
my phone call. I'll call about midnight when everything
here is quiet. Please wait, OK? Talk to you then, dear.

Love ya,

Your mother

P.S. Please, please tear this note up as soon as
you've read it and flush it down the toilet. I
would just die if it ever fell into the wrong

Bobby couldn't believe it. He was beside himself with joy. His mother
hadn't forgotten him after all.

Although excited, Bobby was level headed enough to take heed of his
mother's warning about destroying her note. He wanted to save it and
savor it, but he knew that might be dangerous. Therefore, he reread it
again and again and then headed for the bathroom where he ripped it to
pieces and dropped it into the toilet. He flushed twice just to make
sure it was completely gone and then went to his mother's room to fetch
her cordless phone; he wanted to be in his own room when she called.

No sooner had he returned to the room than the phone rang. Looking
quickly at the his bedside clock he saw that it was exactly midnight.
With trembling hand he activated the ringing handset and muttered,

"Hi, Bobby. Everything OK?" his mother asked cheerfully.

"Sure, mom. everything's fine."

"Did you get the surprise I left for you?"

"Uh, you mean the uh, the stuff under my pillow."

"That's right, dear. The K-Y jelly and the envelope with the picture and
the note.? Oh yeah, and my bra?"

"Yeah, mom. I got it all."

"Did you do away with the note, I hope, like I said?" Norma inquired.

"Yes, ma'am, I did."

Sensing that maybe something wasn't quite right Norma asked, "Are you by
yourself, Bobby? You sound strange."

"Yeah, mom. There's nobody here but me."

"Did you lock all the doors after you came in? Are you sure you're OK?"

"All the doors are locked. I guess I sound strange because I'm really
nervous, mom."

"I understand son. Tell me, are you naked right now? If not, I'd like
you to get totally undressed, OK?"

"I'm already undressed. I was going to put on my PJs when I found the

"Uh huh. Are you hard, Bobby? Is your penis good and hard?"

The question took him by surprise following so closely on the heels of
the previous mundane dialog and he hesitated for what seemed ages.
Again, sensing her son's uneasiness Norma said, "Why don't you take a
close look at the picture I left for you and tell me what you think. By
the way, where are you right now?"

"Well, I'm in my bedroom. I got your cordless phone and I'm here sitting
on my bed." There was a pause while Bobby propped the picture up against
the base of the nightstand lamp. Then he said, "Gosh, that sure is a
great picture."

"I thought you'd like it, Bobby. But you never did answer my question:
are you hard yet?"

Somewhat embarrassed, Bobby started to answer, "Uh . . ."

"What I mean, is, do you have an erection right now, dear? Do you have a
hard-on from thinking about me, about us. Does looking at that picture
of me make you aroused?"

"It's one of the sexiest pictures I've ever seen," he blurted out,
meaning every word it.

"And you're a real expert with the pictures as we both know," Norma
couldn't resist saying playfully.

"Aww, mom . . . "

"I'm sorry, darling. Just k**ding. I guess you're real sensitive about
that, huh? But it's OK. I like looking at pictures too. As a matter of
fact, I even once looked at those pictures of myself while I was jerking
off. What do you think of that?"

"You did?" Bobby asked, incredulously.

"Uh huh, I did. Really. Sometimes when I do it I look at myself in the
mirror. I guess that sounds kind of perverted, but I do. I get excited
watching myself masturbate now and then. Haven't you ever looked at
yourself in the mirror while you jacked off? Try it sometime."

Feeling a little guilty because he'd already had that experience and had
enjoyed it he nonetheless said, "Yeah, I've done that before."

"You have?" Norma said, surprised. "Well - then you know what I mean.
Maybe one of these days you'll let me watch you do it while you're
looking at yourself, huh?"

"I'd rather look at you any day, mom."

"Well, anyway. What do you think of the picture?"

"Like I said, it sure is neat."

"What do you like best about it?" Norma's voice was getting husky and
that was having a further effect on Bobby as he became aware of how hard
his erection was. "Do you like the way my breasts look?"

"Sure I do," he answered. "They're the most beautiful I've ever seen. I
can't believe how big and long your nipples are - and how dark they are.
I've never seen anything like them before."

"Good, I'm glad they turn you on. But you still haven't told me yet; is
your penis hard?"

Bobby was now losing some of his shyness as his mother continued
speaking such a sexy manner and he answered, "Yeah, mom, it's hard

"How hard is it, darling? Is it as hard as my nipples in the picture?"

"God, it's really hard - harder than it's ever been before. And
it's sticking straight out. Just like your nipples."

Bobby could now faintly make out that his mother's voice was a little
breathy as she said, "Dear, why don't you put some of the K-Y jelly on
your prick. Go ahead and do it - I'll wait."

"OK." Bobby set the phone down on the bed and fumbled with the tube
of jelly until he had gotten a big gob of it smoothed all over his
cock. He then picked up the phone again and said, "I'm back."

"Uh huh. OK. Are you rubbing yourself, dear?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good. I'm rubbing myself, too. And it feels really good. Does it feel
good for you?"

"You mean you're doing it, too? You're, uh . . . "

"Yes, darling. I'm masturbating right now as I'm talking to you. I'm
really turned on thinking about you sitting there on your bed pumping
your hand up and down your slick cock. I can just imagine the expression
on your face. Why don't you look at my picture, if you're not doing so,
and tell me if there's anything else you like about it."

"Well, I, uh, I like your legs a whole lot. I think they're really

"God, Bobby. Just think about this - what I'm doing to myself right
now. I'm now running my hand up and down the back of my leg and it
feels sooooo good. My legs are really sensitive and I just love to feel
myself up. Now I'm up at my cunt again, frigging it. Are you still
jerking yourself?"

"Yes," was all Bobby could come out with as his mind conjured up the
picture of his mother feeling up her leg. And then he remembered the
bathroom scene and said, "Mom, would you do something for me, please?"

"What is it - what would you like?" she said, her voice even more ragged

"Uh, would you play with your nipples again. You know, like you
did the other day when we were in the bathroom."

"Of course I will. Just for you. Would you like to know what it feels

"Uh huh."

"Well, it feels just marvelous. I'm now twisting my right nipple between
my thumb and two fingers. I'm pulling on it and rolling it around and
it's getting harder and longer. The more I tug on it the longer it gets.
It's like you getting a hard-on, but not quite as big. You really like
to look at me playing with my own tits, don't you."

"Uh huh," Bobby mumbled.

"And when I play with them it sends nerve jolts right down to my
clit. Sometimes when I'm really sensitive and haven't had an orgasm
for a while I can even make myself cum just by jacking off my nipples."

In the heat of his passion Bobby just couldn't help himself and he
asked, "Mom, I really loved what we did last week. Do you think we can
do that again? Will you let me look at you again?"

"Yes, darling, I will. I want it to. I've been thinking about that all
week and hoping it would happen soon. I want you to know that I get
tremendously excited watching you jerk yourself off. I love to see your
hard penis squirt. There's nothing else like that in the world, dear."

"Mom . . . ?"

"Yes, darling?"

"Can I ask you something else?"

"Sure . . . what is it?"

"Uh . . . oh gosh, I don't know how to say this . . . "

"Well - just ask dear."

"Well, I . . . uh . . . would it be OK if . . . uh, sometime when we're
... . uh, doing it . . . if I . . . would you let me . . . would you let
me squirt off on your tits?"

There - he said it. He'd been thinking about sperming her tits all
week long and the answer he got back was not what he feared, but
what he had hoped his mother would say: "Ohhhh, Bobby. I'd love to
have you cum on my breasts. I'd just love to watch all that jism
squirt out of your lovely hard prick onto my tits. Of course you

Bobby was so excited now that he couldn't hold back and he almost
shouted, "God, mommmmm - I'm gonna cum - right now!"

"Me too, lover. Here I cum. Oh, christ, here it cums. It's cumming,
darling. Oh, god, I'm cumming all over my hand."

"Jeez, mom. Me too. It's squirting all over the place. Ooops, I even got
some in my face. Ohhhhh."

Both Bobby and his mother continued to frig themselves through their
climax not saying anything but listening to each others labored
breathing.When it was finally over Norma was the first to speak.

"You still there, Bobby?"

"Yeah, mom. I'm still here. How 'bout you?" And they both laughed.

"OK, dear. I want you to go to bed now and rest up for tomorrow. I'll be
home sometime in the morning. As quick as I can get there. Sweet dreams,

"Bye, mom."

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Telephone sex with a young man's mother! Can anything be hotter especially having the next two days together when mom gets back home early morning! Of course at the slow pace of mother Helen's and son Bobby's foreplay they'll never get around to possibly fucking--if mom ever decides that's the way her and her son's future is going!
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