The First Meeting

Amy Sons, Tina Rends and Jan Goods all in there 30's were out on the town to have a girls night out not the normal for these working house wife's. See all of them were very busy Amy a VP at the bank, Tina the HR manger for the power plant out side town and Jan is the head anchor at the TV station. All three the mother of two and all married to men who resented them cause they made more money then them. The three were all friends at school and after in each others weddings there k**s all about the same age were all friends too. on the off chance that they all have the same days off they go out on the town drink G/T's and eat rich foods not the most interested women but it's a lot of fun to them. Tonight it's Franks a local bar and grill with a band after 9pm. all three get there around 8:30pm. so they can gets doubles the first half hour. They are having a great time and dancing up a storm girl talk and giggles all around. About 11:45pm. Tina goes to the restroom alone she passes a woman who bumps into her and just smiles as she walks around her Tina sets to pee and as she opens the stall door the same woman is there smiling at her Tina washes her hands and the woman stands behind her in the jam pack restroom suddenly Tina is aware that a hand is on her ass under her dress gently rubbing her butt Tina in shock jumps and rushes out but her arm is grab and she is turned to the back door scared she looks to see the same woman there she guides Tina out the door and leans her against the wall The woman still smiling asked Tina her name I'm Tina well Tina how old are you Tina says 34yrs. the woman ask about her friends and Tina says I don't know what you want but I think you've mistaken me for something or someone else. The woman says meaning what Tina using her head careful not to offend says I'm not into women in that way and the woman just laughs and kisses Tina on the mouth cringing Tina pulls away and rushes back to her friends she is shaken but does not tell they what happened. The three women dance and Tina looks around for the woman not seeing her she relaxes and the party goes on. Around 2am they head to Fred's to get some food Jan heads to the bathroom and is gone awhile Tina goes to but doesn't see her as she heads back she passes an office the door partly open and Jan is bent over a desk and moaning loudly Tina can't see who is fucking her but the motion tells her that whoever it is they are pounding Jan hard. Tina knows she should leave them alone but it's to late her own twat is all wet and her feet wouldn't move she watched for a few more min. then Jan cum so she goes to her seat. After they finish there food they all leave. The next day Saturday Tina sees Jan and is trying to ask who it was whit coming out and saying it unable to do so she drops it. Sunday and Monday are boring Tuesday morning Tina goes to work and is informed she has a new boss and is meeting them at 2pm not knowing anything about them she is fearful that it's a man who don't like women it charge. At 1:55 she goes to there office the door close she knocks and a voice says just a moment please then a red faced young woman comes out and tells Tina to go in. The big chair behind the desk is turned away and Tina sets in the chair in front the chair turns and it's the woman from the bar Tina's head starts to spin the woman gets up coming around her desk her dress all open her tits have lipstick on them she bends and again kisses Tina only this time it's a passion kiss a kiss that hits Tina her nipples stiffen her cunt waters she is more turned on then ever in her life still not making a sound the woman guides her tits to Tina's mouth who not haven ever done it before she sucked and licks those nipples the best she can after a while the woman gets up and lowers her dress Tina sees a clean shaved pussy coming to her face to first smell was like a d**g and she was hooked diving her tongue in she delighted again doing her best to please. Tina left the office with a fight in her head she truly loved it but, OMG it's so wrong she wasn't a lesbian or not even bi but she sure love the feeling it gave her. At the end of the day she sat in her car thinking she needed to talk to someone about this someone she trusted someone she could tell who wouldn't fault her she called Amy but no answer so Jan was next but before she hit send she decided to just go there pulling into Jan's drive she runs to the door knocking as she goes in she calls out JAN ARE YOU HERE? hearing voices up the stairs she walks into Jan's bedroom to find her on the bed with Amy under her the two in a 69 unaware of anything but each others tongue Tina stood there in awl her friends in the thos of love making her body yearning to join them she removes her clothes and as the bed moves they notice her smiling they hug her and things get wild Tina refused to leave Amy's mouth so Tina covers Amy's cunt with a tongue bath centering on her clit riding the bucking woman till she can take no more then the two of them ravish Jan to a quivering mess after words Jan and Amy turn Tina upside down. The three wanton huskies lay on the bed trying to regain there breaths. Looking into Tina's eyes Jan ask how did you know Tina laughs I didn't I had a eye opening happen and was coming to talk to my friend about it, Amy starts to howl laughing so loud she is crying Tina looks at Jan and says what'd I say. Amy clams down and says that's why I'm here. So they all start over Tina says well Friday night that the bar a woman hit on me hard I brushed her off but it got to me then at Fred's I saw Jan getting fucked hard and it drove me crazy I fingered myself all weekend and even let Tom fuck me then today that same woman is my new boss I sucked her tits and pussy first time I ever done it with a woman and loved it so much but the after thoughts got to me I came here to talk to you about it. Jan says well Friday night was it alright see I spotted a woman so alluring to me I couldn't stop staring at her something about her drew me in and that was her fucking me at Fred's and again the next day and again this morning I have no idea what her name is all I know is I can't refuse her and she sure knows how to fuck me better then any man ever has I too needed to talk to someone and when Amy came over telling her turned into showing her. They all laughed then Jan's phone rang looking she says it's her saying hello Jan says you are OK yes I will OK bye. hanging up she jumps off the bed dressing she says she'll be here in 5 Tina and Amy dress and as they are leaving a big car pulls up and Tina's new boss and love gets out Jan runs out and her and the others just stand there smiling the woman opens the car door and justers for them all to get in.
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11 months ago
holy cow a super hot story