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Well let me start this off by saying this whole thing is true and not what it started out to be. If you follow my stories then you know that my wife likes to get women who have never had lesbian sex to sumitt to her then she takes control of them well, she had a new one Patty ( 36yrs. married two k**s works in a factory slim but not skinny great ass) after fucking her brains out took her home and screwed her in the car in the drive at 2pm. then walked her inside naked, and fucked her some more findly left her on the floor passed out. Coming out to the car she sees the most sexy women across the street and says Hi. the women just turn and goes inside. Now if you know Kat you know all that did was put a target on the womens pussy, Kat came home and all she talked about alnite was that dumb cunt.
The next day while driving around I passed Patty's house and saw this women Kat was right she was a sex bomb about 34yrs. coal black hair not hugh but nice tits perfect ass great skin tone the kind of women that gives you a boner just looking at but then I could not resist I went to the door acting lost and she had a wales accent OMG I was in the home of the next Mrs. ____ she just didn't know it yet. I could have lestened to her talk for hours. anyhow after about 5mins. her husband came home he was the joe blow type suit tie kiss ass that was a yes boss at work but by god when I get home supper better be on the table and you will do as I say. I hate those assholes they give the rest of us men a bad name.. He says who are you? and she starts to talk he tells her shut up bitch get my food NOW. she ran inside I told him I was lost and as he went inside he says tough shit leave, I hear him yelling as I left.
As time went on I got mader and mader I know I was only there cause I wanted to fuck his wife but, I was still pissed. Two nites later it was friday on my way home I see this sex goddess at he food mart and go in the parking lot I start to say HI I notice her eyes are blacking and she finches trying to put her food in the car. THAT SON-OF-A-BITCH HIT HER AND IT WAS CAUSE OF ME..
Later that nite rage took over I broke into there home and he was still up watching TV I grabed him wrested him to the ground and taped him up then beat the shit out of him bl**ded his nose blacking both his eyes and pissed on him.I started to leave and I heard her say why to me. Trying not to let her see me I just said look at you the basturd had it coming. I left went home explaned it to Kat thinking they be coming to arrest me soon but no nothing happened.
I tryed hard but could not stay away so a week and a half later I drove by it was 6pm his car should have been there but no car so I stoped and knocked at the door when she answered I had nothing to say I just stood there after about 2mins. she took my arm and pulled me in she said no one had ever stood up for her like that and that I was right he needed it, but I still want to know why? So over the next three hours I spilled it out for her. After wards she just sit there looking at me then a car in the driveway and lites in the window I jumped up but she grabed me and when he came in both of us tensed up, She looked at him and said I told you what I was going to do next time I seen him so deal with it or there is the door turned to me and says bedroom is on the left please take me and holds my hand. We did not myake love she FUCKED me and begged for more all nite loud hard and rought in the moring she told him to fix us food then leave cause he is now my owner and I'm hoping he want more...

This all happen around the 4th of July now its August and myself and my wife are tearing up her puss and ass 2 sometimes 3 times a week she is still with him but man has he changed I almost feel for him I mean it worst then CUCKOLD for him it's slavery. For her thou the factory that Patty works at she now runs and as for Patty she is in the office from 6am. to 2:30pm. in just skimpy panties and bra most of the time on her knees but 2gs a week....
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very good