The Night The Members Meet

It was here all three ladies enthusiasm high yet all scared too, remembering what they were told tonight was it a national meeting and after a lesbian free for all no saying no to anything they were asked to do. Tina had spent the day with the leader her boss she had treated her to a new dress and shoes also a long slow deep fucking with a 11" strap-on her boss saying she didn't want to drain either of them out so she took her sweet time till a shuddering starting way down came to the top leaving both of them trembling and panting. Amy and Candy also went dress shopping trying to f***e Candy's figure into a slim dress Amy on the other hand her dress long but cut up the side cut low in back showing the crack of her lovely ass and her valley between her tits also showing almost to her belly Jan was hidden all day coming into the hall to meet the others she wear a long dress looking as if it was painted on it showed all covering her body but her hard nipples her tight ass could be seen as if she was naked making all these women look scorching hot.

The meeting it's self was held in the ballroom of the hotel opening the doors they saw maybe a thousand women all different sizes colors ages but all gorgeous in there own way finding there seats the women looked around in wonderment they seen congress women big business CEO's TV stars all here for the same thing yet so inviting and normal it was a great night. The food made by some of the top cooking higher arches all female the speakers interesting and funny all and all so much fun but in the end the lights turn down low dancing started and coupling began a tall young redhead lady asked Amy to dance, as they were dancing the redhead's hands cupped Amy's ass and there lips meet in a tongue battling kiss lasting the whole song. Standing in the middle of the floor they put on a show of two horny women inexperienced assault in to Amazonian dominance sex ripping each others clothes off and grinding into each other it was so hot all eyes on them. Jan standing watching as a grey haired congress woman behind her rubbing her perfect ass lifting her dress a little at a time till her fingers on naked flesh found Jan's sweet over juiced pussy easily sliding two fingers in and her thumb to her rosebud Jan pushing back on her hand giving the older woman full control. the whole room fill with the sounds of moaning groaning hips slapping asses slurping pussies till late into the night. Before leaving that room Tina had been fucked sucked and licked by more women then she had ever known leaving a lasting impression on her making her vow to never miss one of these meetings ever.

In the morning at the table they all had telltale signs of the night some love bites and sore pussies and asses but, no regrets at all the only bad feelings were cause they needed to go back home at the end of the week but the good thing was they had four more blissful nights here and no limits to the amount of pleasure to come finding the leader each woman thanked her deeply for enlisting them. They laid by the pool in almost there suits the sun was hot so Jan took a little dip then standing up against the side talking a 19yrs big tit small suit walking wet dream grab Jan's ass turning to see who had felt her up Jan was meet with a soul searing kiss and a plea to come upstairs with the wanton girl accepting Jan was lead to the lift the girls hands still on Jan's sweet ass, about 45mins. later Jan came back on wobbly legs tell the others that three other girls were in the room she was eaten both tits sucked and a cunt ground in her face all at once changing spots till she got them all off. Amy had enough sun going up to her room for a nap she ran into an alluring woman that she seen last night the woman no making a sound pulls Amy's top down and engulfs her nipples making Amy moan loudly this woman suck hard trying to suck her tits off the pressure is so good making Amy orgasm and the tit sucking lady moves on leaving Amy panting topless in the hallway. The next couple of day and nights are filled with earth shuddering orgasms they sucked so much pussy they were cum d***k each night loving every woman in sight even a couple who they later found out were not members. The last night each member was redosed with the scent unable to smell it themselves but on the plain the air line attends sure did as they sucked pussy on the 4 hour flight. Home again Tina resting watching TV when the doorbell rings it's Carol her !6yrs daughters friend and as she opens the door she sees the girls nose flare smiling she tells her I'm home alone but why don't you come in a keep me company........
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holy cow this is better the 1 2 3 it was a all out lesbian fee for all that my cock ever then the lost one