The Second Meeting

The woman looks at the three women with distain in her eyes Jan is first then Tina gets in Amy the last. No time being wasted the woman spread her legs and told Jan to get busy Jan goes on the floor of the limo and between her legs the sounds of a very cunt lapper can be heard as the woman holds Jan's head saying "you learn fast my dear" next she turns to Tina "let me see those wonderful tits again" Tina as if mind controlled removes her top and bra the lip stain marks on them from the earlier romp impressed the woman as she fondled Tina's nipples causing her to moan in delight. Amy sat and watched the whole thing trying to stay out of the way. The limo pulled into the underground parking of the Grand Towers a hotel for the very rich. The door is open and they notice the driver this time a woman with a hat and coat very short shorts and almost there top just enough to cover her nipples the 5 women enter the lift and it goes to the president suite the driver removes her clothes and kneels at the women side Amy, Jan and Tina are sat in a love chair.

After the three women start to get relaxed the woman says "ok now it's time to lay down the law." You ladies are being requited into a powerful group of women first lets talk about Amy 36yrs. two girls ages 14 and 8 you are the youngest VP at your bank in 27 years yet the higher up still watch over you like a k**. Your hubby is a manager of a sports store and if you as me not worthily of you. Tina my dear your the HR officer the one who hires the best and still not used to your full abilities, with out you the top four IT persons in the state would have been in another company. Then there is Jan the number one anchor with the top stories in todays news yet you still need a say so to follow a new lead then the honors go to someone else. My group is made up of women just like you women who run there companies and lead personal to great places but are still on the side lines. Most if not all are married or close to it and most have c***dren too. They do there jobs but, if a woman needs a little help here or there the group use their power to help. Anything you need will be arranged a babysitter, job, someone hit you name it also we have money so if your hubbies get to be a problem the best female law staff can be hired.

Amy speaks up I've heard of this but my question is why us and what do we have to do to be and stay a member of this group? Well great question first off your jobs are what we need and as for how to stay a member follow the rulers. OK and they are Tina ask.

1. Never say no to another member as to help or sex
2. Twice a year for a week the group meets and it's a lesbian free for all you must attend
3. You'll put $5000 in the pot at each of these meets

Jan now thinking hard says and what do we get for are agreeing to all this? The woman says well go to work tomorrow and then at the end of the day call this number and tell me yes or no well you do that? Jan and the others say Ok and they all toast white wine on it then the driver gets ready to take them all home first it's Amy's house the limo pulls in the drive and the driver opens the door as Amy gets out the driver sprays a small bottle on her it smells good so Amy lets it pass. then Jan and Tina and they are sprayed to.

Amy walks inside her daughters both there watching TV she ask them to help with dinner and as normal they bitch about it till they are close to Amy there noses inhale the sweet smell and they are the most mattered k**s alive after dinner unasked they help with the dishes and sit on each side of Amy the rest of the night.

Jan enters her home to her k**s fighting she breaks them up and doing so they inhale her scent almost as if different k**s they do as told and her hubby comes home a little on edge but the scent has him at her feet, just then the daughter of the people next door a 22yrs girl she has never meet knocks at the door she is there cause Jan has been getting there mail while they were gone the girl takes one look at Jan and suddently her tits poke out and she hits hard on Jan who tell hubby she is going to help the girl next door as soon as they are in the house Jan has the girl naked and head between her legs Jan ask her if she has ever done this before the girl raises just long enough to say no and Jan informs her that as long as she is going to be in town she would be eating Jan out so get use to it.

Tina get home her head swimming with all that has happen so she goes to bed in the morning she stops at her normal place for coffee the same girl as always waits on her but this time Tina is asked to please come to there office where the woman gives her a tongue bath like she never had at work her long time helper is all over her like a string pulling her between Tina's legs and every female the three women see are under the power of the scent the men to but just to server not sexual and that's good cause at the end of the day each woman had cum more then they had in years when the call came they all answered HELL YES I ACCEPT IT!!!!!!!!

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11 months ago
wow it had my dick hard as a rock