Giving a Ride

Mary Kay Toms a married woman 38yrs three k**s a girl away at school a girl at home and a son one month ago left for the Army. On her way home after a late night at work, her car quits it just stops and will not start again. Calling home no one answers so she starts to walk it's only about six blocks but it's raining, she didn't wear a coat and her light dress is soaked sticking to her body. As Jan comes around the bend her lights shine on the woman being wet the lights on her the dress is see through and Jan can see no bra only skimpy panties. Stopping to see it's Mary Kay the mother of Gail her worst nightmare Jan says please get in Mrs. Toms. Mary Kay says oh do I know you? Jan says to herself not yet but you so will never forget me! Tells Mary Kay I'm in Gail's class. As the car drives by there turn Mary Kay ask where they are going Jan just keeps driving. A couple of miles down the road Jan pulls in on a dirt road then in to a barn parking. Do you know where we are? Mary Kay looks around no I don't. Then do you know what your daughter is? Shocked Mary Kay says what are you talking about? OK well I'll tell you.

Two months ago the school had a homecoming thing and I was one of the people in it along with Gail's best friend Tress the night before the game they brought me here and ****d me. Wait what do you mean ****? They f***ed me to suck there tits and eat there pussies out keeping me here all night long then dropped me in my yard naked in the morning. That was bad but first my mother didn't want to belive me then she did and at the game confronted your daughter. getting in a yelling matching they took her with them. Twenty min. later I found them mom on her knees her face in Tess's cunt and your daughter fucking her ass with a long handled hair brush. I yelled at them to stop but they wouldn't. As I got to them they did stop to fight me off till my mom yelled at me saying PLEASE LEAVE THEM ALONE JAN I NEED MORE! turning to your daughter begging her to fuck her harder and returning to Tess's cunt. Later at the thing she cheered Tess on and not me Tess did win both the thing and my mom. Both Gail and Tess are calling mom at all hours of the night and bringing her home naked in the morning. I've told her I'd tell daddy but she says go ahead I know it's wrong but I can't and do not want to stop.

So you brought me here to do the same thing I don't think so! grab Jan and throw her to the ground my dear you have a lot to learn see first Gail and Tess were under my orders to do you, and when they took her at night they bring her to me, next you too will do ask her and fall in line as my slut or else and you do not want to displease me! Now get naked bitch! Unable to cope Jan did as told and soon was on her knees eating her new Mistress pussy then put over the back of the car a 11 inch strap-on entered her and pounded her young puss being the only cock to enter her she was lifted to a scorching orgasm that lasted a long time. Putting Jan in her car naked Mary Kay drives her home and enters the house to find her mom and dad at the table Mary Kay looked at Jan who without words fall to her knees lift Mary Kay's dress and bury her face in her twat. Jan's dad started to say something when the mother stood up walked to Mary Kay and pulled out a tit and started to suck like a hungry baby. Dad sat back looking at his wife and daughter service this woman when Mary Kay spoke to him STEVE IS YOUR NAME RIGHT? yes WELL STEVE YOUR WIFE AND DAUGHTER ARE NOW MINE. THEY WILL STILL LIVE HERE AND BE YOUR f****y BUT. ME OR ANY OTHER FEMALE CAN AND WILL HAVE THEM TO DO AS THEY PLEASE! IF YOU FIGHT THIS YOU GET NOTHING, BUT IF YOU GO ALONG THEN YOU TO GET THERE MOUTH CUNT BOTH WIFE AND DAUGHTER WILL SUCK YOU DAILY. Unable to refuse that he agreed to her. Pulling out her strap-on she moved Jan to suck daddies cock then had mom suck the 11" cock about to fuck her. Pulling the cock free from mom's mouth she told Steve BOTH THERE ASSES ARE MINE ALONE and placed the cock at the opening of mom's ass who leaned back on it drawing it in begging to be butt fuck hard and deep seeing his wife give herself up completely to this lesbian woman drove him on to fuck his young daughters mouth causing her to chock on him but not caring he held her head and went balls deep unloading his cum in her mouth as mom was going into her third orgasm of the morning. Leaving a couple hours later she walks in her house and kisses her husband morning my car stopped on me so I spent the night at work and as she walked down the hall he says I'll take care of it use mine I'll call it in. Stopping at Gail's door she opens it and throws in both Jan and mommies panties saying put these with the rest then with a smile who is next on the list honey......
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