Kerri goes to the mall to get a new dress for the office party but, after looking in around 6 different stores found nothing she liked. She wanted something that would make her stand out she had only been there 7 months but, she felt that the others looked pass her she wanted to just be a part of things not on the outside. with only three days left she seen a ad in the paper about a new dress store so she went after work, as she got there the sales women was locking the doors but told her come on in. The women said I've got some time tell me what it is you are looking for Kerri tells her about the party how she wants to fit in and the women (Beth) says well if you trust me do what I say and stay out of your head I can help. Kerri says Ok I'll try and Beth looks at her with a starn look I did not say try did I! Kerri says sorry I'll do it.

Beth starts OK tell me all about you age f****y job schooling all and she sat to relaxe as Kerri spoke well I' m 28yrs old I have a great husband Steve we've been married for 10 yrs and I have a girl 9 and another 6 I started Notre Dame but, quit after I got married and had a k**. A year ago I learned to tpye and 7 months ago my s****r in law talked a friend into hireing me at a design company. Beth says this is great but how about your sex life how old were you what have you done what would you like to do? Kerri looks at Beth and recives a look that put a fear into her Beth says do you want my help or not? Kerri takes a big breath and says well I was 16yrs old my frist time and then not again till 18yrs old that was my husband we have sex about three times a month and I've nefer thought about other ways. OK but is the sex good great or do you even know? Good I like it. Does he go down on you do you suck him do you sollow or spilt Kerri says that is enough you don't need to know this stuff I'm leaving Beth just laughs go ahead and try yell out do your best cause the door is locked the walls are soundproof and you are and WELL BE FUCKED so just sit and do as your told... OK mnow frist of all you are 28 and only been with two men you don"t even know what sex is or can be so I'm here to teach you and either the easy way or hard and painful thats up to you, so now get undressed I need to make a few calls and she leaves. Kerri not known what to do just sits and starts to cry. When Beth comes back she rips Kerri's clothes off her and throws her on a table f***eing her down and ties her with her hands at one end and feet the other on her tits ass up swat her a couple times then rubs her ass Kerri has tears runing down her face she has never been touched like this not by man or women Beth talks soft and sweet to her but then spanks her ass hard leaving red weltsthen rubs her ass to make feel better, as she rubs her fingers get close to Kerri's pussy and to her bewonderment it feels good so good she moans shocking herself she tries to move to Beth's fingers she has never felt anything like this her gut twisted her pussy twiched her nipples stiff how could this be happeing to her then as the fingers entered her OMG OMG I'MMMM commmming and Beth fingered fucked her hard prolonging her cum as long as she could. Beth smiles down unties Kerri and tells her to sit up. Did you like that OMG yes it was like the best ever and yet just the begining Beth says.

Soon there is a knock on the front door Beth tells Kerri I'll be right back round two next, Kerri says round two what do you mean? All of a sudden three men come running in and grab Kerri they are naked and f***e her to her back one gets between her legs one at her head and one pinches her tits Beth sits and says have fun boys to Kerri's suprize the one at her head pushes his cock to her lips and says suck bitch and you better be good at it the cock was longer then Steves and she had a hard time getting her mouth open wide enought plus she keep gagging but then another cock entried her cunt feeling like it riped her in two and pushed deeper then any had before the two men used her as hard as they could for as long as she could take it then she passed out. The men left Beth cleaned her up and helped her to her car leaves a note with her and leaves. Kerri wakes up an hour later looks around gets her witts and goes home getting out of the car she notcies the note puts it into her pocket just as her husband greets her Are you OK your 3hrs late and didn"t call? Yea I was dress shoping and lost track of time. Hon if you don"t mind I'm taking a bath then bed OK? Yea sure I'll take the k**s for bugers want one? no thanks.

Kerri goes to the bedroom and undresses she still has the guys cum all over her cunt and as she wipes it up can't help but taste it then for the frist time ever fingers herself to a big O twice. in the bath she can't keep her hands off her tits and puss. When done she sits on the bed and remembering the note reads it [ KERRI BE AT THE STORE AT 10am SHARP TOMORROW ROUND THREE]

In the moring she wakes and looking at Steve and feeling gulity rolls over and starts to kiss and rub him HON what up you know I have to go to work now and so do you too we can't do that..yes we acn come on please make love to me Steve NO I HAVE TO GO BYE... feeling rejected she get the k**s off then calls work and says she can't make it today gets dress and heads to the store upon her arrival Beth introduces her to a women named Keran and they walk to the back the two women talk and get to know each other then Beth comes in and starts kissing Keran then step back looks at Kerri your turn hon soon the women are all over each other and Beth says have fun and goes up front. After two hours of cunt licking and pussy humping they go to Beth she tells Keran bye findly picks out a dress for Kerri and alters it she ask is Steve going to the party Kerri says I want him to but he doesn't want to GOOD I'll go with you but you need to come here to dress OK Kerri smiles and says YES THAT'S GREAT

The nite of the party Beth meets Kerri at the store and ask do you trust me Kerri says yes Beth leads her to the bathroom and strips her looks her body over and smiles then sits her back and pulls out a razor starts to shave her smooth then applys oil to her all over after rubbing it in gives her a dress but not the one she tried on says trust me and leaves her to dress, Kerri looks in the mirror at her shaved cunt and can't keep her fingers away but findly dress in a short dress open on top so she can't wear a bra only a few inches below her couth red she loved how she looked and felt in it as Beth comes in she says no panties dear and looks into her eyes Kerri lowers her panties without losting eye contact Beth says you well be the best looking bitch there and kisses her. The two women leave Beth says you drive and on the way there she fingered Kerri's cunt making her cum just as they arrived and Kerri panting and moaning as her s****r-in-law came to the car got her witts and intorduced Beth. They all went inside Kerri turned heads men and womens she had a line of people waiting to say hi to her the owner came over and as they talked Kerri noticed him looking at her tits and legs she ask can we walk out to the hall I need to say something to you? So they walked out and as they passed a door Kerri pulled him in I see you like my tits pulling down her top and grabing his hand pulled him close kissing him remembering Beth's lesson sanked to her knees and gave him a BJ like he never had before letting him come in her mouth and sollowing all he wanted to fuck her she says sure you can every day just I need a big raise frist.. Starting Monday you are my personal sextarty. when they headed back to the table she seen a young women looking at her and she bent over showing her her cunt and ass the women comes right over to her and they head to the back room after grinding her cunt in the womens face for an hour she finds Beth bented over a chair dress up 13inch BBC being shoved up her cunt
the guy was a cleint she knew so she joined in with them. Two hours later the women went back to the store where they spent another hour in a 69 lick feast then Kerri changed and drove home Steve says how was it Kerri oh boring as always.......
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Great story. You got my juices running.