I Teach the Jerk to Listen

It's friday nite about 9:30 when at the door is Ann one of my wife's ladysis there cring begging for Kat, I explan that Kat took a new girl for the weekend and tried to clam her down, Come sit and talk to me honey. As she settles down she explans that her asshole husband Tom was told about her and Kat and beat on her. I told her to stay the nite and WE!! would talk to him in the moring but, she had to listen to me and follow throught whit what I did no matter and NO stoping to think just do it, now can you do that? She right away says yes I can.

After a good fucking to help her sl**p in the moring we went to her house walked in on Tom eating eggs and looking so pittiful I laughted, DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE? WELL ASSHOLE DO YA? looking like a deer in headlites he shakes his head no, but I want more so I yell DO YA? meakly he says no. Well let me explan just what you have done see little man putting your job before your wife allowed my wife to stalk her a get in her pants and once that happened Kat took control of Ann's cunt and that means I have control too! Last nite you f***ed us to show you just how much control we have, last nited I pounded her cunt till she passed out and again this moring, isn" that right Ann? She says yes, Tell him how Ann she tells him I sucked his cock then we fucked hard then he drilled my ass Tom"s head lifts and I see so I start well that you heard didn" you have you ever fucked her ass hanging his head he says No. Is that right Ann she kinda smiles and says he wants to but I never let him and I don"t swollow like I do for you either.

Here are the rules you will live by...
Ann is owned by my wife and myself
Ann wears short dress no panties or bra
Ann still lives here you pay for everything

If all is followed then all is good but, you don't want to know.
and you will adress me as SIR do you get it? yes SIR

It has been 6 weeks and once a week I fuck Ann in her own bed with him home and waiting on us dinner in bed and ect. Kat does her thing with Ann ( and Tom's s****r) and yesterday Ann told Tom she was not taking the pill anymore cause she wants my baby and he had better treat it like his own...
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2 years ago
very good
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Jesus! pretty hot!