Kat and the Waitress

A couple of days ago Kat and me go to a local dinner for supper setting at are normal table a new waitress comes to take our order. She's tall long dark hair big tits and great smile and of course a wedding ring Kat's favor kind of woman. Kat says Well hi there and who are you? Hi I'm Jenny can I take your order? Wait a second there how long have you been here? Only a week me and Rick my husband just moved to town. Kat and me ordered are food and both watched as Jenny walked away her ass was perfect plum shape, Kat's mind was wired coming up with a way to get to her prize. The dress attire there was plaid tops and shorts very short shorts, and Jenny's big tits and long legs went great with the attire. The room was not packed and our table is in the back Kat sitting with her back to the wall so when Jenny came out of the double doors she was right in front of us. Now those that have read our stories before know Kat never wares panties and keeps her puss clean shaved. So as Jenny came to us with our drinks Kat spread her legs and offered Jenny a clear look at her pussy. I watched Jenny's face and it first went pale then bright red and she almost drop the tray. Getting to the table she gave me my drink then went around to Kat's side Kat reached out and rubbed her leg as she put the drink down Jenny jumped but was all business Kat just smiled at me. Kat watched the doors and each time Jenny came out she flashed her twat to her Jenny try as she did but could not look away. When Jenny brought our food again Kat rubbed her legs get higher each time Jenny looked at me and being the helping hubby I am I engaged her in a small Q&A so Kat had more time just before Kat got to her ass Jenny walked away. We ate and after about an hour we asked for the check. Bring it to us Jenny this time stood by me. I ask her to give me a second and she did. Kat grab the bill and my wallet and pen writing a note she gave Jenny a fifty dollar tip to and we left, watching outside as Jenny read the note. The look on her face said it all and Kat lite up not knowing what it said but no trouble quessing I too was happy. ( see not all but most women that Kat lays I to get the honor to lay too. So I was happy that the first steps were placed with Jenny). On the drive home Kat reached over and stroked my cock and as soon as we were in the house she hit her knees and engulf me ( Now Kat gives me bj all the time but this was not the same she was really horny because of Jenny and deeply needed to milk me). About ten Kat looked at me I THINK I'M GOING FOR A RIDE. and where are you going as if I don't already know? Kat just smiled at me. This part Kat told me when she got home. Pulling into the dinner parking lot just as Jenny was coming out Kat pulled up beside her DO YOU NEED A RIDE? no Rick will be here soon. Getting out of the car Kat walked to Jenny not saying anything just looking at each other then Kat asked as she reached out and took Jenny's hand why don't you come with me I'll get you home later. Jenny looked at Kat then open her bag and got her phone calling RICK HONEY I KNOW YOUR ON THE WAY BUT I'D LIKE TO GO WITH THE GIRLS AWHILE OK? YES HONEY I KNOW BUT I NEED TO FIT IN HERE AND THIS MAY HELP. PLEASE HONEY. OH THANK BABY BYE. Kat already had her in the car and on the way to the lake house.
Once there they go in and Kat opens some wine and they sit Jenny is so scared that Kat wants to be gentle but Jenny says please if this is going to happen then just do it before I chicken out. Kat did just that she had Jenny naked and panting for breath in no time pumping the gorgeous girl hard and deep with her 10 1/2' strap-on Jenny got the fucking of her young life and gave as good as she got. After a couple hours they headed for Jenny's house parked out front of her house and kissed and fingered each other then Kat walked her to the door Jenny told Kat I never did anything even close to that and she loved it even thought she's married Kat just says you meet my hubby tonight. Jenny says Rick is going out of town Saturday and I don't work, Kat says it's a date and kisses her new play thing good night....
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