Careful What You Ask For

Kat and myself were at home watching TV on a week night when the door bell rings looking at Kat I ask if someone was coming that she knew saying no I open the door to a couple a woman about 30yrs. maybe 5'7" thin but good in the right places the man 6' maybe 150lbs. but kind of nerdy looking. He ask does Kat live here and I showed them in they introduced themselves as Steve and Lori Jennies he was the s****r-in-law of Helen Toms one of Kat's ladies. Kat and I ask them to set and they took a set and started to explain why they were there. Steve worked as a accounted at a big bank in the city and had just been promoted meaning more time with the big shots nights out and parties and stuff like that but, Lori was very shy and backward only speaking when spoke to and then short answers. Helen had told them that Kat could help Lori out bring her out of her shell. Kat says honey get them a drink I need to call Helen and see what's up here. Kat goes into the next room and calls Helen she says OMG I didn't think they would really go but seeing as they have turn that sweet bitch into a pussy sucking cum drinking slut please. Laughing Kat says I'll see what I can do for you. Coming back into the room she ask Lori to come with her and they go upstairs into the bed room Kat ask a few questions and then tells Lori I need you to stay here with me for two weeks no talking to Steve and you must do as I say no questions asked can you do that? Lori looked around then very shy like says OK. They go down stairs and Kat ask Steve to come with her leading him to the door she says two weeks and no contact she will be a whole diffent person then, he says what about clothes and Kat waves him off get in your car leave and don't come back till your called. Steve sits in his car thinking and Kat stands there with arms crossed looking mean at him till he leaves. Kat comes inside and looks at Lori then she ask me to come to the kitchen as I walk in you can see the wheels in her head turning she informs me that Helen did send them there but didn't think they would she wants me to turn Lori into a tramp like her and I think I can very easy she is so shy she will break fast and she does have a kickass body so I'm starting tonight please sl**p down here ok? Knowing Kat I say OK you'll have her fucking me soon I know. Kat gives me a kiss thanking me and halls Lori upstairs they talk for a while then Kat tells her lets get ready for bed you'll sl**p here with me and I sl**p naked pulling her dress off her naked body is shocking to Lori Kats tits not hugh but very nice and nipples sticking out about a inch her pussy clean shaved and wet (Kat is always wet) Lori so nerves that she didn't even notice Kat undoing her top till it was half off Kat didn't give her a choice removing all Lori's clothes she held the covers up smiling says get in we have a long day tomorrow honey a Lori settles in Kat turns to her and kisses her on the lips Lori pulls back and Kat says good night sweet dreams shutting off the lights. Lori in a mind twisting state takes a while to fall asl**p around 3am. Kat pulls back the covers letting her fingers travel over Lori's body with a lite touch she explores her next sexual conquest Lori asl**p but her body respounds to the touch her nipples stiffen and as Kat's fingers guild over her cunt lips a slight moan comes out of her Kat knowing the feeling a woman has the first time another women tongue touch their cunt she was ready to hold on for the ride easing Lori's long legs apart she let her breath warm Lori's pussy and eased her tongue down her lips and back up Lori mews a little and Kat repeats it again adding a little pressure each time as Lori's lips split open to the tongue bath Lori still asl**p raises her hip to Kats mouth and her breathing becomes labored and just as her orgasm starts she grunts and pushes Kats head in her body quivers and the intensely pleasurable orgasm is better then she has ever had Kat replaces her tongue with two fingers and at lighten speed pumps her into yet another orgasm even better then the first Kat slows her speed and lets Lori settle down smiles and turns over to sl**p again Lori is lost she feels so wreacked cause it was so wrong but OMG it felt so dam good her hubby has never brought her to such a good place she had never cum that hard her thighs still tingled and her cunt wanted more unable to resist she put two fingers inside her very wet cunt and the other hand on her poking nipples till she went back asl**p. Around 9am. Kat wakes and rolled over she once again removes the covers and sees Lori's fingers still buried in her twat her nipples still poking out Kat licks them and places her hand over Lori's fingers after a few she gently nibbles on the nipples waking Lori who tries to remove her fingers but can't and the more Kat sucked and nibbled the less she wanted to bring herself off for the first time in her life Kat easied her tits to Lori's face and soon Lori was sucking them like a hungry baby. Kat laid back and let her suck away then laying on top of Lori humped her hard rubbing their cunt together bring them both to body shaking orgasms. Rolling off Kat kisses Lori full mouth tongue deep Lori's head is spinning her body on fire like never before but it was a woman doing it was she a lesbian no she was married to Steve and she loved him. Kat looked at her lets go get something to eat and leaves the room naked Lori starts to dress and Kat grabs her throws the jeans down and the two walk to the kitchen arm in arm. I am in the kitchen naked hard cause I watched them Lori comes in sees me and my cock Kat kisses me rubbing my cock turn to Lori and guilds her hand to my cock she tells her to get used to it cause over the next two weeks she would be taught to suck cock and pussy like a pro she would learn the rules and follow them the rest of her life.

Lori learned to dress to please Kat wearing short dress no panties no bra low tops and the does and don't of the lifestyle Kat was teaching her. they went out to eat and either Kat or myself fingered her under the table twice she was seen humping our fingers by the waitress and once seen sucking my cock in the parking lot while we waited for Kat. Lori was taught to always be topless when sucking either cock or pussy no matter where or who was around we took her to the park one day and I fucked on a table after she ate Kat out topless her tits and actions drew a crowd so she was lent out to two ladies and one black guy with a big long cock that she about coked on. Helen was able to try her out and given the fucking of her life as a thank you Lori ravished her over and over. The two weeks were about over and we all felt bad about it Kat told Lori that she could come back when ever she wanted and they would take her out a lot sadly they called Steve and he came right over they hugged and said there thank you and left about a week later Lori called Kat the first partners party was planed and wanted Kat and me to come we agreed to go and Kat helped Lori pick a dress and make-up at the party Lori looked great in a black dress split on one side her naked leg almost to her thigh was seen and the top of her great tits showed the dress wasn't short hanging down way pass her knees but you could tell no panties she meet all Steve's workmates and his boss a tall black man a big guy looking mean and towering over everyone Steve had told her this guy was here to make someone the office boss and he wanted that job. After the meal Lori looked at Kat and me and said here goes getting up she walked over to the black man and asked him to walk with her leading him to a empty room she informed him that her husband Steve really wanted the job and that she wanted him to get it stepping back she lowered her top letting her tits free and started to undo his belt fishing out his cock and stoking it she kissed him then droped to her knees and sucked the big black cock deep her tongue washing it top and bottom even the heavy balls she gave a grade A blow job then sitting him down she removed her dress and rode his cock hard taking every inch and begging for more pulling his head to her tits told him to chew on them and speed her humping up when he said he was cumming she put that BBC back in her mouthy and sucked like a street whore taking it all only a drop on her cheek putting her dress back on she said that this was just the beginning if hubby got the job turning to go back to her table she asked does the job make him travel a lot? The black man fixing his pants said a whole lot now and soon to. Lori came to Kat and she told us what she did we said good for you and Kat licked the drop of cum on her face all of us starting laughing and Steve ran over honey I got the job but now it inclues a lot of travel she says not a problem I'll stay at their house while your gone winking at Kat and me behind him.................
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wow I wish I wish I was steve