Well it's now three months into the mother daughter affair and Tori has settled into her role well each morning after hubby goes off to work she goes to her daughters bed and wakes her with a intense tongue lapping providing her daughter a mind shaking orgasm., then drives her to school has a normal day picks her up after the track workout and in the locker room tongue baths her sweaty cunt clean.

Mom Yes honey tomorrow you are going to service one of my teachers not for grades but cause I want in her panties I want her to be mine to fuck as I please when I please.. Oh honey I shut up mom you will do it cause I SAID SO yes yes ok I well try NO YOU WILL DO IT... no other choice got it! They went home and Tori worried if she could do it how to do it she had to please her daughter her now mistress but did she have the stuff it would take to be in charge she was the weak one all this time Jackie had turned her and her daughter then took charge too now she was told to take control and this made her tremble in fear.

The next day at 2pm she walked into the school people who seen her were shocked her dress very short her top cut so much her breast showed almost to the nipple her hair did up high and high heels clicked as she walked in to Mrs. Cindy Smiths room the teacher spin to see who walked in and Tori walked right up to her Mrs. Smith asked can I help you and Tori reached out and put her finger to Cindy's lips leaned in and kissed the teacher the frighten woman pulled back but Tori held on tight and kissed harder and the Amazonian lust came out and soon had the teacher moaning knowing she had her Tori lead her to her car and brought her home to her bed kissing and undressing Cindy and herself Tori fingered the quivering woman and sucked her tits the teacher near cumming when Tori's daughter came in the room telling Tori to leave slapping her on the ass the now begging for an orgasm and the daughter gave it to her pumping a ten inch strap-on in to the hilt and fucking the teacher hard thought two sexual energize orgasms while Tori sat and rode her fingers. Cindy sat up after the glow of sex was over her mind understanding what had just happen and the trouble it could cause. Then Tori's daughter laid down the rules well see Mrs. Smith you are my teacher and made have sex with you unwanted sex u******e sex your job, your marriage, your life will be ruined if you do not do what I want when I want it and oh yea to who ever I say so you will give up that pretty little pussy and like it or I will turn you in and my mother here seen us and you forcing me to lick you understand beaten and scared Cindy crying swear to her word.

Three week later and after a dozen meetings with her mistress Cindy Smith is teaching her junior class when the door opens and her mistress is there walking to the desk and setting down lifts her dress and spreads her long legs she looks at Cindy and just nods and Cindy removes her top showing her tits to the class and the nipple ring her mistress gave her with her name on it and knees down and ravishes her pussy the class in shock but soon it becomes a free for all and Cindy ends up with a 18yrs. cock in her ass her mouth still in her mistresses cunt and her tits in a cute little whores mouth.......
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made me hard as rock thank you