Ann is one of my wife Kat's ladys that I have saved from her asshole husband Tom's d***king fits (read my last story) anyway Ann has become my girl for sex and all.

Today I went to Ann's home around 2:30 knowing Tom would be home soon I walk in without knocking and she is making supper and talking to Tom's s****r Beth they both look like deer in headlites at me I say to Ann come here and hit your knees, Beth just looks in shock as Ann drops down undoing my pants and starts to suck me, Beth yells Ann you are married you are married to my b*****r OMG what are you doing? Ann slowly pulls back licks her lips and says I'm doing my job for my master my lover yes I'm married to your b*****r but, my body belongs to Tony for ever. Then with a smile she says you sould try some of this cock.
WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND I'M MARRIED AND HAVE THREE k**S. So what this cock will make you feel like you never have and he is married too his wife is my lover too.

Tom walks into the house Ann still on her knees sucking good and hard he looks then leaves the room Beth yells Tom can"t you see this do something!!! he just lowers his head and walks away Ann and myself just laugh and I tell her he has no say so I do what I want when I want and all he can do is watch or leave. You on the other hand can come over here right now and help Ann, OOOOOH no I can't that is when I told her that her younger s****r is mine now too and you soon will be.. Ann get those pants off and give up that ass.. Ann stands up strips and bends over the table reaches back and spreads her cheeks for me I step forword and the head inters her ass YES BABY FUCK MY ASS SILLY OMG YES DADDY as I fuck her ass and she rocks and moans I see Beth out of the conor of my eye getting hot and flush watching the action. Then I put it into overdrive and pound her ass hard and deep over and over till she yells out OOOH BABY YES HERE I CUMMMMMMM OMG I LOVE THAT SO MUCH GOD I LOVE YOU HONEY..... just then I pull out cuming allover her ass and she drops down and engulfs my cock deep down and swllows hard.

I call tom out to the kitchen and tell Ann to stay nake and put supper on the table, Beth is just looking around not a word comes from her I sit next to her and eat after a few I put my hand on her leg and keep talking like I was slowly moving higher and higher as I get to her panties I can feel they are soaked her breath quickens and her eyes brithen then I say well see you people later and start to leave Ann comes over and kisses me deep thank you baby that was great I say see you soon and go out the door as I start to get into my car Beth graps my arm and as I turn she doesn't say a word just slides into the car and looks at me with pleding eyes.
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Is there a part II?