Follow The Rules

When my wife gets a new women to control she sets rules that she expects followed the 1st and most important is if she calls and says she is coming to get you at your home be there and ready. Well three weeks ago Kat (my wife) called Linda and made arrangements to pick her up at 2pm the next day only to get there and no one home no note no nothing boiling mad Kat comes home yelling telling me I WELL GET EVEN... I try to call Linda but she didn't pick up 7:30 there is a knock at the door Kat looks out and locks the door, Linda calls and Kat takes the phone off the hook this goes on for two weeks. On monday of the third week Kat comes in smiling I ask why and she just says you will see soon.
The next day again she is in high spirts and introduces me to Becky a women around 40yrs. maybe 5'7" 115lbs. and a very good body by the noises coming from the bedroom they were getting to know each other VERY good.

Friday Linda is at her desk at the paper where she works her boss comes in but unlike the normal she is nice in fact she has not been her bitchy self for a couple of days now. Linda is glad to cause she is so horny Kat not talking to her was hard see Kat had not only created a need for her style of sex but also filled it in a way only she could. Her husband was not a studly guy nor could he eat pussy very good either Linda had even thought about a street conor tramp but chickened out so her fingers stayed busy, it was just about break time when the doors open and Kat comes in seeing her was a big suprize for Linda and she jumps up runs to Kat just to be side steped then Kat says could you please tell Becky that Kat is her to see her? Linda is shocked but hit the introcom and tells Becky (Mrs.Jhonson) who lets out a shout and run into the outer office. Trying to compose herself she invites Kat into her office and shuts the door.

Linda is beside herself seeing Kat just made her even more horny and then the brush off was hurting bad just then the introcom came on << Becky are you ready to be my girl? OH YES KAT well then strip know BUT---OK I WELL good girl did you enjoy the strap-on fucking I gave you yesturday? OH GOD YES good bend over then-----OMG KAT THAT FEELS SO GOOD OH GOD IT'S SO BIG NOT LIKE MY BILL>>
Linda is having a hard time keeping her fingers out of her panties when the introcom goes dead but the sounds of hard piledriven sex can be herd and then the sounds of chocking and Kat laughting saying we will work on that then the door opens Becky and Kat come out Becky's hair a mess and her make-up running she tells Linda I'm going home if you need me and as her and Kat walk away Kat throws Becky's panties at Linda's face.

Once in Kat's car she tells frist to train up to suck better she drives to the park where four 19yrs black boys were talking Kat calls them to the car << Well guys I need you to help me out this is my new slut and after I fuck her brains out I like for her to suck my 10" strap-on clean but she keeps chocking so please use her mouth hard and deep and teach for me... Looking at Linda she yells get out do them all and shollow too!! I'll pick her up in about 2 hours guys...

Two hours later Kat pulls up to a cum matted Becky she ask did they all cum? YES MAME SOME MORE THEN ONCE did you thank them YES MAME OK lets go get in the back. The women go to Becky's house where Kat tells her to get naked and clean up too then the two sit and talk for a while about 90mins later there is a knock at the door Kat says get it LIKE THIS?? yes like that and if it's a guy show me what you have learned today. Becky looks out the peephole but, it's Tommy the 16yrs. from nextdoor well good then SHOW ME NOW!!! Becky opens the door and Tommy is shocked but his pants are showing a hugh tent Becky pulls him in and drops to her knees pulls his pants down to see a cock twice as big as her Bill and alot fatter too useing her mouth like a pro poor Tommy emptys soon. standing up Becky ask well then what did you want Tommy is so overwelmed he forgot Becky says well thats ok please cum back when you remember.

I tell Becky call Linda over here and I will teach you how to handle a misbehaven bitch YES MAME...
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