Friday Afternoon Part 2

Part 2
Norma's Story

After his mother had gone, Bobby sat motionless on the toilet, head
thrown back, his eyes closed and his entire being reeling from the
experience. First, having suffered the humiliation of being caught
masturbating by his mother, but then having his mother boldly
encourage him to do it in front of her while she looked on not
three feet away and even took off her blouse and bra and let him
look at her bare breasts and huge dark nipples while he did it. He
still couldn't believe that he had actually had an orgasm right in
front of his own mother as she watched; he really did jack off
while she watched and had the most powerful cum of his life as she
goaded him on by talking sexy and even playing with her enormous
nipples. It amazed him that she appeared to not only enjoy the
experience, but actually seemed to be turned on by it. It was just
totally incredible and beyond comprehension to his young mind.

Finally he roused himself, got cleaned up and went to his room where he
dropped exhausted onto his bed and immediately fell into a deep,
dreamless sl**p. He awoke sometime later hearing his mother calling him
to dinner. When he looked at the clock it showed right at six oclock.
He'd been asl**p for two whole hours! And then the memory of his
experience came thundering back to him and he wondered whether he could
go down and face his mother over the dinner table. As the memory washed
over him he began to feel a mixture of shame, guilt and embarrassment at
what had happened. But he also felt a growing sense of erotic excitement
as the vision of his mother sitting across from him on the edge of the
bathtub, watching him intently as he had frigged his rigid cock while
she fondled her own breasts flooded before his mind's eye. It was like a
dream, but so intense that he didn't doubt for a second that it had
really happened.

Summoning up all his courage he left his bedroom and headed downstairs
not knowing what to expect from his mother but also excited at the
same time. When he reached the dining room, dinner was already on
the table and he immediately saw with a sense of disappointment
that his father was seated at the table. Then his mother came in
from the kitchen carrying a hot plate of vegetables and she looked
at him. "Maybe I did dream all this," he thought to himself. Norma
smiled gently at Bobby as if nothing out of the ordinary had ever
happened. It was a warm smile, but nothing unusual and it made him
begin to doubt his sanity. He thought she ought to at least give
some hint of what had passed between them but no, there was no sign
that things had changed.

They ate dinner just like always. Following dinner Bobby helped his
mother with the dishes, but she still gave no clue of anything

As it worked out, the weekend was taken up with a number of different
activities and he never got any time alone with his mother. On his
Saturday night date with his more-or-less steady girlfriend, Ariel,
he was distracted to the point that she mentioned that he seemed
preoccupied and asked what the matter was. When he replied rather
shortly that there wasn't anything wrong, she stated that she was
a bit surprised that he wasn't his usual agressive self and wondered
whether something in their relationship had changed. It was true
though; after his experience with his mother, he couldn't imagine
doing anything with Ariel - even if she consented, fat chance! -
which would come anywhere close to approximating the feelings he
had right then for his mother.

Bobby had slept well that Friday night, but beginning on Saturday
he developed a state of hypersexual arousal that no amount of
masturbation could relieve. During the day he had had to bring
himself off three times as he relived the previous afternoon's
experience. During his date all he could think of was his mother.

When the work week began on Monday things had not changed. He still
thought constantly of Norma and what had happened and began to
wonder if it would ever develop any further. He sure wanted it to,
but his mother gave no indication whatsoever of acknowledging the
past event and nothing further seemed imminent. He couldn't get
out of his mind that at one point his mother had seemed particularly
turned on while watching him play with himself and had even told
him that she too masturbated and had promised (did she actually
promise??) that maybe one day she would let him watch her do it.
Or was it really just a dream after all. Each time he came he
fantasized what it would be like to squirt all that cum onto his
mother's tits. He wondered if the time would ever come when she
would let him sperm all over her breasts that way. And each time
following his orgasm he would be overcome with shame at what his
mind conjured up and vow to forget the whole matter (his mother
seemed to have done so) and to never again jack off while thinking
about her. It was no use, of course. In only a matter of hours he
was back at it again and again and again.

At one point during the middle of the week he had taken out his
sex magazines, but as he leafed through one of them he noticed that
they no longer held the appeal they had had in the past. The lifeless
pictures just didn't seem to do a thing for him anymore. What he
really wanted, desired, was another encounter with his mother. He
wanted it badly, but felt that if it were going to happen it would
have to be initiated by her. He just didn't have the nerve to bring
up the subject. Nor did he have the opportunity then.

When Friday rolled around again, he returned home from school hoping
to find his mother alone. Today there had been basketball practice
and it wasn't until four oclock that he got home, but, to his
immense disappointment, she wasn't there. He had hoped beyond hope
that they could take up where they had left off the previous week.
Deflated, he went to his room when the phone rang. He raced to
the phone in the hallway hoping it was Norma, but it wasn't. It
was Ariel instead wanting to know what time he was coming over for
their date that evening.

Meanwhile, Norma had spent the entire week mulling over the incident
with her son. Originally, she had meant only to discuss the issue
of sex with him since his father would have not part of it. She
simply had wanted to find out where he was and reasure him. But
something had happened when she accidentally and untintentionally
caught him masturbating that had awoken something deep and long-hidden
inside her. When she had opened the door to the bathroom she had
been caught unawares and she was immediately astonished at the size
of her son's erect penis. She hadn't imagined that it could be so
big. That was the beginning for her.

A couple of seconds later when the surprise had passed it dawned
on her that her son was right in the middle of a masturbation
session and, feeling guilty for having interrupted, she backed
away. Even today, she couldn't figure out what came over her as
she started down the hall away from the bathroom, but she felt the
time was right to have that discussion with Bobby. When she reentered
the bathroom and began talking to him and looking at him she was
overcome with a lust she hadn't felt in years. She could only
surmise that it must have lain dormant for ages, probably since
her college days when she had been very sexually active - with both
men and women.

As she had sat down on the edge of the tub and looked over at her
son the thing she most wanted at that moment was to see him cum.
She had an overpowering desire to watch him jack his oh-so-large
penis to an orgasm; she could feel her whole cunt begin to swell
with her rising arousal at the thought. So she embarked on the
mission of saying and doing whatever was necessary to get that
accomplished. As the discussion progressed and he seemed reluctant,
naturally, to comply with her desires she wondered if it were within
her power to excite him to the point where he would be compliant.
It hadn't occured to her just then that he might find her sexually
arousing, but she knew that she possessed a single physical attribute
that had made all of her previous sex partners mad with lust; and
that was her fantastic nipples.

So she steered the conversation in that direction, trying to get
him to talk about what turned him on. It was gratifying when he
admitted that breasts were the major focus of his libido and that
although she couldn't compare in the overall size department she
was sure that he would be adequately aroused by her huge dark
nipples. When by chance he admitted to having fantasized about her
while masturbating she knew it was all over but for the shooting.

It was fortuitous that he had that girlie magazine there. It was
a natural lead-in that occured to her spontaneously. She was up
and gone like a shot to get the pictures that her next door neighbor
and best friend Caroline had taken of her some time back. The reaction
she expected was forthcoming when she finally let him look at the
pictures of her. She knew then by the lust written all over his
face and his swollen cock that he was hooked. At that point she
was inflamed herself and was just barely holding herself in check.

There was no doubt in her mind that she could never allow the
situation to go so far between them that they wound up fucking,
but she felt somewhat less guilty in the knowledge that maybe it
would be OK for both of them to get off if there weren't any actual
contact between them. She wanted badly to get the situation to the
point where it would seem logical for her to masturbate herself
right there along with him. She even hinted at it by telling him
that she too masturbated and that she might just let him watch her
jack off sometime. "Wow, did I really say that to him," she thought.

But luck just wasn't with her. Deep down inside, she wanted to
exhibit herself to Bobby, to have him admire her body and thereby
confirm her desirability. Because of this she went the extra step
and instead of just allowing him to look at the pictures of her
she had offered to bare her breasts for him right there to look at
while he jacked off. It would then seem just natural if she took
off the rest of her clothes which would allow her to begin masturbating
herself, as she so badly wanted to do, without the situation seeming
contrived. Sadly enough the sight of her naked tits was just too
much for Bobby and he had blown his magnificent load almost
immediately; the sensory overload had just been too much for his
young mind.

At that point some sense of sanity had intruded upon her and she
realized that the situation was at a good breaking point. She knew, too,
that she needed to consider very carefully where she was going, what she
really wanted and what the risks were. So she broke the situation off
right then feeling that it would be no problem to resume it when the
time was right.

Nonetheless, she was very aware of the squishy feeling between her
legs as she departed the bathroom and headed for her bedroom. The
temptation was great to just fling herself on the bed and jerk her hot
throbbing cunt to an intense orgasm. But she decided to wait. For
what, she wasn't sure, but she just wanted to wait.

Now for the problem of her husband. Jake was an asshole and for
whatever reason she felt absolutely no guilt where he was concerned.
He liked having his continuing affairs with the girls at the office
and on the road; he spent about half his working time on the road
servicing accounts (and probably a lot more, for that matter). For
the last few years their sex life had been non-existent because
his diddling on the outside left little room for her. As this
developed she had considered initiating her own affairs, but decided
it might just make what was a tolerable situation intolerable. No
sense in ruining what was otherwise a very decent life. Instead,
she confided in her best friend from next door, Caroline (who was
having her own marital problems), and was very pleasantly surprised
to discover something that she hadn't had even an inkling of. The
mutual sharing eventually led to the disclosure on Caroline's part
that she had, for a long time now, had a very strong desire for
Norma, but hadn't revealed it for fear of losing her friendship.
Norma then shocked her with her own recounting of the numerous
lesbian affairs she had had in college and made it very clear to
Caroline that she was more than willing have sex with her if that is
what she desired.

It was the best of all possible worlds. They were both blissful as
they sat naked side by side later that afternoon sipping cocktails
following a long drawn out session of mutual deep tongue kissing, nipple
sucking and frenching each others cunts to a number of orgasms.
Norma was indeed delighted at Caroline's obvious obsession with her
big nipples and loved hearing her say over and over, "God, Norma, I
can't believe how big your nipples are, they're so fucking sexy! I just
can't get enough of them!" They both agreed that everyone was coming
out a winner. Norma wouldn't have to start something with another
man which might destroy her marriage. Caroline was now realizing a
longtime fantasy about her close neighbor and Jake would be left
in peace to do his thing.

From then on, Norma made herself available to Caroline for her pleasure
at regular intervals when their mutual situations allowed. This was
usually once or twice a month and the experiences were always
gratifying. Caroline was a skilled lover and never left Norma
unsatisfied. If it continued this way forever Norma would be perfectly

At one point when Norma was going to take a vacation for a few
days, Caroline had expressed that she would miss Norma terribly.
Somehow the idea came about that they would take some photos of
Norma - just for fun - so that she would have something to masturbate
to while Norma was gone. And they did it one evening in Norma's
bedroom while both their husbands and families where off somewhere
else. It had been great fun, especially since it was the first time
that Norma had ever had an experience masturbating with a large
dildo stuck firmly up her hungry cunt. When they developed
the photos they both had a set of prints; they even turned Norma
on so much that she had once masturbated while looking at the
pictures of herself!

On Wednesday following that fateful Friday afternoon, Norma had
become so horny that she was almost beside herself. She needed to
come badly just to relieve the incredible tension that built up
fantasizing about her son, but for some unknown reason she just
didn't want to jerk herself off. She was tempted to throw caution
to the winds and just get her son by himself and do whatever she
wanted. But common sense prevailed and instead she went next door
to see her friend Caroline, much to the other woman's delight. The
sex between the women that evening was short (out of necessity lest
they arouse suspicions) but intense. Caroline couldn't believe the
ardor with which Norma tongued her off while simultaneously finger
fucking her asshole with one hand and masturbating herself with
the other, all at the same time. In the mellow come-down following
their simultaneous orgasm Norma had been sorely tempted to tell
Caroline all about Bobby and ask her advice, but she restrained

But this was a different deal now, her being involved with Bobby.
She didn't much care whether Jake found out about Caroline or not;
she could always counter that with his own indiscretions. He might
not take so kindly, however, to having his son being sexually
involved with his mother. So she would have to find a way to keep
this whole thing secret. In so doing she might have overreacted
and became over cautious to the point of torturing her son. She
was well aware of this, but felt the caution was justified. She
promised herself that she would talk to Bobby the first real chance
she got.

And she wondered how her son was taking all of this after a week's
time. She had a good idea that it was constantly on his mind because
he was always looking at her and giving her these long soulful looks
which she couldn't return.

But she would make it right for him at the first opportunity. The
phone call from Jake this Friday afternoon telling her there was
an emergency meeting this weekend at the New York headquarters
(yeah, sure!) was just such an opportunity. That meant he wouldn't
be home all weekend and there would be plenty of chance for her
and Bobby to discuss what had happened and whatever . . .

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1 year ago
For a mother she sure has problems getting her head on straight (no pun intended), between her jerk husband Jake, her lesbian lover Caroline, and her son Bobby, she doesn't have a clue as to which affair and with whom she should explore and dedicate herself to in order to move forward with her love and family life! Being prejudice and a lover of incest stories I put my money on Bobby!!
2 years ago
This was so wonderful thanks for posting it for us
2 years ago
yes that would be hot
2 years ago
Oh I do hope this is the build-up to an explosive orgy between the 2 women and the son.