Teaching Amy

Those of you that read my stuff (thanks) know how my wife Kat works on married women most with k**s all who have never had sex with a women before, well now and again something happens that is just too good not to tell others about like this.

Tuesday moring 7am Steve Kummings leaves for work his wife Helen is in bed still alsl**p and my wife slips under the sheets kissing and licking her way to Helen's 42year old light brown cunt as she does Helen moans and subconshionly spareds her legs wide till Kat's expert fingers find her pussy lips and she licks her clit Helen wakes to a cunt licking delite but quickly remembers her 16 year old daughter in the next room panting she pulls Kat away and she explands so the two go to the kitchen and have coffee and talk but Kat being Kat makes her put a short robe on but nake under it and as they sit and talk she rubs and nibbles every chance she gets.
Amy is 16 with a brithday coming in 3 weeks she is tall for her age around 5'10" say 105lbs. long golden hair for as young as she is she has a good chest and a bubble butt to die for, she wakes and starts to enter the kitchen when she sees her mother in the arms of another women kissing deeply and stops in her tracks the two kiss passionly for awhile and my wife pulls up Helen's robe to rub and smack her ass Amy starts to feel hot and weak and her body is shaking she steps back out of sight and leans agaist the wall trying to interp the image she just saw that is when she relizes her nipples are hard and her panties are wet. Not wanting to comfront or frighten her mother she starts talking before coming into the kitchen in her pj's and robe her mothers says Amy this is Kat she is a friend and she wanted to talk to me say hi. Amy say hi and shakes her hand but when they touch each other Amy feels something like never before and just holds on staring into Kat's eyes.Findly Amy gets dressed and leaves for school and Kat and Helen return to bed they fuck each other for hours.
On the bus to school Amy is in a dream land remembering what shesaw this moring in school things are boring as always till 5th hour the teacher is new a young women around 24 and so pretty Amy is drawn to her looks and personaty and then the teacher drops a pen by Amy bends to pick it up Amy can see her panties a red g-string and her ass cheeks are in plan veiw Amy unable to look away is caught looking and turns red the teacher just smiles at her and walks away for the next four days the picture of Kat and her mom and the teacher's ass englufs her mind she thinks of nothing eles. Friday after school as she comes home her mom says do you have any plans tonite? Amy says there is a game at school and a dance after her mother says good your father is playing poker and Kat wants to go out tonite she looks puzzled at her mother and says out? Helen says yea drinks dancing maybe Amy says OH.
A couple of hours later her father gives her money says have fun and leaves,her friend calls and says they are on the way when she hangs up the phone and turns she is greeted by her mother in a dress that fit her tight was shorter then normal and very low cut in front stunded at her looks Amy was speechless the knock at the door woke her and in walks Kat in a dress that made her mothers look like a schoolgirls unform the horn of her friends blew and out she ran but forgeting her money and pruse she went back in to see her mother and Kat kissing and Kat's fingers deep up her cunt her mom begging DEEPER BABY OMG YES YESSSS OH GOD HARDER YESSSSS the girls in the car honked again she opened the door grabed her stuff and was gone.
At the game her mind was on her mom and Kat her panties soaked nipples hard as a rock her school won the game and her best friend grabed her and huged her jumping up and down causeing there chest to press together causeing her hard nips to feel pleased in a way she never knew this feeling was great but the game was over the dance starting what now her friends had boyfriends and her tits beded to be touched her cunt too going into the bathroom the felling got to her she did something new she touched herself raising her dress moving the panties and gently touched her cunt frist the outer lipps then finding her clit she rubed soft at frist then uncontrolablely faster till the big O for the frist time in her young life she had cum coming out of the stall other girls were looking and laughting she ran out crying into the teachers her teacher OMG know what how does she get throught this? Tina ranns the teacher puts her arms around Amy holds her tight to her chest and says boy trouble? Amy says yes and Tina says well I'm leaving do you want a ride home Amy says please and they go on the way Amy ask all kinds of questions about the teacher the more she finds out the more she wants to know. As they pull up the house is dark Tina ask if she well be ok and Amy says yea I have a key.
Tina drives off Amy starts to put the key in when she heras moans and groans as her eyes adjust to the dark nite she sees her mom on hands and knees being fucked doggy style on the livingroom floor as a car drives by the lites shine and she sees it's Kat with a strap-on fucking her mom hard and deep pounding her pussy good her mother moans OMG YOU FUCK ME SO GOOD DEEPER HARDER AND LONGER THEN STEVE EVER HAS YESSS OMG DO IT TEAR IT UP Kat smacks her ass and says who owns this cunt now slut? Helen replyes YOU OH GOD YES YOU DO MISTERSS I'M YOURS FROM NOW ON FOR EVER Amy's hand in her panties fingering her young twat good can't look away and on the edge of coming as a pair of lites head up the drive it's her dad giving her mother time she runs to him man am I glad your home I forgot my keys he hits the grage door opener and her mom car is there they go in and mom is in bed pertenting to be asl**p as dad says nite Amy looks out the frount window and Kat is walking to her car on the street.
Amy doesn't see Kat for a couple of days not knowing how or what to say to her mom she says hey mom you know you are going to be bored at my brithday party with all the teenagers and no adults why not invite that Kat your friend over her mother lite up yea why not. Amy says you really seem to like spending time with her Helen eyes had a beaming to them as she say yea I really do like her alot.
Amy's life was just starting to get intresting seeing her mom And Kat sparked a whole new way of seeing the world around her the girls she had grown up with she now seen women with tits and asses she wanted to see more of gym she never liked but know loved cause the girls in the showers naked that is the fuel to her fingering herself everynite and Tina was still the top of her list. There was one week left till her party in Tina's class some of the girls and Amy talking about the party and Tina overheard it asked Amy about it she was only to glad to have a chance two talk to teach then it hit her just what she wanted for her birthday now was just how to get it.
That day after school the doorbell rang it was Kat no one but Amy home she answered the door Kat asked about her mother Amy knew Helen and Steve would not be home till late but invited Kat inside. The two made small talk them out of the blue Amy tells Kat I KNOW ABOUT YOU AND MOM Kat looks up what do you mean I'VE SEEN YOU KISSING AND FUCKING MOM how long has this been going on? After a long slents Kat says three monthes are you telling me to stop it? oh no not at all I've never seen mom more full of life she is happy and when it's just the two of us talking and your name is said her eyes lite up it's just that well I have this teacher Tina and I well I want her that way... Oh I see and you want to make love to her Amy thought for a second and said NO I WANT TO FUCK HER MAKE HER BEG FOR MORE LIKE MOM AND YOU MAKE HER MY!! SLUT make her want me make her eyes lite up at my name but I have no idea how too or even how to get the chance to try to can will you please HELP ME more soon if you like it so far please tell me

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2 years ago
great start
2 years ago
brutal grammar mistakes. did your child type this?
2 years ago
Cannot wait for the next one.
2 years ago
Great start like to hear more keep going
2 years ago
Good start