You Souldn't Say no To Kat

As you all know Kat loves to have control over her ladys and when she doesn't get her way watch out.. To start this let me give you some back ground here first off the women in this story is Sally she is a mother of two girls one 12 one 16 years old she is a teachers aid and very envolded in her church, she had falling to Kat's powers about 8 months ago ( Kat tells me that Sally is very hard to keep her in control because she always feels so gulity afterwards )Kat worked on her for 2 1/2 months before she could get her to bed. Second when Kat has her lady beat down and fucks them the frist time she makes them give up there panties and has them write down name, address, phone #, then has them agree to her laws, [ 1. do what I say 2. how I say 3. to who ever I say 4. for as long as I say all this no questions ask.]

So it was thrusday nite Kat calls Sally and says I want you to go with me after school tomorrow we will be going to meet some people then to the lake house Sally ask if that means what I think it does? Kat says YES that means you are going to get your brains fuck silly. Sally starts to say something and Kat ask IS THERE A PROMBLE HERE?? Sally weakly answers no I'll be ready, Kat tells her she will pick her up at the school at 4pm.

The next day goes by and at 4pm sharp Kat gets to the school to find no Sally after waiting for about 1/2 hour she goes inside and learns that Sally left at noon. Kat calls her home her cell her church but no Sally. So Kat goes home at about 9:30pm. the phone rings Kat calmly say hello Sally crying says she is sorry but she just could not go throught with it, please don't be mad. Kat tells her no it is OK things will work out, not to worry about it.

When Kat hung up I could see the wheels turning in her head and knew not to get in the way! Two days later Sally came out her house to go to work when Kat came up behind her and graps her arm looking her in the eye Kat says today we get even!! You will not say yes and not show ever again after today this we know for sure.. My little church girl get in my car NOW Kat drives to the church takes her out of the car and they go in to the meeting room Kat sits her down in the center of the room and starts Sally my dear did you not tell me yes? Did you not say yes to my rules? as Sally just sits there quiet Kat says stand up get naked we have time before people show up.

Sally not sure what to do takes off her dress and bra Kat not even looking tells her panties too. Kat hands her a big long diddo and tells her get to it Sally hoping to get this over with rubs it on her cunt, but not go enought for Kat graps it and starts to fuck her with it hard, fast and deep over and over trying not to let it get to her Sally thinks of all kinds of stuff but it doesn't help and she can not keep in control rocks and fucks the diddo then has a mind blowing cum and yells for more she cums and cums leaveing a puddle on the floor and Kat just laughts and says come with me leave your dress there taken out to the car naked they go down the road.

As they drive Kat sees a construstion site and 5 guys pulling into the drive she calls them to the car, when they see Sally Kat tells them they all can do as they wish to Sally, but no ass fucking her mouth cunt onlybut they can have her all day Kat would be back later and left her there.6 hrs. later Kat comes back Sally infroms her the 5 guys turned into 12 guys and they all came in her and she is not on the pill you know my husband will be gone if he found out Kat takes Sally home and sitting in the car in the drive Kat says my turn get in back Kat puts on her 9 1/2 long 4in. thick strap-on get in the backset and after lubeing up entrys Sallys ass to the hilt then slow stady deep stokes then fast and hard driving deep and hard Sally just in a constented state up cuming looks back at Kat mouthing I LOVE YOU FUCK ME FOREVER PLEASE.......................

Findly Kat lets Sally go but she is naked it is 4pm and she has no way into her house and Kat leaves. 12 midnite the phone rings KAT I AM SORRY I LET YOU DOWN I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN AND KAT THANKS FOR TODAY I LOVED IT......
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very good