New Boss

You all know how my wife likes to get women who have never had sex with another women in bed then own them and there lives. Well yesterday this all turned on her. Kat was at the conorn store and eyeing this women about 30yrs. nice tits perfect ass and findly made her move and pushed the women into the back room and up agaist the wall of course the women fought back but Kat held her and kissed her lips neck face all the time saying that she could make her feel things no man ever had. Once Kat had her calmed down and started to really kiss and finger her while licking and bitingher nipples, because of where they were and cause Kat was really hot for this girl she speed things up and hit her knees pulling down her shorts and panties to the side ate her cunt till she came hard in Kat's face then she stands up looks the women in the eye and says does your husband do that for you that good and would you like more? The 30yrs.looks at her and just shakes her head Kat smiles and her famous line is next TAKE OFF YOUR PANTIES WRITE YOUR NAME PHONE NO. AND ADDRESS ON THEM AND HAND THEM TO ME. unsure what to do the women just stands there and Kat starts to walk away when the 30yrs. says here and takes off her panties takes a pen and writes on them then shaking she hands them to Kat. Kat tells her to dress and come outside.
In the parking lot Kat tells the women that she well call her soon to make plans hugs her grabs her ass and wispers in her ear this is mine now and walks away. The women sits in her car for awhile to gain control then leaves for home.
The 30yrs.old is at home and tries to act normal makes supper does the dishes starts the bath for her little boy and her husband comes up behind her and grabs her ass she jumps and yells at him he ask what is the problem I do that all the time and she is lost for words he just goes to watch the game. After the bath she goes puts on a sexy nitie and goes to say she is sorry coming down stries she hears voices and entering the room sees Kat talking to her husband Kat and her husband both look at her and the way she is dressed and he says AH..HONEY you have a guest Kat plays her role to the max stating I know it is late but I needed to talk to you cause I will not be at the office tomorrow is there someplace where we can talk? The women stundedand her husband says take her up to my office hon I'll be watching the game here. As the two climb the staires Kat reaches out and grabs her ass as they entry the office Kat has fingers already in her cunt pumping hard telling her to be quite cause this is happen husband or not and pulls out a 91/2" starp-on after fighting her down pushes her nity to the side and gives her cunt a jackhammer fucking makes her suck the diddo clean then with a smile says turn over I want that ass now... Two hours later her husband says so you have a new boss huh she is kinda of hot, his wife looks at him and says yea better get use to her she is KINDA HANDS ON and might be around alot.
65% (8/5)
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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
i love this storie