Getting even

By now you all know my wife Kat and my story this however is very different about two weeks ago I ran into one of Kat's girls that we haven't seen in awhile, seems her and her husband had moved and were trying to get close again. She had her s****r in law with her and when we seen each other we huged and kissed and felt her up and she rubed my dick then remembered the s****r in law and begged for forgiveness. I went home and told Kat who called to see if things were alright and was informed yes now that she payed the blackmail started crying and hung up..

My wife has make many VIP people cause of her thing so we were on the guest list at the county club for the poker event. It was a big deal rich people old money and formal dress. As we walked around talking I spot the s****r in law and her very rich husband I point her out to Kat and we both keep a eye on her, it seems she was working the event selling tickets for the big give aways as the night wears on I notice her go into this room for a few mentues the come out with more tickets so the next time she went inside I pushed my way in too. I asked do you remember me? she says yes your the man my bothers slut was with. I asked just how many of the people here know you? She says all of them. I say good and walk out.

After talking to Kat and letting her medevil mind go to work we came up with a plan...... Kat waits tell she heads back to the room then makes her way in not saying a word walks up to this women and tells her if you make a sound I'll turn it all on you puts her up agaist the wall and starts kissing her the women trys to push her off but can't Kat undoes her dress at the top letting her tits free and kissing her nipples leaving lipstick marks pushes her down and rips her panties off puts them in her mouth and rubs her puss lips tell her body betrays her and she moans out at this time a knock at the door makes them both jump kat take her dress completely off and says your move! She goes to the door and says please give me and my husband so time please the women says OMG I'm so sorry and walks away. Kat tells her part two now we are leaving here and you are not getting dressed the two go out the back way to the car where I'm waiting.

We take her two the lake house and nail her over and over filming it all we take her ass Kat with her 91/2" strap-on me with my 9" cock her mouth pussy tits ass all use rough and hard after about 3hours we take her back give her the clothes and help her explan her absents she smiles and hugs Kat saying thank you.

The following thursday her office phone rings and it"s her s****r in law ... We need to go to lunch today. OK where? The club at 1 OK. At 1 she arrives to see her s*s in law outside why are you out here? Oh we are waiting for someone. Who? Oh you know them well I see holding up the CD of her and Kat bjust as we pull up. She looks at us then her s****r in law and hangs her head saying NO PLEASE NO.....................Kat tells her she will do as told and learn to keep her mouth shut except when my cunt is in your face and that will be alot......................
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2 years ago
this one was hard to follow
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