Teacher Gets Taugh

Becky Johnson is 34yrs and it's her first day at Kammton High School. Becky is a very good looking woman thought she would never say so, 5'7" and only around 112 lbs. her tits not really small but not big either. She wear her dresses about 4" from the knees but her ass is what gets peoples attention. Today being her first she has on a blue skirt with white top and blue jacket her body well hiding but that ass still a tracked attention.

The bell rings and the class sits, as Becky tells the class her name and the things they will be going over though out the year Missy Tens studies that ass thinking how to add the teacher to her stable of women around town. Only s*******n Missy has made a name for herself as to get what ever she wants mainly pussy older and rich pussy that is. The women she has there hubbies run the town so even the state and she runs them through there wife's pussies. Looking around the room Missy sees that Becky has both the girls and guys hot for her and this and her perfect ass makes up Missy's mind that she needs this one. As the day rolls on Missy hears the others talking about Becky even the other teachers seem to want her.

After school Missy follows Becky home and sits outside her house watching most of the people around seem to know her and wave hi or yell hello to her Becky comes into her yard with a 6-7yrs boy and little older girl too. After changing her clothes Missy see a much more refind body that Becky's school attire hid making her want Becky even more. Going home her mother is talking to April from next door and as Missy comes in they ask about Becky this along with her wanting the woman drives Becky nuts. In her room she plans a way to have what she wants soon, but in the mean time she goes across the street to Sue Barns house Sue is 36yrs. mother of twin girls 14yrs Missy has told Sue if she didn't do as told that the girls would be on her list so Sue was an obedient little sex toy for Missy to play with. Entering her home Sue's husband was watching TV and the girls in there room Missy had Sue against the sink fingering her hard Sue did her best to not make noise but Missy's fingers were so good that it was very hard for Sue begging to go some where else Missy took Sue to her bedroom and laying on the bed pulled Sue's head between her legs Sue dipped her tongue deep into Missy's pussy till Missy came in her face then just pushed her out of the way and left leaving Sue very horny.

After two months Missy was at her limits she still could not think how to get what she wanted then it all happen. Walking into class Missy saw Becky checking out Mary Ford bending over fixing her shoes Mary a tall girl very pretty and big tits Missy had gotten in that once before but watching Becky she saw lust in her eyes and the plan fell together. Missy had indeed been in Mary's panties but you see Mary was an upper class she was in that class because she was a little slow not dumb just a little off so she was easy so easy that Missy knew that Mary didn't even know Becky had a thing for her. After class Missy pulled Mary into the restroom in front of Becky and started to feel her up Mary being her normal self started to moan loudly and soon Becky heard them moving closer she could hear the moans and panting it turned her on so much her panties were soaking wet after Mary came Missy let her go and she almost ran Becky over at the door then Missy passed Becky smiling ear to ear. This went on everyday for a week and each time Becky would go to the door and listen but on Friday she heard nothing so she stepped inside the restroom looking for them. Seeing no one she turn to leave and there was Missy naked Becky's eyed her up and down Missy asked were you looking for Mary and me? Becky knew she had been caught just stood there. Missy said the way I see this you have been listening to us all week but did nothing to stop it and if your bosses knew this you'd be fired. Becky face pale and her faint before her again just stood there. Missy walked up to the teacher placing her hands on Becky's tits and looking into her eyes she rolled the nipples with the power of a pro Becky's knees grew weak and her panties wet a small moan came out and Missy knew the teacher was hers. Missy raised Becky's head and said I know the next hour is free time for you so maybe you can help me to not say anything and placing her hands on Becky's head pushed her down to her knees and grind her cunt in her face. Becky had been with a few women in college so she knew what to do and the noises that Missy made told her she was pretty at it to. At the end of the hour Missy was wobbled legged and Becky cum d***k but both enjoyed it much. The next couple of weeks had both women enjoying themselves with fingers tongues and even strap-on they took very good care of each others needs. Then Becky was call to the office and told she was to report to the gym for a important meet that night. Scared and not able to inform Missy about the meet Becky enter the gym her bosses and a few others were there. The meeting starts and the person in charge stands up Becky it has came to are attention that you are having lesbian sex with a s*******n year old girl Missy. Becky sat there sweating and shaking in fear just as she was about to speak a woman groans loud and moans OH MISSY YESS YESSSSS OMG THAT IS SOOOO GGGOOOOODDDDD OMG YESSSSSS and the women all turn to watch them. Soon before Becky's eyes all the women remove there clothes and a lesbian orgy began Becky's boss comes to her and engulfs her in a hug kissing her up her neck to her lips. Over the next three hours the women fuck and suck each other silly leaving totally cum d***k her boss tells her we all have fallen to Missy and her talented tongue so please share her smiling she kissed Becky good-bye........
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