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It's friday June 22 Lynn Olsen goes to the bank with her 8yr. old daughter and 6yr. old daughter, Lynn is a stay at home mother of 32yr. old she has a killer bod and likes to show it off not flashing but, short skirts and little tops. Today she has on a dress that is about half way to her knees and halter top to cover her 34C breast feeling good her favor it holiday is almost here. When she gets to the bank she helps her k**s out of the car bending over and unknowing gives my wife Kat a long look at that 100% grade A ass and the lime green g-string she has on Kat goes in after her and standing in line she starts talking to the k**s Hi there what is your names? they say Kelly and BJ Kat says OMG such pretty names. Lynn smiles and says thank you and the two women talk while they wait and seam to ready hit it off Lynn even waits for Kat to do her banking to finish talking she tells Kat that they are going for food would she like to come and Kat jumps at the chance, about an hour later Kat tells her she is going out tonite how about joining her and they make plans.

Lynn goes home and when her husband comes home she explands the day and ask if he will stay with the k**s winking saying I'll take care of you later and he waves his hands saying OK she dress up really sexy and meets Kat. Kat takes one look and her lips water and pussy leaks but, she knows to be cool they laugh and drink a couple of hours and Lynn says she needs to go Kat tells her she will walk her out standing by the car Kat steps up pulls her close and kisses her short but longer then a peck on the lips and Lynn just stands there in shock seeing this Kat says sorry it's just something I do with my friends Lynn snips back and says oh no it's ok I just well it's ok. Hoping not to runing something before it starts ask can we do this again and can I call you? Lynn says yes I'd love that and they exchange numbers.

Over the next six days they talk on the phone and get to know each other better Saturday there is a consert and fireworks in town park plus booths alday so at about 10am Kat picks her up to walk the booths and hung out Lynn has on some short and halter looking sexy as hell and heads turn as they walk soon she tells Kat can we please leave all these people are looking at me Kat says yes but, I don't blame them you are sexy as hell if I were a man I'd want you too! Lynn turns red and ask really? Kat smiles and says O YEA come lets get the k**s something then I'll take you home. When Kat pulls into the drive they make plans for the consert Lynn and her f****y and Kat and me. Then surprizeing Kat leanded over and kisses her on the lips again not long but longer then the frist time not moving away she kiss her back a little longerand licks her lpis Lynn pulls away and doesn't say anything just looks into Kat's eyesfor a second and gets out.

At the park the two f****ys find each other and walk to the consert area find a place to lay out the blankets and set down her husband Don and myself go to get drinks and the k**s are playing in frount she turns to Kat and says you know the frist time you kissed me I almost ran away but this moring it felt good real good Kat reaches out and holds her hand and says me too Looking to see where Don was Kat kissed her again this time slips her the tougen and rubs her arm there are people all a round them but they don't even notice. myself and Don come back and the consert starts the k**s fall alsl**p and Kat and Lynn lay down next to each other while I sit on Kats side and Don lays next to Lynn I notice Lynn are holding hands and by the look in Kats eyes more will so follow I try to get Kat to move away but no way as the consert ends some friends of Lynn's say that they well take the k**s home will them if they liked so Don grabs one and I the other and head to there car as we are leaving I look back and Kat puts the blanket over Lynn who turns towards her and kissing Lynn puts her hand on her ass and up her shorts Lynn jumps and Kat says remember this moring when I wished I was a man and moved her fingers to rub Lynn's nake ass and as she moaned moved to her cunt spread her lips and flix her clit Lynn's eyes grew big and Kat keep going Lynn softly reapeted over and over OMG OMG OMGOD just as Kat was about to enter her me and Don came back. When the fire works were over we went to the car and they huged goodbye.

The next day frist thing in the moring Lynn calls but Kat says to say she left over the next 6 hours Lynn calls 20 times but Kat still bids off so I say sorry she not back yet. Around 8pm Kat pulls into Lynn's driveway as Lynn looks out she runs out and grabs Kat in a tight hug holding on tight Kat says look at me DO YOU WANT TO and before she can finish Lynn says YES PLEASE OH PLEASE YES YES YES putting her arms around Lynn leads her to the car and off they went Kat driving her arm around Lynn's neck litely moving her finger tip over her breast they went to the lakehouse Kat helped her inside and turned her out laying her on the bed licked every inch of her body making her moan uncontrolablely and cum offen and hard each clamax harded then the frist findly having Lynn nake she ate and fingered her cunt and ass keeping her in a multicum tell she couldn't take it and passed out. Holding her tight to her Kat brushed her hair from her eyes and wispered sweet things into her ears. When she regain herself Kat taught her how to repay her and Lynn learned fast bring Kat to a cum strong soon. It was real late but Lynn wanted to go home anyway saying Don and her had a lot to talk about.

In the moring Kat call to see if she was ok Lynn tells her yes but, please give me some time!

On the 4th of July the phone rings and it's Lynn Kat well you please come over here? Kat says sure I'll be there soon when she arrives Lynn comes out and greets her with a hugh kiss and says come inside please.. upon entering Don is sitting down and Lynn ask Kat to sit down looking at her husband she starts honey I love you but, I love the way she makes me feel too do things to me you just can't so I,' decided to be trueful with you and either you let us have are thing and see where it goes without getting upset or you have to leave cause she is staying grabing Kats hand leads her to there bedroom and shuts the door looking at Kat she says please take me don't hold back cause of him so Kat filps her on the bed and kisses rubs licks fingersher to an unbeliveable cum making her moan and groan load then Kat laughts and pulls out her 91/2 inch 3inch thick strap-on and fucks her long hard pilldriving stokesand when she thinks she can't take anymore Kat filps her over and spreads her asscheeks rubing agunist her butthole Lynn says I,ve never but, before she can finish the head enters her ass pushing in and in little by little till it's all in and not moving Kat just waits soon Lynn moves back and Kat starts slow small stokes untill Lynn is yelling OMG PLEASE FUCK MY ASS OH GOD FUCK ME HARD YESSSSSSS I"MMMM CUMMMMINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With that Don opens the door and his eyes have a look of muder but, as I look down his cock is rock hard causing a big tent in his jeans Lynn also sees it and calls him over she pulls it out and starts to suck it deep in her mouth man can she suck (Kat thinks Tony will sure like this)it doesn't take long before he gushes her mouth but, after that his poor little dicky srents to less then 3inches she says that is why you cockless puss I needed her. She looks at Kat is Tony like that too? I tell her NO WAY he can last even longer then I can handle that is one reason I let him fuck my ladys so I can get some rest from his big cock plus he loves to buttfuck them too and he is the best at that for sure. She says let me clean up and we'll go see him Don yells NO and I tell her hes not home he's tearing up the ass of June one of my ladys her husband is gone so he went to take of her.

Despike Don's crying at home she came over two days later and stadedfor a week between eating Kat's cunt sucking my cock and the three of us fucking till early moring plus putting her ass up for me at least twice a week we now a wait a baby boy she says she is nameing Tony and Don will raise she lets him fuck her with a rubber and sucks him off sometimes but has no bones telling everyone I'm the father not even his mother and then showed her a vid of me buttfucking her his mother looked at him and his father and says sorry but, then stands up comes to me and in a weak voice that is shaken please fuck my ass ?????
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its super sexxxxxxy dear