Mary Gives Up Part 2

Mary's head is spinning how could all of this have happened to her basicly she was ****d by a women but, she loved it now it's midday she is naked and needs to get back to her car.With no other chose she call a cab warps a sheet around her and is taken to her car the cab driver is a women and asked if Mary was OK when Mary looks up to talk to the driver she sees a women around 24yrs. and very pretty she starts to try and explan and the driver gets in back with her reaches out and holds her as she talks the story gets both women going and they start kissing and rubbing each other up but the radio comes on and she has to go. The driver says I'm Deb. here is my number call me please..

Mary drives home stoping down the street to look for her f****y no cars looks OK so she pulls into the drive and quickly into the house and then bathroom after a long hot shower she dresses and lays on the loveseat remimbering last nite the more she thinks back the hoter she gets she pulls on her nipples twisting them and biting them OMG the wave of passion going throught her is so strong she fingers herself finger fucking her cunt at lighting speed and screams loud and long when she cums over and over again. Over the next four days Mary can't stop feeling herself up at home, in the car, even at the market staring at the teller with hugh tits. She has fucked her husband more in this time then she ever has, but she trys to get him to spank her or twist her nip or push her head down on him and he's just not up to it, He want to know where she got these ideas has she been cheating on him and not being able to tell him just causes them to fight..

About two monthes later things have settled down things are back to normal and her hubby comes home saying someone at work brithday is today and the people in the office are all going out lets go too Mary thinks a second and then says sure why not. So they get dressed get something to eat then head to the bar, when they get there Mary is in shock it's that bar the one she had went to and got picked up in OMG what could she do now not knowing how to get out of it she goes inside looking around and no sign so she goes in and partys with her hubby and friends after a hour or so she goes to the restroom does her thing and something makes her look out back there she sees a women kissing another and also a couple haveing sex on a car laughting to herself she goes back to the table bending over she kisses her man a good one as the kiss stops and she starts to speak she recives a hard loud smack to her ass followed by two more then a voice says WELL HI THERE MARY REMEMBER ME I DO YOU HAVE YOU GOTTEN BETTER AT EATING PUSSY? Mary's head was smiwwing in confussion but her ass was wanting more so without even thinking about it she droped to her knees pulled up the womens skrit and sucked her pussy like her life depended on it the women ground her cunt in Mary;s face and looking into her hubbys eyes says good girl now get naked and lets go, Mary stands removes her clothes and with her face covered in cunt juice kiss hubby saying I have to go my mistress needs me and her and the women leave.
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good but rushed