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Tori has learned her role well and loved being her daughters sex slut, it was a Friday and the two were at a street side coffee shop her daughter now 18yrs and out of school for the summer thought now it was time to up the stakes. Handing Tori her phone she said call daddy Tori dials and hubby answers "Hello Tori says hey babe and her daughter grabs the phone daddy we are going away for the weekend see you Sunday night got to go bye." and hangs up. Tori ask where are we going? Mom you will go where I say and do as I please no ifs or ands.

In the car on the way her daughter says you calling me honey or baby has got to stop and mistress is to boring so from now on I will be your boss and you will call me BOSS to all we come in contact with this weekend got it? Now take that top off and play with your tits show those truckers what I own Tori removed her top and bra and let her 34c tits free her nipples poked out as she twisted them with her fingers cars passing got a good look and the truckers honked there horns at the rest stop they went to the bathroom and tori was made to suck boss's strap-on and then bent over the counter and fucked hard as women came in and out one woman about 32yrs. watched for the while and was feeling herself up when boss noticed her she had Tori naked go up to her the woman reached out and touched Tori's tits gentle but with purpose boss said tell me " did you want to be the one fucking or getting fucked" the woman turned with fear in her eyes she never said a thing just pulled her jeans and panties down and got on her hands and knees the strap-on inches from her mouth she open her mouth and boss eased it in the woman licked Tori's cunt juice off and bobbed her head up and down with lustful moans she did her best and was rewarded with a grade A fucking hard deep and powerful the woman came and came and in the end sucked the cock clean, they dressed and as they came out a man ran up grab the woman and said "are you ok I was so worried I tried to get someone to check on you but there was no one hear." the woman hugged her man and looking over him said I'm great now and mouthed thank you to boss. Tori and boss hit the road again and Tori fell asl**p about two hours later she felt the car stop and looked around it was her oldest daughters house Steffi was 22yrs married and had two small k**s both girls it was still only 5am. and they all still in bed they sat in the car till the kitchen lights came on Peter the husband was up getting ready for work he let them in hugging and greeting them he said he'll wake stef but boss said no let her sl**p. they talked till he had to go and boss told Tori you do not come in the room on matter what you hear and when the k**s wake take care of them too. she took her clothes off and monted the strap-on and went to big s****rs room she was on the bed covers moved back showing her bare legs and skimmy panties taking care not to wake her just yet boss piled the rest of the covers back exposing her 34D tits boss took in the sight then very carefully speared her legs and lightly touched her pussy with finger tips lightly rubbing her cunt lips Stef still eyes closed says honey you'll be late and boss inserted two fingers saying he all ready left Stef eyes spring open and she sees her s****r the fingers in her cunt pick up pace and she can't help but moan trying to move away but with boss keeping with her and soon she can't refuse the orgasm that takes over her body boss knows her s****r is hers now and getting between her legs pushes the strap-on in all 11" in two big shoves Steffi's breath is taking and boss pounds away with a intensely that Stef has never ever felt before knowing this was so wrong but it feeling so pleasurable she was lost to it and humped her hip to meet ever thrust senting her into a frenzy of an orgasmick rage. When the two came out of her room her mother sat there with her k**s feeding them and having a great time looking at her Tori says yes I know and she is my mistress and can have me when ever she wants and after the sounds I heard and the look on your face you too. Staffi looks at boss and says OH YES SHE CAN YES SHE CAN..............
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11 months ago
all I can is wow
11 months ago
you need to make 10 more stories to go with this story its great