Tracy Kent went to the dress shop to buy a dress for her dream date. Tracy worked as a bank teller and John Franks came in every Thursday she really liked him and today he asked her out, she wanted this for so long. So a new dress was in order.
Walking into TORN DREAMS a dress shop she always wanted to shop at Tracy was greeted at the door by Grace a lady graceful long legs and very pretty she asked Tracy what she was looking for then took her to a rack of dresses that were perfect. Grace helped Tracy pick out a few then took her by the hand and lead her to a dressing room, inside Grace turned and started to remove Tracy's clothes Tracy freaked out never had another woman undressed her. The more she tried to stop Grace the harder Grace fought to remove her clothes. Naked Tracy tried her best to hide her body with her hands Grace just smiled and reached out grab Tracy and pushed her into the next room. Inside was a bed and Tracy was fasten down to it Grace then left the room. Returning Grace had two others with her all three had on long thick strap-on Grace was the first to talk asking Tracy WILL YOU SUCK THIS JOHN'S COCK IF HE WANTS YOU TO? Tracy just says yes I guest so. Grace holds the fake cock to Tracy's lips and presses it in telling Tracy to show me. Her mouth open as wide as she can Tracy does her best to suck the cock in her mouth then Grace starts to move it in deeper fucking Tracy's mouth all the time slapping Tracy saying do better slut. Tracy chocks a lot but never gave up and soon she was taking it deep like a pro whore. As this was going on one of the others got between her legs and there strap-on pushed into Tracy causing her to shudder it felt as if she was being torn apart it was thicker then she ever had and the girl was not taking it easy either pile driving it deep into her. Both women banging Tracy hard and deep with powerful strokes then Tracy's body shook and her insides trembled her inexperienced body was gripped by a orgasm that rattled her hard, but the two never slowed down Tracy went throw three mind bending orgasms one right after another each more intense then the other. Leaving her panting for her breath on the bed they left the room. Laying there Tracy's mind relling the third woman got on the bed she was a big breasted olive skinned not saying a word she rolled Tracy on her tummy then kissed and lick Tracy's sweet ass Tracy had never had anyone do things like this to her and was enjoying the effects it had on her. she felt some oil being poured on her and rubbed in the woman 's fingers gently easing into Tracy's asshole as she began to enjoy the light pressure it stopped then it was replaced with a scorching burning and her asshole was being envaded by a cock even bigger then the one that fucked her mouth again the woman took no mercy on her and fucked her ass hard deep and fast but then as if a switch went off the pain turned to pleasure and Tracy moaned and groaned to another frenzy of orgasms the woman pulled the cock from Tracy's ass with a pop and ran it across her lips before exiting the room. After a while Grace returned with Tracy's cloth and a package setting on the bed she as Tracy if she was ok then said. My dresses are designed to get a woman laid to make a man want the lady waring it so much. So I have taking it on myself to make sure the women waring them know how to take care of the man. Inside the package is a dress I picked for you enjoy your date then she left.

Entering her house Tracy open the package to find a dress that was perfect cleaning up then dressing she waited for John when he came they went to dinner and dancing coming home Tracy wasted no time she undressed him and used her new talents on him but poor John was small and very bad at sex in all. He left and she fingered herself off in the morning she went to the dress shop and grace meet her at the door HOW WAS YOUR DATE HONEY? Oh it was great I'm here for another lesson please Grace smiled and took her hand.....
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