Rene 2

Leaving the gym with Anggi and Greg Rene found herself in the backseat her legs spread wide and Anggi's tongue deep in her twat and that stirring in her that means a strong orgasm was soon coming her head tilted back the a****lized moans coming from her were driving Anggi on to ravish Rene' cunt. The car stopped and after she regain control of herself Rene saw a home of a rich couple the house was so big and the cars were fancy inside it was so pretty and big she thought her home was big but, she could put her whole house in the living room alone. She was taken to a room where the bed a big four poster type with carvings in the wooden head board they took her clothes and placed her on the big bed Greg offered her his cock and she quickly engulfed it while Anggi returned to feast on her cunt Rene has never been one to suck cock but after the last couple of months she was now a pro and the look and moans Greg made let her know she had learned well but she needed filled so she laid Anggi out crawled between her long lean legs and presented her cunt to Greg to pound while she returned the pleasure to Anggi using her tongue to sent Anggi's twat into a earth shaking round of orgasms that lasted what seemed like forever the woman shook and bucked up grinding her red hair cunt into Rene face and begging she never stop. The next two hours Rene was filled with cum his and hers making her what she likes to call "cum d***k" after cleaning up the couple return her to her car at the gym and make plans to see each other again soon.

Rene drives home and sitting in the kitchen at the table she remembers the days events as her man comes in he just walks right by her into the den and at his starts to work. All thought it was all pleasurable she still feels some what like it was wrong like maybe she owed her hubby something to make it up smiling to herself she stands removes her clothes and naked goes to him knees down and starts to undue his pants he's shocked seeing Rene like this and as her tongue licks his still soft cock he wonders who this woman is using her new talents she is able to take all of him in her mouth and bobbing her head up and down her lips and tongue having the right pressure he is very soon coming in her mouth to her delight but, not done yet she keeps it up till he is rock hard again and guides him in as she rides him telling him how much she loves him as he again fills her body with his man juice she again licks his cock clean he watches her as if in a dream like is not altogether sure this woman is his wife she knows he is shocked and has questions but for now they are cuddled in each others arms and happy. They spend the next couple of weeks fucking like newly weds and all is well then as she is getting there supper ready Friday night the phone rings it is Beth the sound of her voice is enough to make Rene's cunt swampy and the things she is saying has Rene's hand down in her panties as hubby entries he can see Rene riding her hand and moaning begging to see and fuck the person on the phone he has no idea who it is but he now knows how and why she has become such a sex goddess hearing her he should be very mad but as he looks down he sees his cock straining to stay in his pants unable to maintain himself he rubs his hard cock watching Rene lucky for him she hangs up soon he steps out and then back in making it seem he just got there Rene runs to him and kissing him home she leads him to his best chair and knees to give one of her best blow jobs yet after words she tells him she needs to leave town for a week thinking to himself if he ask why or lets on he heard the call his goddess may be gone and also he knows whoever it is they must have taught her the new talents he now loves so he agrees to it.

Thursday at noon her plane lands in the airport is Beth Rene sees her and they go to the restrooms in a stall Rene on her knees face between Beth's legs tongue deep in that sweet cunt again till Beth can't stand anymore then to the motel naked in bed the whole week even the room service people were given a show of there naked bodies bringing them food the only time they left was to go to the zoo and even there Beth fingered Rene up as they walked around the place ( Beth had Rene in a very short skirt and halter top no panties the skirt so short her ass showed if she bent at all Beth e****ted her around hand on Rene's ass fingers dipping between the crack they were watching the donkeys and Beth was finger deep in her cunt people could see but the donkeys picked up the smell of hot pussy and there long donkey dicks were on display the human donkeys also caught on soon and the women had a pact following them not wanting to disappoint them Beth bent Rene over a table and finger fucked her them grinded her cunt in Rene's face for the guys to watch. The week ended and Rene was on her way home again. Hubby waiting at the airport she kissed him and on the way home sucked his dick as he drove down the highway windows open 11:00am sun shining head bobbing he thought yea she got screwed good for a week but, the woman that has returned was still his wife and he loved her ...........................
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she had a good teacher wow Rene I want you