The Meetings Go On

For the last four months the girls have enjoyed a queens life the men in there life were being great lovers and very attentive to them and females from 8 to 80 were allured by them about once a week each one got together with the woman who started it all for them and was given a fucking like only another woman could soft when it called for but hard as hell too. The orgasms were earth shattering the kind that made there pussy still feeling it hours later. Also together they pounded themselves and each one made it a point to get someone new a woman who most of the time were with men when the ladies saw them and then made there move walking right up to them no longer sly of doing so the men were taken by there looks and scent and the woman the scent started things going but the women have learned to smooth talk them right out of there panties most were for the pleasure of it at the time others were cause the group could use them but, always the first time was the best. Young to middle age women most who never had even thought about another women now being driven to the point of total surrender no matter where they were or who may see them they begged for more and more they got. Example for you.

Amy the bank VP the one who was the slyest.
Saturday morning Amy is driving down main street and as she turns she sees a woman and her two boys maybe 12yrs getting in a car. Amy turns that way and follows them to the ball park seeing them closer the woman looked about maybe 30yrs nice body long brown hair tits good not to large over all not a prom queen but close to it Amy watches her sit with a few other women so Amy hangs back then the lady heads to the food stand coming up behind her Amy starts to talk with her up close she has pretty green eyes the talk goes on and she ask Amy to join her saying OK Amy sits next to this lady as the game goes on Amy puts her hand on the ladies leg and looks her in the eye slowly she moves her hand up the green eyed honey and eye contact goes on the women around them are all a where but nothing is being said till Amy leans in and says you need to come with me and as if in a trance she gets up and Amy and her go to another field not being used in the dugout Amy introduces green eyes to her tits simply bringing her tits out and pulling the ladies head to them the woman licks and sucks Amy's tits as if she'd been doing it for years soon Amy has the lady naked and coming hard with her fingers and tongue rocking and bucking through multi-orgasms moaning uncontrollably load the whole park can hear her begging Amy not to stop. As Amy brings the woman out and back to her seat they hug each other and plan a date there where all can hear the woman thanks Amy and kisses her bye. As this all goes on each female there wants to be the green eyed lady and the males just love the sights.

Today the three ladies go shopping then at Jan's pool side they enjoy drinks and talk the phone rings and Jan says OH HI YES WE ARE ALL HERE OH OK I'LL TELL THEM hanging up she sits and looks like a white has been laid over her cringing the others gather around her as she tells them the first yearly meeting is in two weeks and that each one needs to pay $5000 by Friday night each one of them drifts into there own little world thinking how and where to gain the money knowing it is a must to be a member but also to maintain the life they have come to love.

Two days later Tina is on a mission she goes to her big bosses office Mr. Frick is marred and about 60yrs Tina has on a dress that pushes the dress code a little tight and fit in the right places no bra no panties she walks in and her good size tits wave at him she ask him for the time off and turns around to sit bending to pick up a paper letting him see her naked ass then around sitting he has a prefect view down her top at her tits the show does the trick and she gets the OK happy she hugs him rubbing those hard nipples against him she can feel his 60yrs. boner pressing her luck she puts her hands on it and gently rubs it, the look on his face is priceless yet she lets him know if he pays for her trip he can have her. Agreeing to whatever it takes she gives him her best blow job and lets him lick and fuck her the best he can bending her over his desk he pounds away she thinks he's 60 and still harder and long than her wimp of a husband this may not be the last time for him.

Jan is called to her bosses office who is also her leader in the group she is told that her money well be paid by the company but she well be going two day early and staying in the bosses room as her obedient little cunt licker and you can start now Jan come around here and get on your knees doing as told Jan walked around the desk and sank to her knees raising her bosses skirt she leans in but the boss stop her saying you must learn never server your mistress with your top on no matter where you are. Removing her top Jan let her 36D's swing free as she again leaned in and licked the pussy of her mistress gentle at first then more passion tongue deep trying to crawl up in that puss as far as possible her boss feeling her tits twisting her nipples hard Jan moaning deep in side that pussy humming and sucking the clit then the door opens and her assented comes in Jan lifts up only to be shoved back down the boss says you my dear need to get use to being seen cause at the meeting at night durning the parties your free to do as you will to who you want but any other time your my cunt and will service me when where I please.

Amy is in the bank at her desk worried about the money yes she could take it out of the household money but then her hubby would need to know just then a knock at her office door intrepid her thoughts it was Mrs. Galds a lady she only knew cause of her wealth she didn't come to the bank much but had most of the money in it. Amy gets up and offers her a set well Mrs.-- she is stopped please call me Candy I need to talk to you woman to woman I need to created a fund of $1000,000.00 to start with but it needs to be hidden so my hubby doesn't notice it. As the older woman is talking Amy is becoming more turned on not the normal after she was sprayed had this happen the woman to noticed a different reaction to her being around other women too. then suddenly they both begain to laugh realizing that they each were group members Candy then explained the money was for the meeting a gift for the group to use as fit she told Amy that for the last 18 years she has been a member and that being so has gotten her where she is today more money then she ever thought of her two k**s one a doctor the other a big wig at the biggest law firm in Texas. and the gates were open to her and them cause of the group and its members so this was going be her big thank you to them. Amy and Candy worked it out and as Candy was leaving she asked Amy to let her pay her way as her guest Amy close her door and gave Candy a big long kiss saying she would love that.

The ladies ready to get going just as a limo pulled into the drive the driver a 19yrs old tall big tit redheaded walking dream open the door saying she was sent to get them and to service them on the plane ride there.
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it made my cock hard I give it four cocks up for out stand story