Kat helps to keep the spark

This somewhat different then the normal so I thought I would tell you guys, but frist let me set things up for you 1. Kat is my wife she is 42yrs. loves to fuck women who have never been with a women before then she dates them under there husbends noses. 2. Rose is one of Kats ladys, I think for about 3 years now. 3. Trish is a close freind to Rose who is always upset cause her husband doesn't love her like they use to.

Ok so Rose and Trish were having lunch like they do every tuseday talking about this and that Trish doing her normal complanding driving Rose crazy when my wife calls Rose and tells her to come to the house, so she takes Trish home then comes over to are house.

Kat greets her at the door ready to attack her, but sees the look on her face and ask what is the matter? Rose explands about her freind and says I just wish I could do something to help her she really loves her husband but the dumb ass basturd is blind to her feelings. Kat sits for a bet then says I have a plan to help her, me and you too but it will means she will learn about you and me and herself all at the same time are you game for that? Rose tells Kat she is not sure Trish could handle the kind of relationship we have. Kat says that it is up to her in the end but what she has in mind her husband will surely see her in a new lite.After a day or two Rose called Kat said I do not want to see hurt anymore lets do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday nite 8pm. Trish and Jack her husband are watching TV when the doorbell rings Jack gets up going to the door when all of a sudden it flews opes two masked people rush in and grab him pulls him to a chire and tapes him there. Trish starts yelling one masked person grabs her and covers her head and grabs her arms behind her back.Once controled then my wife tells the husband that they are going to take his wife with them in another room and if he didn't sit there a behave that they would hurt her bad. Then she changed her mind--- Kat grabed Trish ripping her clothes off her once she was naked she layed her where her man could see everything.
Letting Rose hold her down my wife starts kissing her she trys to keep it from happening but after a few times her body and the lack of attention she was use to took over and Trish kissed back, Kat heard her moan and knew she had her so begain rubing her tits and kissing deep and long taken her breath away making her sway and moan over and over OH GOD OH GOD OMG>>>>>>HOLY HELL OMG Kat stands up and Trish winns at the lost of contact Kat talks to Jack When was the last time you FUCKED her? Do you eat that pertty pussy? Does she suck your cock? Do you buttfuck that ass? Jack just sat there and looked at my wife with anger in his eyes.Laughting she asked Trish the same thing. Trish lower her head and says they haven't made love in along time he doesn't like to have oral sex with her and will not let her suck him either and they have never had anal sex.

Kat looked at him then her and said you poor sweet thing dropping to her side leans down and sucks her tits making Trish moan pushing her tits up to Kats mouth Kats licks, sucks bites one then the other and back again over and over, then lowers her fingers to litely touch her mond gently rubing circles around it teasing it making Trish shake and shiver moan and groan AH_OH__OMG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MAKE ME CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OMG OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG she has her frist cum in a long time it hit her dowm deep and rocks her body hard......
Looking up at Jack Kat says hey there big did you hear that I think she may have liked that, Trish lifts her head looks at her hubby and states I LOVED IT Kat takes her hand and pulls her up to sit by her kissing somemore dips her fergers vin Trishs cunt again then tells Rose sorry I just about forgot about you open your mouth and puts her cunt soaked fingres in it Rose licks and sucks them clean Trish watches this and she is stuned her mouth is open in shock. Kat tells Rose I don't think we need to hold her anymore come here Rose gets up walks over lowers her head and starts to eat Trishs twat load and sloppy fingering licking sucking biteing going wild on her while Trish is moaning and thrashing around my wife stands and strips then swats on Trishs face forcing her to eat puss or else she has her frist taste salty sweet honey creamy she licks and sucks all she can.

After a while Kat turns to Jack and talking sweet to him while Rose and Thish are still kissing and rubing each other, She says OK big boy time to deal do want to keep your wife? He says YES I love her more then anything, but I have never made her happy that way! Kat ask him was she your frist? He says yes. Have you ever had a blow-job? He says no I think that is dirty.Kat laughts hard dirty OMG Rose take that mask off and come here then Kat opens Jacks pants and his cock is hard from watching them Kat smiles and says at less you are human Rose put that mouth of yours to work now.... Jack yells to stop but being bound like he was couldn't do nothing but let happen.............. Roses head bobbed up and down she licked and sucked spit jecked and in little time Jack was moaning good went he was about to blow Kat pulled Rose off and pushed Trish on not haven done this to him before he was shocked at her know how and abilty to suck like a street whore..OH TRISH MY GOD HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD OH GOD TRISH HERE IT CUMMMMMMMMS OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she swollows it all not missing a drop Kat and Rose look at each other and smile Jack says Trish could you be so good at that looking up at him she says when we meet you as if I had busted my cherry and I haven't but I sucked a lot of boys before you came along!

Well do you think you can give your honey the kind of fucking she needs NOW Trish grabs his cock jerking it and begging for him to fuck the holy hell out of her he just hangs his head down Kat pushes her on her back reaches in her pack pulling out a strap-on with a 10 inch cock str****g up gets between her legs and rubs the tip at her opening slowly pushing in till little by little it goes all the way in stoping to let het adjust. Slowly easying out then back in till faster and faster pounding and hammer her like a jack hammer Trish shakes and shivers moaning lifting to meet every trush holding on for dear life till deep down it starts to rise and tremble through her body YES YES LIKE THAT OMG OMG YES FUCK MEEEEEE OH AHHHHHHHHHHHH IM CUMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG And Kat still poundering hard grinding that 10 inch cock in as hard asshe can making Trish cum again and again over and over till she almost passes out.

Leting Trish rest Kat and Rose dress lrt Jack up telling him that if he doesn't learn to take care of Thishs needs that he will lose her to someone who can, and no one wants that so do his best and call if he needs help again they would be happy to help then left.

Two weeks later Kat saw Jack at the store and asked how things were going? He laughted and said she will send him to a eraly grave but what a way to go. Looking around to see if anyone was close he says remember the buttfucking you asked about well we tryed it and loved it she can't get enoght of it. I sure do thank you much!!!! AS Kat starts to leave Jack says think maybe you could come over again soon I want to be the one reciveing this time and we both started laughting........................
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