When I leave Ann's house with Beth in my car I ask her are you sure? she just blinks and looks at me, I say if you stay you WILL get FUCKED you WILL suck my COCK and your ASS WELL belong to ME!She nods and quietly says ok. Ok call your husband tell him something cause you will not be home tonite, but frist get naked I pull into a park and she striped and grabed her phone I pulled her close and kissed her neck and ears telling her to talk to him and do not hang up till I say. As she talks I'm pinching nips kissing her neck and rubing her clitshe has to cover the phone so he don't hear her moaning she says that her s****r needs her and as he is trying to talk her home I push two fingers into her cunt deep and she sucks in her breath I say ok and she says by and hangs up. I say good girl take her out of the car bend her over the hood and pound that cunt till she can't take anymore.

As we are getting ready to leave I look at her and ask who are you? She gets a dumb look and says Beth Hines I say ok and we leave. I tell her I'm hungry can you cook she says yes so we go to a little store a go inside as we are getting things to make there is a girl about 20 feet away and I pull up the back of Beth's dress and rub her nake ass the young girl watches this so I turn Beth and wisper to her ask her if she likes the show Beth ask the girl and turning red the girl nods I say would you like to see more and again she nods so I turn Beth around and pull her dress high rubing her ass then fingering her cunt the girl is watching close and I turn Beth and take her dress off play with her nips and clit wisper to her and she ask the girl can I see your body now? That is when the owner came and kicked us out.

The next day after fucking and sucking all nite I take her to eat and as we are sitting there I ask did you have a good time OMG YES I have never felt this way not in the 9 years of marrage you had me do thing I would never have done and I loved it. How does it work now I mean how do you and Ann do things? Well Ann is a different story we will work are own thing out, so now lets get you home. As I pull up to her house she ask when will I see you again? I say soon.As she opens the door I ask who are you she looks into my eyes and shouts I AM TONY'S GIRL TO DO WITH AS HE WISH I put the car in drive and tell her to have her ass ready for me cause I will be back soon...
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2 years ago
great stories but wish for more details females discriptions & on the fucking