Kim Likes Power 2

Kim pulls into a drive and walks to the door knocks and a tall dark haired woman answers. Can I help you? Kim says I seen you at Pam's party the other day and walks in pass the woman. The woman in a huff says who are you and why are you here? Kim smiles I'm your new mistress and I'm here to fuck you honey! The woman screams get out of my home! All Kim does is sit down look at the angry woman and says fight if you must but I will fuck you very soon. A look of shock covers her face and the woman feels defeated. She slides into a chair and looking at Kim in a confessed tone ask why me? Again Kim smiles because out of all the women I seen that day I only wanted you. Now honey please tell me your name, your age and about your hubby and k**s. The woman still unsure of what was happing says I'm Gail and I'm 42yrs. my husband is Frank 45yrs. and we have two daughters 19 and 22 both on there own. I see and do you work? Yes I'm a manger at a clothing store and he's a VP at the bank. Ok well Gail have you ever been with another woman before? God no! Does your hubby fuck you good and hard? Well yesss ok what was that delay there? I mean I love the way and all that but we don't do it enough. Well Gail that will change Gail looks confessed again and Kim smiles ok let me explain it more. First I'm going to fuck you much better then anyone ever has and after words you will one feel bad that you liked it and two even worst that you want it again. So you'll fuck Frank more and harder then you have been trying to fuck me away but it will only make you want me more. So your married sex life will get better and your lesbian sex life will consume you you'll see I'm right. Very soon you will do things you never thought you'd do and even in places you never thought you would. Kim just talk to Gail for a couple of hours then got up to leave. She pulled Gail into a hug and kissed her a very passion filled kiss never touching Gail the wrong way then told her I'll see you soon and left. Gail fell into the chair the things in her head spinning so fast the things Kim said and how she said them had gotten Gail very hot, but why? That night Gail just about fucked Frank to death and for the next week they were like newly wedded again. Then Friday morning Kim called HELLO GAIL I WOULD TAKE YOU OUT TONIGHT I'LL PICK YOU UP AT 8pm.then hung up. Gail fought with herself all day should she go or not but about ten mins. before Frank came home she put on her best party dress and did her make-up got her dancing shoes and Frank walk in to a vision. WOW YOU LOOK GREAT thank you honey I'm going out with a friend tonight ok? Yea sure you need to get out some have fun ok. Just then the doorbell rang Frank open it for Kim in a mini dress cut down the front so both sides of her tits showed her hair flowed down and she looked like a million bucks Frank was taken back by this woman. Kim rapped her arms around Gail and kissed her lightly on the lips. The vision of these two women gave Frank a boner. Kim held Gail's hand saying don't wait up and they left.

The two drove around a little then to a bar sitting at the bar they got looks from the whole room both men and women watched there every move. After a couple of shots they danced a little coming back to there sets Kim sat down pulled Gail between her legs and kissed her hard but with much passion Gail's head spinning she loved the kiss but all the people watching Kim f***ed her tongue in and the people melted away. The two put on a show Kim cupping Gail's breast and pinched her nipples hard while her other hand cupped Gail's perfect ass. Kim had Gail moaning loud and humping her hands as they walked to the bathroom. Inside the room Kim lower Gail's top taking off her bra and sucking her big nipples making Gail moan even louder raising her dress Kim took off Gail's panties and introduced two fingers causing Gail to have her first orgasm of the night. Only after that did Gail see that the room had five other women in it and all had lust fill eyes watching her. Kim kissed her again and asked ARE YOU SORRY YOU CAME OUT? OMG NO HELL NO!!! Kim put Gail's panties in her pocket and handed her bra to a guy as they came out Kim tried to pay but the barkeep waved her off. They left Kim's hand on Gail's ass just before they made the door a woman about 5'5" and 100lbs. great figure stopped them OMG I know I should do this but here and handed Kim a paper with her number on it. Kim looked at her and a smile came on her face she asked what's your name? I'm Patty. Well Patty this paper well not do if you want to give me your number I need it on your panties. The woman just looked at her and then Kim whispered into Gail's ear. Gail pushed the woman into her chair and lifted her dress rubbing her pussy getting her panties soaked then pulled them off and spread them on the table. Two other women setting close raised there dresses to and Kim nodded to Gail who felt them up too. Kim told the women I want your name address and phone numbers on your panties but if you give them up and one or both of us call you then you will be fucked hard and go home pussy juice d***k. Kim and Gail left with five panties and went to a hotel and fucked the whole night away. Kim dropped Gail home at 10 the next morning Frank came to the door looked at Gail half dressed and screamed at her she just fell to her knees in the driveway and pulled out his cock of course it was hard and she sucked it like a pro. Kim got out patted Gail on the top of her head and said I'll be here about 9 tonight ok? Gail moaned Kim kissed Frank and said is that ok with you too? He looked at her not answering her Gail started to stop and he said A A A YEA IT'S FINE WITH ME!!!
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