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Mary is 19 her first day at school first time away from home. Her mom and dad helped her move in two days ago but now it was real no one to fall back on. Thing went pretty good till History, World history it was her worst thing but she had to have it. Walking in the teacher a woman about 35 tall and classy her hair lite brown she had eyes on Mary from door to seat. Walking around the class she looked the students up and down moving them where she wanted them. Mary she sat right in her line of sight. During out the class she told them what they needed to pass always keeping her eyes on Mary. A week go by and the teacher keep an eye on Mary the whole time. Friday night Tammy Mary's room mate talked her into going to a party, Mary not one to drink got shitfaced fast. Walking home she ran into the teacher outside of her building, Mary my dear please come here. Mary did as asked and the teacher says ok not in the classroom but out here call me Kris. Mary having a hard time just standing Kris sees this and tells her I'm taking you home with me if you go in like that it will be filed and that's not a good thing.

Kris takes her to a house in the country looking like a big barn house and tucked her in. In the morning smelling food and much needed coffee she found the kitchen still not awake she didn't even notice Kris had put a night shirt on her. Taking the offered coffee she sat back and tried to remember how she got there. Kris sat the eggs and bacon down and rubbed her arm saying it's ok I took care of you so eat and relax. After eating Kris said your clothes are ruined so it looks like that shirt fits so my tees and shorts should fit to help your self in there point to a bedroom. Finding the clothes she dressed and came back to find Kris who told her to look around the farm awhile so she walked out to the horses and feed them Kris joined her taking her to a tack room she sat Mary down. OK Mary we need to talk I am married and have a little girl but, you my dear are a walking dream to me. Mary sat up but where could she run nowhere. Seeing her fear Kris relayed her story, When I was in school my roomy hit on me but I rejected her till the last night we came home from a great party and she jumped me not taking no she ravished me all night in the morning having not sl**p still wrapped in her arms when my mom knocked on the door. I was a fool to wait so the next couple of years I fell between any legs that were spread for me in fact that's how I meet my husband I laid his older s****r and went back for more but she wasn't home and he answered the door. I've been good just him and no one else but I want you so bad. She wrap Mary up and kissed her Mary 19 no boyfriend and never had one she was easy and they spent the afternoon in lesbian joy licking and fingering each other to mind bending orgasms. Mary spent the weekend with her. Driving to school Monday morning Kris said come see me at lunch I need to show you something.

As the noon bell rang Kris took Mary to an off campus building going around back they looked in the windows, two of Mary's classmates were naked being bent over an chair and spanked hard a couple others were on there knees eating pussy of upper class girls. Mary looked at Kris and Kris told her those girls say that if you do as told then you will make the list for the best houses but there aren't even s****rs. If you let me I can make it so the best house s****rs beg you to join them and have your pick of the best pussy here. I said I've been good and I have but I know how and who to talk to and get everything I want. Mary looked at her then asked do we still and before she could finish Kris was kissing her then risking her job and being seen by those other girls she pulled Mary's shorts down and went tongue deep causing Mary to moan and shake in orgasm bliss. Over the next couple of weeks Mary spent her time studying and fucking Kris as much as possible.

Leaving to go to class Mary ran into Honey a southern girl gorgeous big breasted honey colored hair and a smile that gets you wet. Are you Mary Franton? Yes. Would you please come to glam house to night at 8pm. I hope you can I will make it worth it if you do and she hug Mary kissed her cheek and winked at her leaving Mary. Seeing Kris she told her about Honey Kris said oh I'd go if I could so please go and tell me about it.

next time did she go?
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