All For You Hon

Tony Smith is 38yrs. he has a job in the city that keeps him busy and his talents are useful to the business "or at least he thinks so" he is married to Tish a 5'6" bomb shell of a wife they met in school and after married 12 years later they have a girl Penny 17yrs. and Gina 15yrs. there lives are comfortable in the county a hugh house pool and horses. Tony met Jim and Tracy and have worked for them the last ten years. Tony goes on a sales meeting every other month for about 8 day at a time when at home he works from 7am to 6:30 pm 6 days a week. Tony and Tish have a happy life and things could not be better.

As Tony comes in monday moring Tracy calls him into her office TONY WE NEED YOU TO GO TO TEXAS TOMORROW AND PACK FOR AN EXTENED TRIP. Oh no my daughters brithday party is friday can't I come home and go back WELL I THINK YOU SHOULD STAY MAYBE YOU CAN PUT THE PARTY OFF well Tish and the girls have worked so hard I couldn't do that WELL THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO MISS IT. Coming home Tony dreads telling his f****y the news they take it well so thursday nite he gives Penny her keys to the car he bought her she was all hugs and kisses and leaves friday moring.

Jim calls Tony's home friday moring talking to Tish he enforms her of his plans and she screms NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT I WILL NOT LET HER JIM PLEASE DON'T DO THIS after a payse Jim says yes get her ready or I'll send Tracy there to do it. Tish goes to Pennys bedroom she is still asl**p and her mother wakes her sitting on the bed moring hon Happy Brithday Thanks mom Honey we need to talk What is it mom you look like someone dided Honey please let me tell you it all before you judge me Ok mom Ok well here goes Jim and Tracy are not just your dads bosses they are also my pimps see the job your dad has is a frount for the trun business they sell sex to men and women But mom Penny please let me talk about nine years ago there was a party at Jim's house your father drank to much to soon and passed out cold Jim helped me take him into the guest room and setted in, but then he grabed me and started kissing me I knew I should have pushed away but didn't he was so much better then your father and that and the drinking I had done I was so horny and as soon as he touched my tits I lost all control so I had one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen in my face it made your dads look like a baby's dick and OMG could he use it, twice that nite and once the next moring I enjoyed having my cunt splited into your dad woke before I could finish me off so he made up a story about needing milk and I try the best I could to suck him off on the way. After we came home and the next three week I did my best to put out of my mind and stay away from seeing Jim. Your dad had to leave again and the next day Jim was knocking at the door in the moring we talked throught the door and I begged him to leave but he knew I was driping wet and pressed his way in I gave in and the next three days got FUCKED over and over again he even had me doggy while I talked to your father on the phone. Over the next 6 months He pounded me as often we could one day he blindfolded me and soon I was naked and four hands were all over me his cock in my mouth and smaller more tender fingers in my twat before long tits in my face then puss I did as I was told and we all fucked for hours still with the mask a couple of days later Tony called and told us that the planes were down and he could not be back till the next day Jim put me on the desk and to my compelet suprize Tracy dove between my legs and gave my cunt a lashing like no man ever has this all pregrested and then they sat me down Look the business is not enought to pay the bill so do what we need or your husband will be fired I did and now have 8 returning clintes two guys a married couple and a women who get off bringing other women in for me to fuck and 3 single women. You guys and your father think I go to the gym twice a week but I'm at the apartment fucking and getting fucked I get some money but most of the money is given to your father as a bouns he thinks is for sales. Mom why are you telling me all this know? Well Jim and Tracy are really giving you this party tonite and they want you to start working for them too and tonite will be your frist time and if you refuse they said they well tell your dad it all then thyey well fired him..

Penny sits at the party both scared and horny not knowing who her frist will be and if she well be able to do it at all. Jim and Tracy have both pulled her aside and talked to her about all the details but WHO and WHEN she is scared but the fire between her legs has her ready and very willing. It's late and people are starting to leave when a couple in there eraly twentys come up to her SO YOU ARE THE BRITHDAY GIRL PENNY WE ARE THE VONS STEVE AND GINA VON ah h h Yes I am P en ny Gina puts her hand out clam down please it's ok we know this your frist and as for me I hope me and you will be together a long long time I can smell your hot puss and want so bad to taste you now please Just then Tracy guided them to a back room and the two women go in Gina says my husband knows I love my women so we will get to know each other then he well join us later they talk and hug kiss lick finger suck the door opens and Steve comes in as Gina licks Penny's clit and digs her fingers into her cunt Steve put his 9" hard cock in her face she moans OMG and opens wide as he fucks her mouth deep but slow taking his time so she can adjust to the size. Gina dresses and came out finds Tracy and says we want to take her with us ok Tracy being the business women she is says it will cost Gina says no matter how much we want her. they take Penny with them and the others leave.

Sunday midday Penny comes home wraps her arms around Tish says I LOVE YOU MOM I NEED sl**p and heads to her room Tony comes home around 5pm and ask Penny did I miss much hon? Penny with a glow in her eye she says oh daddy it was great thank you so much I LOVE YOU Tony says anything for you sweetheart.
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Very nice story. Got me hard and I want more. Hope you post again soon