LeAnn Goes On

LeAnn had become one of Kat's (my wife) bitches and loved it. Kat and her had formed a bond, and no one could break it. LeAnn was married and had k**s but still made time to go out with Kat. They hit the bar then our lake house Kat wore LeAnn's pussy out fucking her hard and deep with her 11inch strap-on puss to mouth to ass to mouth to puss again driving LeAnn to have multi-orgasms taking her home late at night and fingering her in the car in the drive. This had become a weekly thing plus Kat sometimes showed up durning the week too. LeAnn loved her hubby Tom but the fucking she got from Kat was so much better the cock even though not real was at least 5inches longer then Tom's and he had never been in her ass, where Kat just took it one night and f***ed it in the whole way no matter all the begging LeAnn did to stop her, once in fully Kat just allowed her to accept it before moving but then she rode that ass hard and the pain soon turned to joy and unbelievable pleasure, and then there is the pussy eating when Kat first came on to LeAnn it was just kissing and touching Kat took her out and back to the lake house peeling her clothes off licking and sucking her tits and neck then going down on her LeAnn was taken to new highs and her orgasms were mind bending. This all good but the first time it was her turn she freaked out till she tried the taste the smell and the power the one doing the eating has was so good to her to have control bring Kat close but not over the brink then changing the method was so cool to her. the thrill of hearing someone beg for release was such a turn-on. After 10 months her hubby and even k**s gave her shit about the time she spent away from home but to her it was like having her cake and eating it too and she loved it.

LeAnn's birthday is coming up and Kat wants to take her away for the weekend going to Tom's work Kat ask him if it's OK he thinks well her birthday is Tuesday so if you go she'll be able to party with us so yea it's fine. Kat goes to LeAnn's home to tell her about the plans she has and LeAnn is over joyed hugging and kissing each other they don't see Jo the woman across the street at the door but she sees them. Thinking they are alone the two go at it there in the living room licking and sucking each other to the big O all while Jo watches. unaware that they were caught they have there weekend at a motel in the next state. Coming home to her party that Jo is invited to things are going well and LeAnn is in the kitchen when Jo comes up behind her leaning in she ask did you and your girlfriend have a good time? LeAnn say what does that mean? Jo informs her that she seen them and plans to tell everyone about it! LeAnn is scared the rest of the day and can't sl**p that night then in the morning she goes to Jo's house to talk. Jo says WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT? at that moment something clicks in LeAnn and she goes crazy grabs Jo and drags her down to the floor Jo yells GET OFF ME YOU LESBO! and LeAnn rips her clothes off pinches her nipples and making them hard slapping her ass and rubbing her cunt Jo is yelling to stop but is also wet as hell LeAnn plugs first one then two fingers deep in her cunt hitting the g-spot driving Jo nuts as much as she hates it this is making LeAnn so hot she pulls her fingers out and dives in tongue deep licking sucking tongue fucking Jo to the best orgasm of her 36yrs. life still not finish LeAnn spread Jo's ass and tongue fucks it too. 45min. later Jo laying on the floor panting to catch her breath LeAnn gets up and dresses not say anything just leaves.

Three days go by Kat calls but LeAnn refuses to see or tell what is wrong Jo has not been seen either, Then about six as they are sitting to eat dinner Jo comes over the k**s let her in and LeAnn hears her ask Tom if she could talk to him alone? As him and Jo go outside LeAnn sits in fear they talk for about 5min. then Tom calls LeAnn out she thinks he doesn't want to yell around the k**s she comes out and he starts LeAnn Jo wants to know if you would go with her to see her sick mother it's a long drive and she's scared to go alone? Looking at Jo who begs PLEASE she says alright when? Jo says tonight ok? Yea I'll get ready then. Two hours later LeAnn says good-bye to hubby and k**s and they leave, after a few Jo looks at LeAnn my mother is not sick we are going to a place I know so we can have more one on one time OK? LeAnn lets out a deep sigh and yells HELL YEA!!!
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8 months ago
I'm sat here at a truck stop in my big rig have just read this story and now I have a very hardd cock this was by far you best story yet keep this an other story about your wife come