The Day That Changed Everything

Ree is 22yrs. old and two months from her marrage, her and her mother stef were checking the last fitting of the wedding dress things were going great till her moms phone rang it was a text and when stef seen it her face turn red she went to another room and called someone, Ree came out to show stef the dress and the sales women told her where she was Ree started to turn the corner when she hear (BUT HONEY I CAN'T JUST LEAVE NOW --YES I DO LOVE IT AND WANT IT MORE THEN ANYTHING --- BABY PLEASE -- OK I'LL BE THERE ASK SOON AS I CAN) Ree did not know what to do and turned back then her mom came in the room. Oh honey that looks great hey I know we are supposed to spend the day but, I need to leave now is that ok? Ree's heart droped she just said sure ma Stef kissed her and was off. Ree thought to herself could my mother be having a affair, how could she do this to dad, then after a few seconds said NO not her you got this all wrong...

The following weekend Ree and her bo came in for a cookout at her parents house when she arrived her mother was no were to be seen she told her bo to go see if dad needs help I'm going to find ma, coming into the house she walked around and findly went upstairs as she came close to her parents room she heard mones and peek in her mom was talking on the phone her dress around her waist her fingers in her twat going a mile a min. and saying oh baby I love you so much the things you have done to me these last couple of months have opened my eyes I can never go back OH--OH--HONEY I'M CUMMM>>>YES YES HOLYSHIT OMG OMG and then ask her breathing clamed down she said sweetheart I love being your slut I'll see you soon luv ya bye... Ree's head was spining she felt weak and wounded not knowing what to do or say she hide in a bedroom till she hear her mother leave. Then clearing her head of what she saw and heard she went to greet the guest down stairs liked nothing happened.

The next day her and her mother went to the store as they were talking Ree was tring to think of what to say to let her mother try to expland what she was sure could not have been what she thought it was but, before the words came out Stef shouts out OMG TONY and runs upto this man Ree has never seen before and hugs kissing him a little and Ree was not sure thonght she saw her mom grap his cock. turning to Ree Stef says honey this is TONY he is a very very good friend to me no more then a friend a life saver Ree looks at her mother and shaken starts to cry screaming how could you how could you daddy loves you Stef look at Ree wandering what the hell is going on yells what are you talking about? Ree just turns away a leaves Stef ask could please take me home please? Stef trys and trys to talk to Ree but no luck.

The nite of the dinner before the wedding Stef pulls Ree to the side and once again ask what Ree was talking about Ree looking like she wants to kill someone says not here not now and walks away. The dinner goes find then as people are starting to leave her mothers phone gets a text and when she reads it Ree is over her reading it to ...NEED TO HAVE YOU TONITE....then another comes ...GET OVER HERE SLUT I NEED THAT CUNT IN MY FACE... Stef face tunrs bright like she is beaming and turn to her husbend and says to nite is going to be hard for me to sl**p I'll be to wurg up do you mind if I go get Judy and have a few before I come home? Her hubby says I know I can't belive will happen tomorrow either go on have fun I'll ride home with someone. Stef kisses him saying I love you so much thanks bye.

When Ree sees her mother leave she is so mad she just jumps in her car and leaves her bo there and follows Stef the best she could with lites and all she get behind a littlebut after driving around where she thought she saw her mother go she findly sees the car and stops looking at the house she sits there thinking of what to say or do. About 20mins. later she marches to the door and rings the bell and paces back and forth till Tony opens the door, she takes one looks and goes off on him. GODDAMIT I KNEW IT WAS YOU YOU HOME WREAKER SON-OF-A-BITCH WERE THE FUCK IS MY MOTHER YOU BASTER YOU... then she hear it in the back ground ONG YES YES OH GOD OH THAT IS SO GOOD PLEASE DON'T STOP OH GOD >>>>>>>>>>..................... stepping pass Tony she goes to the sound and there is her mother nake on the floor leges spread wide with Tony's wife Kat eating her cunt like it life or death Ree standing there shaking watching glued to the scene of her mother cumming so hard that the yelling and noises didn't afect her Then to her shoke Kat sits up with a strap-on that is bigger then any real cock she has ever seen flips Stef and fucks the hell out of her doggy while Stef is moning and groning deeper harded please don't stop god I love being your sluttttttttt OHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH PLEASEEEEEEE LET ME CUMMMMMMM HOLYSHITTTTTTTT Ree loses it falling to the ground........

After what seem to Ree like hours she opens her to see her mother sitting beside her simling down at her Stef says why are you here? Ree answers I thought you were ceating on daddy with that man, and I could not let you hurt him like that. Stef my god if you only knew .... looking down at her she starts to explend see your father and my sex life was very little for the pass couple of years then one day while shopping I meet Kat that women you saw she started talking to me and well I'll tell you all late for now lets just say well she ****d me at frist I foght hard to get away but then something clicked and I just let happen and my the things she did to me was unbrliveable thing that I never even herd of before it was great..She did something to me to make my pussy come alive and know I masterbate all the time I fuck your poor father silly we have phone sex and she calls me her slit god I love that..Please do not be mad at me your father and me are more in love then ever and I feel great. Kat walked in the room looked at Ree then Stef fir a long time then g****d Stef's hand and said go let us talk. Stef went to the living room watching TV with Tony Kat shut and locked the door tunred to Ree and smiled.......................... The next day after the wedding Kat and Tony walked down the greeting line when she reached Ree she smiled ear to ear huged Kat and in her ear wispered I'll meet you in the back room in 10mins.............................................
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