Rene is Now Wanted

Rene LaFree a woman who is in the prime of her life but has no idea of the way her life is about to turn. She is a striking lady 38yrs. whit the body of a 26yrs. due to her intensely hard workouts just about every day her one daughter is grown and left the home to start her own f****y in Texas her husband Tom is a working fool spending 12 or more hours each day even weekends at the office. her home is the type a f****y of six would have plenty of room in but it's just him and her. Rene has been thinking about her life and trying new things one of those things was supporting the high school she spent time there doing odd jobs here and there. Looking out the window the girls track team were doing sprints she walked to the field to watch setting on a chair set ageist the wall when the girls ran pass she noticed that the open arm tops let her get a sneak peep at there tits she didn't know why but she liked this very much she watched them for days enjoying the tiny peep and there young trim asses seem to turn her on the girls seem to take a liking to her too. The team had a away meet and the team asked her to come with them she said she didn't know but there begging was making her feel wanted again so she went. It was a winner go on loser go home thing and the team won so they were going to spend the night in a hotel she had supper with them then went to her room around ten a knock at the door Rene answered it in her night gown and robe it was Beth Fogger a 18yrs. sweety from the team Rene has studied her breast many times and her sweet hand full of an ass too "Beth what is it honey" Oh I just wanted to asks you something is that OK? " sure come on in what would you like to ask?" I just want to know if maybe you would like a better look at these and pulled her top off revealing her perfect 34D breast to Rene, stepping closer she cupped her hand behind the older woman's head and brought it to her tits letting the nipples touch Rene's lips. Rene trembling in shock and lust at the same time just froze in place till Beth spoke saying open your mouth and suck my tits Rene unable to resist did as told and opened her mouth licking the young women lovely breast trying to please her the best she could the girl held her hand behind Rene's head and moaned loader and louder after a few she let go walking to the door she opened it and let in the rest of the team they removed Rene's robe and gown and in a Amazonian frenzy ravished her
her mouth tits pussy ass feet fingers all having girls using her and her orgasms and theirs were mind bending and earth shaking the whole night till early morning waking to find 10 naked girls from 15yrs to 19yrs. all culled in a pile around her gently she sent them to there rooms. At the meet she was like a proud mother and boosted them on the team was on fire and won the day and whole match to. On the bus ride home the girls flocked around her and they talked and laughed when they got home each girl told her thanks and hugged her bye. Mrs. Rogers the team leader ask Rene to come to her office please Rene went in not thinking of anything other then the joy of being wanted again when the door slam shut bringing her out of her head and to the powerful woman standing staring at her Rene I know what went on in that hotel room hearing this Rene thought she was in big trouble Mrs. Rogers reached out and said it's my turn now dropping to her knees she lifted Rene's skirt and rubbed her nose in Rene's panties over her wet cunt sliding them to the side eating Rene out sending her to haven and back the two women engulfed each other for the next two hours and in the locker room they and the girls had a les fest each day for weeks.

When summer time came and school let out things kind a went back to normal Rene returned to her daily hard workouts and the girls were only a pleasurable memory she was close to her 39th birthday and not looking forward to it a new couple were doing there workouts the same time as her over the pass week she didn't really notice them till in the locker room she seen the woman in the shower a redhead tall and very tone fit body tits about 32 something but a ass that made people look but not just good looking but a presents about her that drew you in and it did just that to Rene she openly stared unable to look away the redhead washed her self in a way making Rene wish she was the washcloth looking at Rene as she finished she just giggled and went to put her clothes on leaving Rene longing finish herself she dressed and headed out at the door the redhead and her man a 6'6" 200lbs. tall lean towering stud she motioned for Rene to come over Rene walked over the woman says I'm Anggi this is Greg my husband and we have been watching you Rene's head started to spin and Anggi says would like to come home to our bed? Rene didn't even think about it she yelled HELL YES I WOULD......................
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10 months ago
that a super hot story that one that love I may repost it lol