Tori 2

Tori rose from her 17yrs. daughters cunt juice covering her face a look of pure lusting joy on her face looking at her daughter Kim who was in complete shock having been caught finger fucking herself was bad but, having your mother no only see you but bring you to a mind bending orgasm too was more then she could handle. Tori was happy scared overjoyed all at the same time she knew her Kim had questions so she told her to get dressed and come to the living room she put her dress back on and waited worried her daughter would not understand it all. Kim came to the room and just looked at her mom they sat quietly for what seemed like forever then Tori started Kim do you remember Jackie Kim said yes and Tori related how she meet Jackie and the months after and that Jackie had went back to school and she wanted no NEEDED PUSSY Kim was shocked but not to the point where she didn't want to understand it. Mom why did you put my hands on your head well cause Jackie would do that and grind my face in her twat covering my face with her juices and I think I need the rough treatment as much as I need the taste of pussy or the feel of being f***ed gets me off. Kim stood mom I need to think about this and I have to go to Kristy's now so I'll see you later.

Tori was torn she loved eating her daughter out but it was her daughter and that made her ill to think of the sight of Kim fingers deep in her cunt was more then she could take and the act and taste cured her needs but it was her daughter and that was wrong. She tossed and turned in bed that night her hubby on the road as normal her mind going crazy over what she had done she gave up and went to sl**p. Two in the morning Kim comes to her mother room standing at the end of her bed she undresses and comes to Tori's side gentle to not wake her she pulls back the covers looking down she thinks this is what she wants reaching down she grabs a hand full of hair and pulls Tori's face to her cunt yelling suck my cunt bitch grinding her cunt in her mothers face Tori is tongue deep and sucking for her life bring her daughter off again and again Kim falls to the floor unable to take the intense pleasure Tori helps her into the bed and ravish her from mouth to feet kissing licking biting sucking every inch they fall asl**p in each others arms and in the morning Tori quietly get out of bed making the f****y briefest, hubby comes in the door and Tori greets him with a big kiss he smiles thinking but not saying "thank god her moods are over" and sets to eat Kim comes down and greets her parents and things are great the next two days not a word about what happen hubby leaves again and Tori setting in the f****y room gets a text from a number she doesn't know telling her Kim needs her at this address Tori flies out to the address a big dark building across town leaving her car walking in she is meet by a girl she has seen at Kim's school the girl leads her down a hall to a big room that is dark the lights come on and there are eight girls and Kim her clothes are riped off and over the next four hours she services them all her body is covered with pussy juice her cunt puffy and red her tits stiff and red her make-up a mess the others all leave and Kim sets Tori down did you like that? Oh god yes very much. Good cause every Thursday night this is where you will be naked and pussy deep now it's time to go Tori starts to dress but Kim stops her making her walk to the car naked on the way home they go to Taco Bell Kim tells her mom to tell the girl at the window to be at the tower next Thursday the girl looks in to see Kim and smiles handing them there food as they get home Kim informs Tori your night is not over yet having her mother walk naked under the street lights to the door they eat there food and Kim goes to her room a few min. later Kim calls and Tori walks in to the room to see Kim with a 10" strap-on thick and lubed telling her mom your my bitch now on your hands and knees Tori droped down not even thinking and Kim mounted her fucking long deep stokes Tori was in heaven..............
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good one again